• desecration
  • heresy
  • abuse
  • execration
  • impiety
  • impiousness
  • imprecation
  • indignity
  • lewdness
  • profanation
  • profaneness
  • profanity
  • sacrilege
  • scoffing
  • scurrility
  • swearing
  • vituperation
  • cursing
  • cussing
  • reviling


  • respect
  • godliness
  • piety
  • religion
  • religiousness
  • reverence


英語 意味(和訳) 詳しく解説!
blasphemy 冒とく、不敬 (irreverence towards [sth] sacred)
Neither France nor the United Kingdom has a blasphemy law.


That will not happen because it would be blasphemy.
What is it that drives you to blasphemy, Gaius?
何が神の冒涜に 駆り立てるのかしら、ガイアス?
I am not a Yu, I dare not wishful thinking in the face of such a great artistic treasures issue laments, and making a fuss only blasphemy.
On 3 May 2012, Nessma TV owner Nabil Karoui and two others were convicted of “blasphemy” and “disturbing public order”.
But now you also put off all things: wrath, anger, evil, blasphemy, shameful language out of your mouth.
Col.:08.(練語版) しかし今、あなたがたもすべてを、すなわち、怒り、憤り、悪、冒瀆、あなたがたの口から出る恥ずべき言葉を捨て去りなさい。
Time for a bit of blasphemy!
チョットした 冒涜の時間だな!
This country’s turn towards unadulterated blasphemy frightens me.
この国が純粋に神を冒涜する 方向に向かっている事は 私には恐ろしい
I don’t mind your blasphemy!
Any verbal description is vague and weak, is blasphemy.
However, we must not fear the words of blasphemy of the Lord.
This blasphemy is an act performed by speaking, understood as an expression, of the thoughts of the heart.
The term blasphemy may be generally defined as “defiant irreverence.”
Because he answered that he was the savior, he was accused of blasphemy.
Walking through the clear bottomed out of the lake, I would hold your breath, and makes listening to Hosonami shore, quietly and enjoyed the sunset under the Lugu, not a hint of blasphemy, lest disturbed tranquility of this one.
I stood upon the sand of the sea and I saw a beast rise out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns and upon each horn a crown, and upon the heads, the name of blasphemy.
私は海辺に立ち7つの頭と 10の角を冠にした 冒涜という名の獣が
But after all, it was “one of the evil spirits, who sneaked behind him and whispered to him very quietly and conveniently a bunch of horrid blasphemy in the ear.”
Rub elbows with each of the visitors, a person, group of people, all have tipsy feeling hazy eyes, we can not see any serious thing, only know that in this festive carnival-like atmosphere, the silence is a species of blasphemy.
Even the Church has failed in its duty to shake the world’s conscience about the blasphemy of hunger, despite there being no cardinal rule to prevent the clergy from demonstrating in our city squares for freedom from want.
Members of Ansar al-Sharia have regularly taken part in protests in Tunisia against perceived blasphemy and have been suspected of involvement in a number of violent incidents.
She was sentenced to death in 2010, a verdict that drew worldwide condemnation and focussed attention on Pakistan’s blasphemy law, which critics say has been used to persecute religious minorities.