【2つの異なる場所、州などの間またはそれらに属する. 】意味として使われています。


the liminal state between waking and sleeping


How do the supposed liminal dimensions of some material elements of the ritual relate to fire as a medium of transition?
However, these physical practices also re-choreographed the hidden and liminal spaces to which they were restricted.
This experience proves to be his passport from suspect outsider to the liminal status of trusted guest.
Archaeological sites are the liminal spaces of later mythologies.
Just as we have argued that gossip creates liminal identities for the gossipees, it is also true for the gossipers.
And it is more useful to define those spaces as liminal , rather than the people who move within them.
That many liminal frontier figures existed during these years, providing inspiration for the writers of popular fiction, there can be no question.
Apart from being betwixt and between wild and domestic animals, they were also marginal and liminal with regard to the animal body.
This often resulted from the difficulties faced incorporating liminal societies, those that fell awkwardly between the categories of civilized and barbarian.
A range of discursive strategies place the characters in gossip-stories (even in the category called “self-gossip”) in marginalized, liminal , or uncertain social spaces.
さまざまな言説戦略により、登場人物をゴシップ ストーリー (「セルフ ゴシップ」と呼ばれるカテゴリでさえも) の、取り残された、限界のある、または不確実な社会空間に配置します。





This shows exactly the power of a liminal person.
これは 境界いる人だからこそ持てる力です
This shows exactly the power of a liminal person.
Who better to solve these liminal problems than those who have faced their whole lives at the intersections.
交差点で全てを経験した人程 境界問題の解決に 長けている人はいません
That liminal space, that’s art.
あの境界域 あれが芸術です
Masks belong in the liminal space between people, gifted with both physicality and the power for reflection, and the world surrounding them.
STEM itself is an intersectional term, such that its true richness cannot be appreciated without considering the liminal space between disciplines.
STEMそのものが 交差する言葉ですから STEMの真の豊かさを理解するには 学問分野間の境界にある空間を 考慮に入れる必要があります
Naomi Reis | youkobo artspace Artist profile Naomi Reis’s work investigates liminal spaces at the intersection of architecture and natural environments.
直美・リース | 遊工房アートスペース アーティスト・プロフィール ナオミ・リースの仕事は、建築と自然環境の交差点における限界的な空間を研究している。
As a way of entering a place, geography or community, I attempt to give form to liminal boundaries, such as those which define or separate architectural usage, private and public properties, and ultimately, people.
Running counter to this emphasis on structured symbolic oppositions within a ritual was his exploration of the liminal phase of rites of passage, a phase in which “anti-structure” appears.
I’ve lived the entirety of my life in the in-between, in the liminal space between dreams and reality, race and gender, poverty and plenty, science and society.
私は常に境界で過ごしてきました 夢と現実 人種とジェンダー 貧しさと豊かさ 科学と社会の交差点です
What is an image that exists between the actual and the imaginary and where is that liminal space – at the feet, and in unknown atmospheres?
現実と虚像の境界とはどこにあるのか。 そしてそこにはどのようなイメージが存在するのか。
It’s a reminder that we cannot get to the best possible outcomes for the totality of humanity without precisely this collaboration, this bringing together of the liminal, the differently lived, distinctly experienced and disparately impacted.
自分達への戒めなんです 全人類にとって最高の結果は 境界で多種多様な全く独自の経験をし 境界で多種多様な全く独自の経験をし 必死に生きてきた人々の協働が あってこそ生まれるのだという事を 忘れないようにと
The two videos, which were made based on human brain circuitry that travels between figuration and abstraction, like the model train that runs between concrete and abstract space, leads the viewer’s consciousness to the liminal space between reality and fiction.
Neither international feminism nor local feminism are ready to provide sufficient analysis for a conjuncture in which a transnational and the national which are in structure both competitive and complicit debilitate liminal subject positions whose everydayness cannot share an abstract promise of triumphal globalization.
しかし、トランスナショナル/ナショナルの概念は対立と共犯の入り混じった複雑な関係のままに覇権を構成しており、それゆえに、グローバリゼーションが高らかにうたう素晴らしくも抽象的な未来像など共有できない、あくまで日常性のなかに生きる境界線上の主体から力を奪うのである。 残念ながら国際的フェミニズムも韓国国内のフェミニズムも、いまだこの事態をきちんと分析するにいたっていない。
In his analysis of rites of passage, Victor Turner argued that the liminal phase – that period ‘betwixt and between’ – was marked by “two models of human interrelatedness, juxtaposed and alternating”: structure and anti-structure (or communitas).
In these texts, dating from the 14th century BC to the fall of Emar in 1187 BC, and in excavations in several campaigns since the 1970s, Emar emerges as an important Bronze Age trade center, occupying a liminal position between the power centers of Upper Mesopotamia and Anatolia-Syria.
Liminal beings appear to transform with their dark animal eyes, and faces that shimmer with wounds and tattoo-like markings.
Her work is not just about producing sound, but her entire selfhood is embodied in the figure of the shaman to dissolve her sense of conflict and liminal tensions.
That liminal space, that’s art.
真実と嘘が示されました 僅かな領域がー 真ん中に見えます
Those that remain require a thorough investigation of the liminal space between disciplines to create the multifaceted solutions of tomorrow.
複数の側面を持つ 明日への解決策を生み出すために これからも引き続き 学際的な調査の必要性がある課題です