So far, the formulae for flexibility that have been proposed consist of transferring part of the four hours of the mandatory evening to siesta time.
これまでのところ、提案されている柔軟性の公式は、必須の夕方の 4 時間の一部をシエスタ時間に移すことで構成されています。
The first phase was reflection, not siesta , as some would have liked to say.
The best idea in that situation is to have a siesta and not to disturb a debate where respect for the speaker should prevail at all times.
In fact, the only lesson he seems to want to teach is mid-morning siestas.
Many workers in warmer climates observe siesta during the afternoon, effecting a pause in business hours, and resuming business in the evenings.
There are also two free times, siesta (a time to rest after lunch), and an evening program.
A three-hour siesta beginning at noon is practiced daily.
毎日正午から 3 時間のシエスタが行われます。
I had my usual siestas on top of a guava tree one afternoon.
He slept very little, but passed in prayer the greater part of the night, as well as the time allotted for the ” siesta “.
Usually locals use the hottest hours of the day to stay at home, have lunch and a good siesta .
通常、地元の人々は 1 日の中で最も暑い時間帯に家にいて、昼食をとり、昼寝をします。






  • catch
  • catnap
  • doze
  • drowse
  • nod
  • rack
  • rest
  • sleep
  • snooze
  • catch forty winks
  • drop off
  • get some shut-eye
  • grab some z’s
  • nod off
  • relax
  • take a siesta
  • take a snooze


英語 意味(和訳) 詳しく解説!
siesta 昼寝、シエスタ informal (afternoon nap)
Now that he’s retired, Jim takes a siesta every day after lunch.


Yes, the infamous siesta really does exist.
People seemed to have a custom of siesta in this country.
Here they chat with friends, have a siesta, and sometimes even have classes under the blue sky.
Over Ramadan, the month of fasting, the garden is more of a place of rest than activity, where men have a siesta, play cards or talk above the chatter of a transistor radio.
Twenty years ago, when my family first started going to Italy, we used to luxuriate in the culture of siesta.
20年前のことです 家族で初めてイタリアに 行き出したころ シエスタの文化を満喫しました
This nautical beach decorated second floor condo provides unobstructed, panoramic views of siesta key public beach and the Gulf of Mexico throughout including bedroom.
Why~?? because of national ceremony? siesta? umm, no idea.
なんで? ナショナルセレモニーだから? シエスタだから?? ま、いいや。
Relax on Chiaiolella beach, nap during siesta and walk through the charismatically scruffy streets to the impressive viewpoint at Terra Murata.
シエスタの間、Chiaiolellaビーチでリラックスして、カリスマ的に厄介な通りを歩いて、Terra Murataの印象的な見通しに。
His hobbies are drawing and siesta. If you approach him he seems to make a “Vee~” sound.
趣味は絵を描くこととシエスタ。 ・なんか近づくとヴぇーって音がする。 鳴き声か何か。
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And while the tradition of merienda, or mid-afternoon snack, may have derived from the Spanish siesta, it is Chinese inspired foods that have become indispensible to this Manila institution.
Take a siesta under the shade of the palm tress and enjoy the bright colours of the Bougainvillaea plants which remind you of your exotic location in the South of Spain.The Parador Jávea’s spacious rooms are decorated in a fresh and modern style and some have balconies overlooking the sea.
天気の良い午後はParador Jáveaの魅力あるガーデンを散策したり、椰子の木陰でシエスタを楽しめます。ブーゲンビリアの鮮やかな色が、南スペインというエキゾチックなロケーションに彩りを添えます。Parador Jáveaの広々とした客室はさわやかでモダンな内装で、一部には海を望むバルコニーがあります。
The verandah has a hammock for lounging in whilst checking out the surf or lazing in reading a book or having an afternoon siesta.
Taste all that Split offers and then, like a real local, taste the magic of the fjaka – the Dalmatian version of the siesta.
Taking a siesta in the middle of the day and sleep somewhat less in the night can also work well. – Regular exercise are very effective against chronic tiredness and exhaustion, and to improve sleep quality.
1日の途中で昼寝を撮影し、多少の夜でもうまくすることができます以下寝ています。 -定期的な運動とされ、疲労非常に効果的に対して慢性疲労を改善する 睡眠の質。
It starts with gathering ingredients and includes their cooking, preserving, everyday meals with the family, as well as shared meals where you share those occasions with your neighborhood and extended family for is not just about what you put in your mouth.It also includes the crockery, the table arrangements, the stroll after the meal, siesta time, and on top of that, even the party where you play music and enjoy dancing to it.
BUENOS AIRES | Lighting Detectives Buenos Aires, aiming to become the Paris of South America, entertains a long siesta in the afternoon leading to a remarkable late nightlife.The atmosphere of these bright, flourishing streets could easily be mistaken for the middle of the afternoon.
ブエノスアイレス BUENOS AIRES | 照明探偵団 南米のパリを目指したというブエノスアイレス。長い昼休み(シエスタ)のせいも あって、夜更かしも並大抵ではない。昼と見間違うかのような明るさの繁華街も ある。
Tuesday to Friday 8-9 in the morning is breakfast time 9-1 pm is about presentations, discussions and alternatively some 1 pm we usually have a nice lunch in the hotel.-3 pm is “alone time” – a week with the entire team can be demanding so it’s time for each of us to relax, maybe have a nap or siesta… or whatever 3-7 pm is another “presentations” time – we gather in the conference room and keep talking about things, brainstorming and sharing ideas…
火曜日から金曜日 午前8時~9時 朝食タイム 午前9時~午後1時 プレゼンテーション、ディスカッション、チームごとのセッション 午後1時 ホテルのランチ 午後2時~午後3時 ”一人の時間” - 1日ずっとチームといるのは疲れるので、この時間を各自のリラックスできる時間にしています。昼寝したりシエスタを取ったり… 午後3時~午後7時 他の”プレゼンテーション”の時間 - 会議室に集まり、ブレインストーミングやアイデアのシェアなどをします。
Now that we mention it, maybe the reason South Italy has slow growth even now is because he spent too long a time under the laid back Spanish rule. Since he didn’t have to do a thing by himself (heh, festa and siesta) his main assets are still agricultural and tourism, like it was 1,000 years ago. ( ́∀’ ) The Italian cheer also feels very Spanish, now that I think of it.
そういえば南イタリアがいまだに発展が遅れているのは 気楽なスペイン支配が長かったため 全く手に職をつけず(笑 フェスタとシエスタは覚えた) 1000年前と変わらず現在も観光と 農産業がメインなせいなんだとか( ́∀’ ) そういえばなんかイタリアとスペインの陽気さは ちょっと似てるような感じしますよね。
Or is it siesta time?
どっちがパーティーで どっちが昼寝