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An upturned isosceles triangle represents communication skills, and the mouth is (usually) another rectangle that denotes a negotiated and mutually acceptable plan.
上向きの 二等辺三角形 はコミュニケーション スキル 表し、口は (通常) 交渉済みで相互に受け入れられる計画を表す別の長方形です。
The real laser pulse was approximated with a 4-ns isosceles triangle .
実際のレーザー パルスは、4 ns 二等辺三角形 で近似されました。
This triangle needs to be an isosceles triangle .
この 三角形 二等辺三角形 である必要があります。
Although a regular tetrahedron can not tessellate space alone, this dual has identical disphenoid tetrahedron cells with isosceles triangle faces.
正四面体は単独で空間をテッセレートすることはできませんが、この双対は、 二等辺三角形 面を持つ同一の二面体四面体セルを持っています。
An isosceles triangle with angles of 45, 90 and 45 is built using this line as its hypotenuse.
この線を斜辺として使用して、角度が 45、90 、および 45 の 二等辺三角形 が作成されます。
For example, the isosceles triangle theorem states that if two sides of a triangle are equal then two angles are equal.
たとえば、 二等辺三角形 の定理は、 三角形 の 2 つの辺が等しい場合、2 つの角度は等しいと述べています。
The isosceles triangle structure of this state was confirmed.
この状態 二等辺三角形 構造が確認された。
Most triangular threadforms are based on an isosceles triangle .
ほとんどの三角形のねじ形状は、 二等辺三角形 に基づいてい ます
Similarly, the line joining two antihomologous points on separate circles and their tangents form an isosceles triangle , with both tangents being of equal length.
同様に、別々の円上の 2 つの反相同点とそれらの接線を結ぶ線は、両方の接線の長さが等しい 二等辺三角形 を形成し ます
The fort forms an isosceles triangle whose base is 300 m long and whose sides measure 235m ft.
砦は、底辺の長さが 300 m、辺の長さが 235 m フィートの 二等辺三角形 を形成してい ます


読み方は【aɪˌsɒs.əl.iːz ˈtraɪ.æŋ.ɡəl】です。下記動画を聞きながらaɪˌsɒs.əl.iːz ˈtraɪ.æŋ.ɡəlを大声で発音しましょう


isosceles triangleの実際の意味・ニュアンス(二等辺三角形?等辺三角形?とうへんさんかくけい?にとうへんさんかっけい?)を理解して、正しく使いましょう!

This becomes an isosceles triangle – again, very shaky.
二等辺三角形になります こちらも不安定ですね
Angle of the trajectory, multiplied by the square root of an isosceles triangle,
For the dark blue trousers, with two pockets, pocket has a red white isosceles triangle, write “CZMVS (that is, the school’s English abbreviation).”.
Aratus described it as an isosceles triangle, having two equal sides and a shorter third side.
Proof that aliens are acquainted with Pag is the existence of a megalithic imprint shaped like an isosceles triangle known as the “Pag Triangle”.
The angle of rotation (φ) of the vertex of an isosceles triangle with respect to the barycenter differs depending on coordinates, and there are at least three different angles of rotation (φ) included in the entire photonic crystal layer.
Hence, AFM is an isosceles triangle, and thus the sides AF and FM are equal.
したがって、三角形 AFM は二等辺三角形であり、AF と FM は等しい。
In a light diffusion sheet and a light diffusion layer (10) included in a liquid crystal display device, a substance (second substance) with a low refractive index forms low-refractive-index regions (second regions) (14) whose sections perpendicular to the principal surface each have a shape closely analogous to an isosceles triangle having the base on the viewer side and the vertex on the liquid crystal display panel side.
The proof that FD = FM goes similarly: the angles FDM, BCM, BME and DMF are all equal, so DFM is an isosceles triangle, so FD = FM.
角 FDM、角 BCM、角 BME、角 DMF はすべて等しいので、三角形 DFM は二等辺三角形であり、FD = FM である。
This object aims to provide an optical sheet (1) with a set (S) so formed as to be repeatedly arranged on the upper surface of the sheet, the set (S) consisting of a plurality of ridges (1a – 1c) each having a shape of isosceles triangle with different base angles, whereby uneven brightness in accordance with distances from CCFL (2) can be eliminated and the optical sheet does not depend on an arranged position of the CCFL (2); and a backlight unit using the optical sheet.
An ideal heat generation rate waveform model, which is with respect to each reaction for fuel injected into a cylinder, which are vaporization reactions, low temperature oxidation reactions, thermal decomposition reactions, and high temperature oxidations, and that is formed as an isosceles triangle using a reaction start temperature as the origin, a reaction speed as the slope of the hypotenuse, a reaction volume as the area, and a reaction period as the length of the base, is created for a common rail diesel engine, and an ideal heat generation rate waveform is created for each reaction by smoothing the ideal heat generation rate waveform model by way of a filtering process.
The yarn route fixing guide (7) comprises an apex (72) positioned on the extension of the yarn route at the middle of both turret tables and means (71, 71′) positioned so that the yarn installed on sides extending from the apex in the shape of an isosceles triangle and fed from traverse pivot guides (10, 10′) to a suction gun SG can be distributed to correspond to the turret tables and that the yarn can take the yarn routes corresponding to a plurality of yarn guarding guides (8, 8′).
The bent portion is located outside the isosceles triangle.
Change Shape to Isosceles Triangle
図形の変更 : 二等辺三角形
This becomes an isosceles triangle – again, very shaky.
この五角形はどうでしょう ここを引くと ボート型の台形になります
The perfect posture of zazen creates an isosceles triangle with legs and backbone forming a ninety degree angle.
Also, as I said at first, her posture is an upward facing isosceles triangle.
The design of the LANGE 1 follows a clear-cut principle: all displays are arranged off-centre, forming an isosceles triangle.
Canceling an Isosceles Triangle Exiting Isosceles Triangle Mode Selecting the Isosceles Triangle Menu [Select Draw] =< [Isosceles Triangle] There are several other ways to perform this. Refer to About Executing Menus.
二等辺三角形をキャンセルする 二等辺三角形を作成中に作成中の二等辺三角形をキャンセルして作図前の状態に戻すことができます。
A sensing unit (20) of this magnetic sensor has first through eighth detection units (21a-21h) each of which is an isosceles triangle having a vertex angle of 45º.