The sheer gloominess of the Prime Minister’s message has attracted much comment.
Economists said the measures were not enough to overcome growing gloominess among companies and consumers.


The lights glowed brightly in the gloominess.


Nevertheless, the essence of both churches is space in sunlight, though both suffer from gloominess .
それにもかかわらず、両方の教会の本質は日光の下の空間ですが、どちらも 薄暗い ことに苦しんでいます.
Such raised expectations undoubtedly account for the gloominess and sense of regret that permeate so many of the memoirs written by this second generation of narrators.
このように高まった期待は、間違いなく、この第 2 世代のナレーターによって書かれた非常に多くの回想録に浸透している 憂鬱 さと後悔の感覚を説明しています。
If there were any gloominess in the performance then, the fault may not have been in the tune.
そのときの演奏に 陰鬱 さがあるとすれば、その原因は曲にあるのではなかったかもしれません。
It is very easy to exaggerate the gloominess of the prospect, and it is easy also to exaggerate the possible success of the prospect.
見通しの さを誇張することは非常に簡単であり、見通しの成功の可能性を誇張することも簡単です。
Does he also appreciate that the gloominess of the prospect is in no way relieved by the fact that production has been completely stagnant since 1955?
彼はまた、1955 年以来、生産が完全に停滞しているという事実によって、見通しの 悲観 が決して和らげられないことを認識していますか?
Rebuked by the doctor for his gloominess , his confidence is boosted by his wife’s conviction that their new baby, a boy, will survive.
彼の 憂鬱 さを医者に叱責されたが、彼の自信は、生まれたばかりの赤ちゃん、男の子が生き残るという妻の確信によって後押しされた.
After this event there was a large feeling of gloominess over the country, a feeling that is portrayed in the painting.
この出来事の後、国全体に大きな 憂鬱 感があり、その気持ちが絵に描かれています.
Some people imagine in a state of tension or gloominess in order to calm themselves.
自分を落ち着かせるために、緊張や 憂鬱 な状態を想像する人もいます。
Corrupt, a precociously optioned second episode, was entirely abandoned due to the gloominess written into the script.
早熟に選択された第 2 エピソードである Corrupt は、脚本に書かれた 陰気 さのために完全に放棄されました。
There was something of majesty in her look, but mixed with a gloominess of soul.
彼女の外見には威厳がありましたが、魂の 陰気 さが混ざり合っていました。






  • dejection
  • despondency
  • doldrums
  • dumps
  • gloom
  • glumness
  • melancholy
  • moodiness
  • mournfulness
  • sadness
  • unhappiness
  • heavy heart
  • low spirits
  • the dismals
  • the mopes


  • cheer
  • gladness
  • happiness
  • joy
  • euphoria
  • gaiety


The long winters and yearlong gloominess might have contributed to that.
This poem treats Elizabeth’s demise with extreme gloominess, using it as a symbol for the Fall of Man and the destruction of the universe.
His siblings were all having a very heavy heart. But after seeing the serenity of this child, the whole family’s gloominess was lifted.
Entries form: Book, 279mm x 356mm, 30 pages, color printing paper Selecting judge: Minoru Shimizu The artist wrote “hikikomori (social withdrawal)” as the work’s intention. I think this withdrawn sensitivity, this gloominess, is very raw in the pieces.
応募作品形態:ブック/大四切/30ページ/カラー印画紙 審査評 選:清水 穣 制作意図にひきこもりと書いてあるけど、そういう閉ざされた感性の鬱屈感が非常に生々しく出ていると思いました。
2:2 A day of darkness and of gloominess, a day of clouds and of thick darkness, as the morning spread upon the mountains: a great people and a strong; there hath not been ever the like, neither shall be any more after it, even to the years of many generations.
2:2 これは暗く、薄暗い日、雲の群がるまっくらな日である。 多くの強い民が/暗やみのようにもろもろの山をおおう。
No gloominess here, but on the contrary a chic and sensual atmosphere, with a floor covered with leather panels and barbour-style coated fabric curtains.Flannel Floor is the name given to the second floor, as a tribute to one of Olivier Lapidus’Äôs favourite material, flannel.
ブラックとはいえ、憂鬱さはまったく感じられません。 それとは逆に、革張りのパネルで覆われたフロアやバブァースタイルのコーティング生地のカーテンにより、お洒落で官能的な雰囲気が醸し出されています。
Originally welcomed as part of a move towards a “multicultural society open to all,” immigrants have actually ended up being used as a cheap labor force to perform the kinds of jobs French people hate doing and have been isolated in ghettoes in what are euphemistically referred to as “the suburbs,” and many believe that it is as a result of Islamic fundamentalism assimilating the gloominess of these young immigrants that terrorist attacks like these latest ones occurred.