【英语单词】彻底解释“make headway”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

【英语单词】彻底解释“make headway”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

make headway是一个英语单词,有几个不同的含义。 让我们用例句来解释每个的含义和用法!

And that’s a question on which we can make headway .
您可以 寻找 这些问题的答案。
The erosion of financial intermediation acted as a negative shock to the real economy, so that it took even more time to make headway with balance sheet adjustments.
由于金融中介功能受损对实体经济产生负面冲击,资产负债表调整的时间 更长
The Prosecution Service of Korea will continue to make headway with regard to its systems of operation by respecting and integrating external and internal feedback.
韩国检察厅尊重内部和外部对其迄今为止 所取得成就的 意见,并将采纳这些意见来推动可持续的 改革
Moreover, I expect that in the future this work will make headway not only in Japan, but will also link into IMG SRC’s wider creative network and to such work I offer my full support.
我希望这项工作 能够在日本及其他地区发展,并 与Image Source的创意网络相连接,我愿意支持它。
The 2020 Review Conference is a “golden opportunity” to make headway on all of these goals, and to make sure this linchpin of international security remains fit for purpose through the next 25 or even 50 years.
2020 年审议大会为 实现 这些目标 提供了 一个“黄金机会”,并确保作为国际安全基石的《不扩散核武器条约》在未来 25 至 50 年内仍然可行。确实如此。
In such an environment, if business fixed investment continues on an uptrend and firms’ efforts to accumulate capital in growth sectors and increase labor productivity make headway , the potential economic growth rate – the real strength of the economy – should also rise moderately.
在这样的环境下, 如果 资本投资持续增加,增长部门的资本积累和劳动生产率 提高 ,代表经济实力的潜在增长率有望逐步上升。
Transparency International perceives in this finding both a hopeful message, that addressing corruption is indeed possible, as well as a disappointing message, as most African countries have failed to make headway in stemming the tide of corruption.
透明国际在这一发现中看到的既是一个充满希望的信息,即解决腐败是可能的,也是一个令人失望的信息,即大多数非洲国家未能 应对 腐败浪潮。
Although I am a novice in Vietnamese history, I can fortunately make headway , as research of the antique manuscripts of Vietnam is within the “Chinese character cultural sphere,” It is also possible, to a certain extent, to apply my knowledge of and experience with Japanese paleography and manuscript research that I have studied thus far.
幸运的是,在越南这个汉字文化国家的古代文献研究中,越南历史的某些部分即使是完全外行人 也能掌握 ,并且可以在一定程度上运用我的经验。学习了日本古文字学和历史文献研究。Ta。
Then each morning (or night before) I more precisely plan the day ahead using headers such as “early,” I wake up at 4:45am to “sharpen the saw” (as Covey says) and make headway on special projects, “AM Commute” (great time to make phone calls, or listen to a podcast) “AM,” “PM,” “PM Commute,” and “Evening” typically for things I want to get done at home after work.
然后,每天早上(或前一天晚上)创建一个包含更详细标题的计划。例如,您可以使用标题“清晨”来表示您何时在凌晨 4:45 起床并“磨砺您的刀”( 正如 Covey 所说)。另外,“早上做什么”(早上是打电话或听播客的非常有效的时间)“AM”、“PM”、“下午做什么”、“设置标题来分隔事物比如“下午”、“下班回家后要做的事情”。
The maintenance of close liaison with other themes and studies is thus essential to make headway with each theme.
因此,在协调每个研究主题的同时 进行个体观察研究 非常重要。
If you can make headway in this manner, you will clearly have no difficulty in ascending.
一旦我们 能够 安全着陆,你肯定会被要求去清理。
Furthermore, the main engines were found to be inadequate; even at dangerously high boiler pressure, she could barely make headway against the river current.
此外,主发动机性能不足,即使锅炉压力非常高,也 很难 逆流而上
The precise flavors of his food, which comes backed by the wealth of experience of those around him, offer a clear form of expression that is sure to tap through and make headway .
除了菜品味道的真实性之外,我觉得还有一些 可以互相传承的 东西,因为他们在一起经历了很多。
This research isn’t only done within Japan, but we also join with other countries to make headway in this area of research.
而且,与其在日本独自进行研究,不如与其他国家合作进行研究,这将大大扩大研究范围,各国 也可以相互学习
In contrast to the United States and the EU countries, which have already begun to make headway in fiscal normalization, the exit for Japan is not yet in sight.
对于 预算赤字 巨大 日本 来说, 克服通货紧缩 固然重要,但与已经开始走向金融正常化的美国和欧洲不同,日本仍然看不到出路。
This engineer quickly realized that is some sticky topic came up, he was much more likely to make headway if he discussed it with the Japanese at a bar in the evening rather than trying to do it during the workday.
如果你曾经和美国人一起工作过,你就会知道这一点! 我保证一定会的
Ahead of the weekend, though machinery and other products struggled to make headway as investors exercised caution toward the Trump administration’s protectionist trade policy, sentiment pointed to the end of the round of short-term selling, spurring more buybacks in the oil, automobiles, and construction sectors to slow the market’s downward trend.
Dr Johnson argued that Trump reinforces the humanitarian imperative for nuclear abolition, but over two-thirds of the world voted to negotiate a nuclear ban treaty in October because of Putin, Kim Jong Un, (Narendra) Modi, (Theresa) May and the rest, and in recognition of the vested interests in the nuclear club and the U.S. establishment that meant that even President Obama couldn’t make headway on disarmament after his high-sounding Prague speech of 2009.
)约翰逊博士表示,特朗普先生的总统选举胜利(11月初)向国际社会 重申 ,废除核武器是绝对的人道主义必要性,但在10月的联合国大会上,世界上超过三分之二的国家投票赞成《禁止核武器条约》谈判,俄罗斯总统 普京 、朝鲜领导人金正恩、印度总理莫迪、英国首相特雷莎·梅也在场。他还考虑到核俱乐部和美国保守派的既得利益,尽管奥巴马总统在2009年发表了著名的布拉格演讲,但他们不允许奥巴马总统在裁军问题上取得任何进展。
The plan was also adopted as an international standard measure in Agenda 21, the action plan outlined at the 1992 Rio Earth Summit, and is positioned as one of the 12 fundamental measures in Japan’s Basic Act on Ocean Policy, established in 2007.Although the establishment of the Basic Act on Ocean Policy served as a turning point, with regions progressively starting to make headway into issues surrounding coastal areas, the efforts in Japan have only just begun.
针对这种情况的海岸带综合管理是一种国际标准方法,已被许多国家广泛采用,并被纳入1992年里约地球峰会行动计划《21世纪议程》中。在日本,它被定位为“21世纪议程”和“21世纪议程”。 2007年颁布的《海洋政策基本法》(平成19年)中的12项基本措施。
Envoy failed to make any headway against PDF, and is largely now unused.
Envoy 一直无法 领先 于 PDF,现在几乎没有被使用。

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