【英语单词】彻底解释“with-a-will”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

【英语单词】彻底解释“with-a-will”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

「“with a will”」的含义

词类(英语单词分类):习语 老式的



They worked with a will and had cleared the path by 10 am
他们下定决心,在上午 10 点之前清理了道路。
【英语单词】彻底解释“with-a-will”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

with a will是一个英语单词,有几个不同的含义。 让我们用例句来解释每个的含义和用法!

Mrs Henderson and two friends met with a will writer in the weeks before Marcel died.
亨德森夫人和两位朋友在马塞尔去世前几周见到了 遗嘱 撰写人。
The Law Society Gazette reported this week that the ombudsman has called for a service which will give clients in England and Wales a safety net if there are issues with a will .
《律师协会公报》本周报道称,监察员已呼吁提供一项服务,为英格兰和威尔士的客户提供安全网,以防 他们的遗嘱 出现问题。
You want to explain your decisions A letter of wishes is often included with a will and can be key to managing family expectations, wealth, the family business, and general family dynamics.
想要解释您的决定 意愿书通常包含在 遗嘱 中,并且是管理家庭期望、财富、家族企业和一般家庭动态的关键。
But even with a will in place there can be disputes and there are several grounds under which a will can be disputed.
Finder – 竞争遗嘱数量不断增加 然而,即使有 遗嘱 ,也可能会出现争议,并且有多种原因可能导致遗嘱出现争议。
It didnt come with a will not usually need to be replaced.
没有 任何 线索。
‘I come from a family of hard-working people and I was born with a will to succeed.’
最重要的是,你出生在这个世界上时就怀揣着成功的 愿望
There is a private lounge for executive rooms and a British style bar with a will have a good quality and comfortable time.
酒店还设有行政房私人酒廊和氛围 深厚 的英式酒吧, 您在此度过品质舒适的时光。
Xunyang Lou (tickets 6 yuan/ person) is more than 10 years ago, new antique restaurants, with a will “Water Margin” in the Song Jiang drunken anti-poetry title story, not monuments.
顺路(门票6元/人),十多年前新建的一家古色古香的餐厅 成为 宋江抗饮《水浒传》诗题的故事,不是纪念碑。
Though it disappears in a moment like a flash, the image appeared on a printing-paper seems to be given new eternal life and exists there as it is with a will of its own beyond time and space.
它像闪光一样瞬间消失,但​​相纸上出现的影像却获得了新的永恒的生命,无论时间还是空间,都 以自己的意志 存在着,看起来确实如此。
The attack this time was unprecedented in that the cloistered emperor with a will to fight gathered soldiers himself while Yoshinaka made the cloistered emperor the target of attack, and that the Imperial army guarding the cloistered emperor was knocked to smithereens.
这次袭击史无前例,玄皇亲自集结军队, 斗志昂扬 ,义仲也针对了玄皇,守护神殿的官军也被武士彻底击溃。
Even with a will in place things can change so when marrying or divorcing it is important to amend any existing will thus ensuring your estate passes to those who you want to benefit and maybe more importantly not pass to someone you do not want to be your heir.
即使您有 遗嘱 ,在结婚或离婚时修改现有遗嘱也很重要,这样您就可以确保您的资产流向您想要受益的人,更重要的是,成为您的继承人。将其传递给其他人。
Akizane UESUGI (a son of Shigeuji ASHIKAGA) had succeeded the post of Kanto Kanrei in accordance with a will of Akisada, but Norifusa disputed and won to succeed the reign of the Yamanouchi-Uesugi clan in 1512 and also succeeded the post of Kanto Kanrei at Akizane’s death in 1515.
根据健定的遗嘱,关东关令一职由上杉健二(足利茂二的儿子) 继承,但德房与他作战并获胜,于 1512 年继任山内上杉家的当家,并于 1515 年继承健实。还接任了关东关令一职。
Let us live in service to You, our Father, carrying the banner of victory My Father! We know that in the beginning You created all things of creation with a Will of goodness, according to the standard of Your original nature and as an unchanging being.
请使今年成为胜利的一年。 1. 升起胜利的旗帜,帮助我们在天父的陪伴下生活。我的天父,起初,您以善良的意志创造了所有的 创造物 。他始终不变, 作为 我们的标准。真实的本性,但由于人类无法与他的良善相提并论,我们无法实现他的理想。
Also, we are performing prenatal diagnoses of ultrasound tests and amniocentesis and the quarto test, and we can manage the pregnancy with a will introduce the facility to handle the birth after we have done the examination that we are responsible for beyond the critical point when you are at the 36th week of pregnancy when you are at more peace of mind.
我们还提供产前诊断,如 Quattro 测试和羊膜穿刺术,因此 您可以 负责任且 装备齐全地管理您的怀孕。在Oak住吉妇产科,您可以在怀孕21周零6天内接受产前检查,在Oak梅田女士诊所和Oak银座女士诊所,您可以在怀孕11周零6天内接受产前检查。
So, I should like to build on the outcome of this G8 Summit and I should like to work towards the early resolution of this abduction issue in coordination with the EU countries that attach importance to human rights, and also with the international community, and we would like to work on this with a will of steel.
今后,我将 继续以钢铁般的意志,在八国集团成果的基础上,与重视人权的欧盟合作,与国际社会合作,解决这一问题
Assistant Professor Position, Non-equilibrium Materials Division |- IMR – Institute for Materials Research, TOHOKU UNIVERSITY Basic/applied researches of non-equilibrium alloy by using rapid solidification and porous metal by using dealloying method.We seek a person who can work eagerly with a will on the research experimentally and by an approach from computational science.
东北大学材料研究所非平衡材料工程研究部副教授通过使用快速凝固和脱配工艺以及设计新的形成工艺,我们正在开发具有优异性能和新功能的非平衡金属材料和纳米材料. 热衷并愿意 致力于 研究开发结构金属材料的人。
With a will !
我会 从左舷后面 跟着 你。
He began to study with a will .
If a deceased died with a will , in principal, the division will be carried out in accordance with the will.
But he who desires the Hereafter, and strives for it with a will , and is a believer, will be favoured for his endeavour.

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