【英语单词】彻底解释“uncovering”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

【英语单词】彻底解释“uncovering”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆


  • I am uncovering
  • 我明明是
  • you are uncovering
  • 你显然是
  • he/she/it is uncovering
  • 他/她/它揭示了
  • we are uncovering
  • 我们正在揭露
  • you are uncovering
  • 你显然是
  • they are uncovering
  • 他们正在揭露


  • I was uncovering
  • 是有启发性的
  • you were uncovering
  • 你暴露了
  • he/she/it was uncovering
  • 他/她/这很暴露
  • we were uncovering
  • 我们很清楚
  • you were uncovering
  • 你暴露了
  • they were uncovering
  • 他们透露了


  • I will be uncovering
  • 我会揭开它
  • you will be uncovering
  • 你将会被揭露
  • he/she/it will be uncovering
  • 他/她/将会被揭露
  • we will be uncovering
  • 我们揭示
  • you will be uncovering
  • 你将会被揭露
  • they will be uncovering
  • 他们会透露


  • I have been uncovering
  • 我已经弄清楚了
  • you have been uncovering
  • 你已经透露了
  • he/she/it has been uncovering
  • 他/她/被揭露
  • we have been uncovering
  • 我们已经透露
  • you have been uncovering
  • 你已经透露了
  • they have been uncovering
  • 他们透露了


  • I had been uncovering
  • 是有启发性的
  • you had been uncovering
  • 你暴露了
  • he/she/it had been uncovering
  • 他/她/已经被揭露了
  • we had been uncovering
  • 我们很清楚
  • you had been uncovering
  • 你暴露了
  • they had been uncovering
  • 他们透露了


  • I will have been uncovering
  • 我本来就很清楚
  • you will have been uncovering
  • 你将会被揭露
  • he/she/it will have been uncovering
  • 他/她/将会被揭露
  • we will have been uncovering
  • 我们已经明确表示
  • you will have been uncovering
  • 你将会被揭露
  • they will have been uncovering
  • 他们会透露

“uncovering”的同义词列表。 让我们按顺序来记住吧!。

  • detection
  • determination
  • find
  • finding
  • unearthing

uncovering是一个英语单词,有几个不同的含义。 让我们用例句来解释每个的含义和用法!

However, a closer look at the information is also uncovering some important findings.
但仔细研究这些信息也 揭示了 一些重要的见解。
A functioning framework should be in place for reporting issues, uncovering the root causes of performance problems and for executing high quality permanent repairs.
您需要一个功能框架来报告问题、 发现 性能问题的根本原因并执行高质量、持久的修复。
Even now, we’re still uncovering new species.
新物种仍在被 发现
False alarms strain security teams, and decrease the likelihood of uncovering actual incidents.
误报会给安全团队带来不必要的压力,并使 检测 真正的事件变得困难。
These attracted much attention after uncovering the remains of the place in which Nobunaga ODA lodged.
结果,织田信长曾经的住所遗址被 发现 ,并成为热门话题。
This enables a complete new way of issuing visualization in common viewers, simplifying construction project management and uncovering issues quickly with traceability.
这为普通查看者提供了一种全新的可视化方式,简化了施工项目管理,并实现了可追溯性以快速 查找 问题。
In casinos, cameras with high resolutions and fast speeds assist in uncovering cheating and safeguard the enormous amounts of money.
凭借其高分辨率和速度,摄像头还可以帮助赌场 发现 欺诈行为,防止巨大损失。
EMC services described below help you understand the full scope of the customer challenge, uncovering additional opportunity to position the right EMC solutions.
下面描述的 EMC 服务可以帮助您全面了解您面临的挑战,并 发现 其他机会来找到合适的 EMC 解决方案。
Historical performance data from multiple links and variables can be plotted in one graph, uncovering causes and effects of performance issues.
您还可以在单​​个图表中查看多个链接和变量的历史性能数据, 揭示 性能问题的原因和影响。
AI is widely acknowledged to be good at handling huge data sets, uncovering patterns and relationships in data, optimizing towards a clear objective and making predictions.
人工智能擅长处理大型数据集、 查找 数据中的模式和关系、针对特定目标进行优化以及做出预测。
Our Success Our success rate in uncovering the true wealth of individuals is very high.
我们的成功 揭示了 个人的真实财富 我们的成功率非常高。
By uncovering the proteins involved in the initial steps of lung edema, the work may offer a promising strategy for combating this condition.
这项研究 鉴定了 参与肺水肿早期阶段的蛋白质,可能为缺血再灌注引起的肺水肿的有希望的治疗铺平道路。
By uncovering the mechanism of chromosome segregation during meiosis I in oocytes, we understand why oocyte meiosis I is error-prone and related to age.
我们将 阐明 卵母细胞减数分裂I过程中染色体分离的机制,并了解为什么这种分裂中错误特别多,并且频率随着年龄的增长而增加。
Members form a team with the disabled person(s) concerned, and develop new communication techniques in the process of uncovering the challenges involved.
我们与残疾人组成团队,在 发现 问题的同时开发新的沟通方式。
A good example is uncovering the history of diseases such as influenza, Hantavirus and West Nile Virus.
例如,流感、汉坦病毒病和西尼罗河病毒病等疾病的 未公开 病史。
The individual responsible for backup, recovery, and archiving deals with the associated processes and challenges on a daily basis and is the best resource for uncovering information on problem areas.
如果您从事备份、恢复和归档工作,您每天都会处理这些流程和挑战,并且最有能力 发现 问题领域的信息。
Large organizations must examine the processes and technologies for protecting confidential data with the objective of uncovering and remedying technology and process risks according to the business value of the data.
大型组织需要考虑保护敏感数据的流程和技术,目的是根据数据的业务价值 识别 和修复技术和流程风险。
The author guides us through this civilisation without equal, uncovering the mystery of the river Nile and the Sphinx, their origin and real meaning as well as their inner transcendence.
作者带领我们穿越这个独特的文明, 揭示了 尼罗河和狮身人面像的奥秘、它们的起源、以及它们的真正意义和内在意义。
It is really fun uncovering great bargains with a feeling of excitement.
兴奋地 找到 便宜货真的很有趣。
What is a useful strategy for uncovering IP opportunities?
选择可帮助 您寻找 知识产权机会的策略。

听听“ uncovering ”是土地的声音(发音)!