【英语单词】彻底解释“uncivilized-hour”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

【英语单词】彻底解释“uncivilized-hour”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

「“uncivilized hour”」的含义

词性(英语单词分类): 习语 英国 非正式



Sorry to call you at such an uncivilized hour.
【英语单词】彻底解释“uncivilized-hour”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

uncivilized hour是一个英语单词,有几个不同的含义。 让我们用例句来解释每个的含义和用法!

We can be a bit uncivilized .
可能对其他 星系 产生负面影响
They seem, thus, completely uncivilized and unsociable.
因此,他们看起来完全 不文明 且反社会。
It’s just really uncivilized , you know?
我想我对艾迪 太粗暴 了。
Japan demonstrated an atrocious, inhumane, and uncivilized feeling toward those whom they conquered.
日本对其征服的人民表现出残酷、不人道、 不文明的 感情。
It’s fantastic! So uncivilized . James Arnold Taylor delivers some classic Obi-Wan Kenobi lines – and some written specifically for Star Wars Battlefront II.
这是最好的!这是 相当原始的 ,詹姆斯阿诺德泰勒包括欧比旺克诺比的著名台词和星球大战前线II的独家台词。
But people themselves have rejected this name as being connected to their ” uncivilized ” images.
人们有 一个 Praja 身份,但他们不会过多谈论自己是谁。
The route proposed by surveyors was to traverse an area in central Niagara County, New York, which was then ” uncivilized ” and free of White settlers.
测量员提议的路线将穿过尼亚加拉县中心,该地区当时 尚未开化 ,也没有白人定居者。
The reason for this is that, since ancient times, the Chinese considered foreigners from the south to be uncivilized and barbaric.
(在中国,南方人被视为 野蛮人 ,长期被称为南蛮,日本也使用这个词。
There could be armed enemies, who knows, the time is uncivilized in this best hunting game.
要知道,可能会有武装的敌人,在这个最好的狩猎游戏中,时间是 不文明的
In the coming era, human resources with knowledge of both life science and information science will be required to open up uncivilized fields that have been difficult to analyze to date.
未来的时代将需要具备生命科学和信息科学知识的人才,人们认为这些研究人员将开拓以前 因分析困难而未探索的 领域。
However, a few years ago, a brutal Chicago mayor violently destroyed the airport and closed it. It was done in uncivilized way.
然而有一天,市长 暴力 摧毁了机场并将其关闭。
Those who use forks or chopsticks often think people who don’t are uncivilized .
使用叉子和筷子的人常常认为不使用叉子和筷子的人是 不文明的
An 1882 book titled History of Manistee, Mason, and Oceana Counties says, Nothing could be wilder and more uncivilized then the surroundings of the first family of white settlers.
1882 年出版的马尼斯蒂县、梅森县和奥希纳县的历史表明,第一批白人定居者家庭周围的条件从未如此 原始 且远离文明。
Succumbing to the political pressure, Davis’s military adviser, Gen. Braxton Bragg, ordered Fitzhugh Lee’s cavalry division to “break up this nest and stop their uncivilized proceedings.”
戴维斯的军事助手布拉克斯顿·布拉格将军屈服于政治压力,命令菲茨休·李的骑兵师摧毁巢穴并制止其 不文明 行为。
It was an important view for people living before the modern period or in uncivilized areas in which there was no scientific knowledge as we have now.
这是一个重要的概念,特别是对于缺乏我们今天所掌握的科学知识的前现代和 未开化的 人们来说。
The ancient city streets are clean, clean, people were embarrassed to go to uncivilized .
古城是干净的,人们到迷茫、 未探索的地方 去打扫。
Chinese people travel abroad, those who do uncivilized things against other people say that they are Japanese.
日本人说,中国人出国旅行并对他人做出这些 野蛮的 事情。
But where is the alphabet; Or mikrozoi this theory of Palms, introduced to Europe in a time where he writes as an English classic S.G. Rembroke in his work (The legacy of Greece, oxford university press 1994) says: In the palm was offered role intermediaries escaping any information of History. A role that is the carrier of wisdom and culture of the chosen people towards them uncivilized and municipalities to the Greeks .
在他的著作《伦布罗克》(《希腊遗产》,牛津大学出版社 1994 年)中说道:在你的手掌中,提供了逃避所有历史信息的中介角色。对于希腊人来说,这些 野蛮人 和市政当局选择了扮演一个角色在人民的智慧和文化中发挥作用。
In precisely the same way, in the e-cities within the developing electronic network today, hard-core adventurers are out causing and getting involved in strange new incidents.Unlike the city as a time-space continuum which we perceive as the “real world,” the e-CITE of those in possession of e-Citizenship is an uncivilized maze in which both time and space have perished.
It is safe to assume a range of USD 200 per hour to USD 400 per hour in the United States.
在美国,假设 每小时 200 美元到 400 美元的范围是安全的。像 Aceris Law 这样收取更具竞争力的律师费的专业仲裁律师事务所可以用来降低这一成本。

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