【英语单词】彻底解释“trike”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

【英语单词】彻底解释“trike”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

「“trike”」的含义 (noun)






Nor is there on the market any adequate substitute for the trike yet available in a way which can be readily bought.
此外,市场上仍然没有合适的 三轮车 替代品可供购买。
There were the problems of disability and the appalling mishandling of the issue of the trike , which led to thousands of people becoming housebound.
残疾问题和 三轮车 处理不当导致数千人被困在家中。
But there are some disabled for whom, by reason of their disability, the trike has proved much more suitable than a four-wheeled vehicle.
然而,对于一些 残疾人来说,由于他们的残疾,三轮车 比四轮车更适合。
【英语单词】彻底解释“trike”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆
Fourthly, is it not clear that as a result of the phasing out of trikes there will be a substantially increased demand for converted cars?
But those are not conclusive reasons in the eyes of the trike drivers, who are being deprived of their mobility following the phasing out policy.
然而,在 三轮车 司机看来,这些都不是决定性原因,他们在淘汰政策后被剥夺了行动能力。
I turn now to the phasing out of the trike and the stories about people being grounded.
然后我们转向逐步淘汰 三轮车 和人们被禁足的故事。
【英语单词】彻底解释“trike”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆
No one who has a trike issued under the old scheme will be made immobile by the phasing out of the trike .
那些拥有旧计划下发放的 三轮车的 人将不会受到 三轮车 淘汰的困扰。
They would never have achieved the degree of mobility or usefulness as citizens that the trike has enabled them to achieve.
他们永远无法达到 三轮车 所带来的民用流动性和实用性。
For example, is it possible to switch to the provision of cars now in place of “trikes”?
【英语单词】彻底解释“trike”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆
The second point, even if the first choice is made in favour of cars, is about the overall future of “trikes”.

trike是一个英语单词,有几个不同的含义。 让我们用例句来解释每个的含义和用法!

Because, what it is true, is that This trike takes a lot out of your CV 10.2 single-cylinder 200cc. So their weight/ power ratio is 36.3 kg/ CV.
事实是这样的,因为这款 三轮车 消耗了你的 CV 10.2 单缸 200cc 的很多能量。所以它们的重量/功率比是 36.3 kg/CV。所以我们 enfundamos 猴子和头盔,好像在运动中尽力而为,然后我们就去上班了。
O-007 TRICYCLE ‘For girls’ – CANDYPAINT “AMEIRO” It is a trike for children.
O-007 女孩三轮车 – Amber Paint Shop Gallery 儿童 三轮车
wishes to come true | I wish my boyfriend DerrickI wish my boyfriend Derrick caronza from mission bay high would be four years old again and he would go to preschool with me in the same class and we can ride a trike and share juice boxes together…
愿望成真 | Mission Bay High 男友 Derrick Kalonza 希望当他再次满 4 岁并在同一个班级上学前班时能够骑 三轮车 并共享果汁盒 当 Derrick Kalonza 再次满 4 岁并在同一班上学前班时上课时,我希望能够骑三轮车并分享果汁盒……
It is a trike for children.
适合女孩和儿童 三轮车
In 2009, Nezu, prompted by an order from Nakamura, designed the reverse trike named Ouroboros, marking the beginning of a professional relationship of trust between the two.
2009年,根津受中村委托设计衔尾蛇逆袭 战车 ,两人从此建立了信任关系。
Pacific Cycles designs and makes a wide variety of unique bicycle products, such as a special trike designed for individuals with cerebral palsy, and another tricycle that is perfect to use in escalators. Pacific Cycles also produces bicycle sidecars, stair cycles, rowing bikes, and 4-wheeled cycles for 2 people.
太平阳株式会社的产品包括脑瘫患者康复三轮车、适合上下电梯的三轮车、边车、爬楼梯车、滚船车、二人 四轮车等各类产品。联合国向当地居民捐赠的装甲三轮车也是该公司的产品。
Apple Barn Taves Family Farm | Family Fun Vancouver Come to The Applebarn on Fridays & weekends, starting August 16th and enjoy picking apples, farm animals, hay rides, pony rides, the Trike Farm, a Marshmallow Zipline, Jumping Pillows, Bunny Town, orchard tours, birthday parties and pick your own pumpkin from the pumpkin patch all October.
Apple Barn Taves 家庭农场 | 家庭乐趣温哥华 从 8 月 16 日开始,每周五和周末来到 The Applebarn 享受苹果、农场动物、骑干草、骑小马、 三轮车农场 、棉花糖滑索、跳枕、兔子镇、果园享受游览,生日派对,并在整个十月从南瓜地里挑选自己的南瓜。
Trike See tricycle.
You can jump on a trike to Perimeter from Walking Street but the trike drivers will be demanding at least pesos to take you such a short distance to sit in a tiny tin can cramped taxi. So long as you hold onto your wallet and phone as pick pockets galore on these buses.Cheap Freelancers In Angeles City Some say that High Society is the downfall to Angeles City as now most girls do not want to work in the bars all day long for a pittance.
与我相反,点击并选择她,她会受到很大的震动,把海星打晕,并在酒店一直抱怨, 分钟后回到她的工作岗位。 你可以从步行街跳上 三轮车 到边境,但是三轮车司机会向你收取至少比索的费用,让你坐在一个小罐子里载你这么短的距离,这会使出租车变得拥挤。只要你在公共汽车上挑选这些并将它们放在钱包或手机中,因为口袋里有足够的东西。安吉利斯一些廉价的自由职业者现在大多是女孩,整天在酒吧工作,收入微薄。据说上流社会是安吉利斯的衰落。
Feel fully the wind on Okinawa riding popular trike !
乘坐人气 三轮车 ,尽情 感受 冲绳风! 两人座还行
Our rental trike PCX can travel 45km per litter, so it is very fuel-efficient and you can save money on petrol.
我们租赁服务中使用的三轮车“PCX” 的燃油效率约为每升45公里,这意味着它具有汽车无法比拟的高性价比,并且您可以节省汽油费用。
Jump on the back of a Harley Davidson motorcycle or a three-wheel trike for a quick 30-minute spin or the ultimate sunset tour.
您可以乘坐哈雷戴维森摩托车或 三轮车 享受日落之旅。
Chonbuk, Korea. The Voyager conversion kit that turns a two wheeler into a trike or three wheeler.
Voyager 转换套件可将两轮车辆转变为 三轮车 或三轮车辆。
It’s useful to know that The Oval also has inline skates, a trike , a chariot (think baby naps!) and even skateboards to borrow.
值得一提的是,The Oval 还出租直排轮滑鞋、 三轮车 、战车(想想婴儿小睡!),甚至还有滑板。
Not just for moving around the island, trike is like an activity feeling the speed of the winds. says the representative of Blue Sky Resort, Kenji Tsuzuki.
最重要的是,它不仅仅是一种交通工具,而是作为 一种活动 到达目的地的乐趣。请尝试一下,代表都筑健二。
Check out Treatbot, the ice cream trike from the future, serving up karaoke and local ice cream flavors like the “408” (caramel ice cream, fudge, and Oreos).
Treat Bot 是一款来自未来的冰淇淋三轮车,提供卡拉 OK 和当地口味的冰淇淋,例如 408(焦糖冰淇淋、软糖和奥利奥)。
Since its inception in 2007, Local Motors has given us the Rally Fighter, the first co-created production car, as well as the XC2V (an “experimental crowd-sourced combat-support vehicle”), the Verrado electric-powered drift trike , and the “completely customizable” and co-created LM3D Swim roadster.
自 2007 年成立以来,Local Motors 已生产了第一款联合生产的车辆 Rally Fighter、XC2V(一种实验性众包作战支援车)、 Verrado 电动三轮车和完全定制的车辆。共同开发的 LM3D Swim Roadster。
Trip by Trike to 20 Community Dance for All (September.)When hearing the word, “community dance”, few Japanese would be able to imagine what it is actually like.
Trip by Trike to 20 Japan: Myriad of Developments for Mobile Phone Users (October.)There are currently more than 70 million subscribers to the mobile phone in Japan.
目前,日本的移动电话用户数量已 超过 7000万。

“trike”是一个英语单词,有几个不同的含义。 让我们用例句来解释每个的含义和用法!

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trike 三轮车 非正式 (三轮车:三轮自行车)

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