【英语单词】彻底解释“original facade”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

【英语单词】彻底解释“original facade”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

简单汉语中“original facade”的意思

“original facade” 是由二个英文单词( original、facade )组合而成的一个单词短语。

  • 「original」 的意思是: 有趣且与众不同
  • Facade ”用来指建筑物的正面,尤其是大型或有吸引力的建筑物。


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By the time he moved in, two years later, only the original facade and party walls were left.
【英语单词】彻底解释“original facade”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆
Although the latter was demolished in the 1980s, the original facade of the building was retained and incorporated into new retail premises.
后者于 20 世纪 80 年代被拆除,但建筑物原有的外观被保留并并入新的零售综合体。
A giant skylight filters sunlight into the room, cascading down the original facade of the library.
The original facade features the museums name inscribed in large capitals flanked by rosettes.
【英语单词】彻底解释“original facade”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆
This included the restoration of the original facade was accomplished by removing the marquee and metal siding that was placed over it in the 1960s.
其中包括通过拆除 20 世纪 60 年代放置在其上的帐篷和金属壁板来修复原来的立面。

original facade是一个英语单词,有几个不同的含义。 让我们用例句来解释每个的含义和用法!

The Hotel still preserves its original facade , which features Romantic and Baroque motifs…
酒店仍保留 其原有的外观 ,以浪漫和巴洛克风格为特色。
When it first opened for business in 1933, Tokyo Central Post Office was considered to be a top class facility. The original facade of the building was preserved, then restored to its former glory. But in addition to the outside of the building, there are also remaining traces of the former property inside the building as well.
此外,这座建筑是通过部分保留和翻新东京中央邮局的建筑而建造的,东京中央邮局是日本最大的邮局之一,于 1933 年开始运营,它不仅具有外观,而且也是内部结构的一部分。现在的 KITTE 。这里有一个地方还残留着旧东京中央邮局大楼的痕迹。
Rooms have a flat-screen TV and free Wi-Fi.The Vincci maintains its original façade and features contemporary interiors.
酒店提供配有平面电视和免费无线网络连接的客房。酒店保留了 原有的外观 和现代的内饰。
Take a walk through the town centre and check out the beautiful old bluestone churches and buildings, many of which still boast their original facades and ornate verandas.
漫步穿过市中心,欣赏美丽的古老青石教堂和建筑。许多建筑仍保留着 原来的 外墙 和精致的阳台。
How do I maintain the original FAÇADE Readers unique frame shape? Our frames are made with Swiss material Grilamid TR-90, which has the built-in memory function, and under normal use, it maintains the original shape for the life of eyewear; however, depending on the environment, such as temperature change, levels of memory function could vary. We recommend that you would keep them in the original packaging when they are not being used.
日常使用后的单片式 立面 眼镜框该如何保养和存放,才能长期保持原来的形状? Facade Glasses的镜框采用TR-90材料制成,这种材料具有内置记忆功能, 可自动 保持其原始形状,并且在制造时可始终保持其原始形状。我们建议您将其存放在里面。
And for me being born and bred in London and having our business headquarters there and design studio, it’s incredibly prestigious for us; and I feel we’ve arrived. – Stella McCartney Architectural Design We have created an intimate, personal and architectural atmosphere to constantly evolve and bring a textured emotional experience into the space.The grade II historic 18th century building’s original façade , including an ornate Edwardian entryway and a planted balcony, have been carefully preserved; a sharp contrast with the contemporary interior that is spread across the four floors.
作为在伦敦出生和长大的人,我非常自豪能在这个地区拥有我的总部和设计工作室,这让我有一种成就感。 (Stella McCartney) 建筑设计 我们创造了一个既具有建筑风格,又个性化、亲密、不断变化且对感官有吸引力的空间。这座18世纪二级重要建筑中保留的华丽的爱德华时代入口和 独特突出的 阳台结构都得到了精心的保存和利用,与分布在四层楼的现代空间形成了鲜明的对比。
In 2003, the building was designated as an Important Cultural Property of Japan, and work began on the conservation and restoration of the building to its original three-floor facade .
We received this award for the restoration of the original appearance of the façade and the retention of many interior features.
我喂了 兔子 ,摸了山羊 ,和朋友们一起经历了很多事情
The cast iron space-frame, shaped like an upturned hull, was actually inspired by the shipbuilding industry, and has spans and heights large enough to contain very tall palm trees.Although no longer original , the glass facade composed of 16,000 panes is still a magnificent sight today.
铸铁空间框架的形状像一艘倒转的船,是造船技术的直接应用,并且高度足以隐藏高大的棕榈树,而无需使用柱子。虽然玻璃本身与建造时已不一样,但由16000块玻璃组成的 外立面 仍然很壮观。
The distinctive facade design recalls the “waterside and willow” scenery of the original Ginza-Sukiyabashi Bridge.
独特的 立面 设计表达了银座数寄屋桥的 原始 风景,水边和柳树。
The building’s blue-green glass facade deteriorated due to harsh weather conditions and the limitations of the original fabrication and materials.
建筑正面的蓝绿色玻璃 幕墙 因常年遭受风雪侵袭,以及 施工时 施工方法和材料的限制,已经老化。
Regarding its architecture, the Plateresque façade and the magnificent Renaissance stairway are the most interesting original elements.
在建筑方面,Plateresque 外观 和精致的文艺复兴时期楼梯是最有趣的 原创 元素。
Its façade was repainted in its original colours in 2006, but its pagoda roof has been removed.
2006年,它被重新粉刷成 原来的 颜色,但宝塔般的屋顶被拆除。
In a view of the front facade , the glass roof and other expansions are mostly concealed, largely preserving the original appearance of the building.
正面 几乎看不到玻璃屋顶和其他延伸部分,建筑大部分保持了 原有的 外观。
It has a colourful façade and a lovely interior courtyard.Hotel Casa Imperial features original , brightly coloured tiles, charming stone archways, fountains and peaceful galleries.
Hotel Casa Imperial酒店拥有色彩鲜艳的 原始 瓷砖、迷人的石拱门、喷泉和宁静的画廊。宽敞的客房传统上明亮,采用木材和锻铁装饰。
Gaudí conceived this school as an original Neo-Gothic castle, with a façade combining rubblework and bricks with a remarkable aesthetic result.
The façade was designed by Andrea Pallidio in 1556, and later restored and replicated by Andrea Smeraldi who used Pallidio’s original design.
正面 由安德里亚·帕利迪奥 (Andrea Pallidio) 于 1556 年设计,后来由安德里亚·斯梅拉尔迪 (Andrea Smeraldi) 修复和复制,并使用了帕利迪奥的 原始 设计。
The original red-painted cottage was extended eastward, a new floor and an attic were added and the grand facade completed its transformation into an elegant mansion.
将原来的 红漆小屋向东延伸,并增加了新的楼层和阁楼,将 建筑 改造成一座优雅的住宅。
The task was given to Camillo Boito who gave it its present appearance, maintaining the characteristics of the original buildings, i.e. its Venetian-Byzantine façade covered in marble.
卡米洛·博伊托 (Camillo Boito) 的任务是保留 建筑的特征,并赋予其现在的外观,即覆盖大理石的威尼斯拜占庭式外观。
Originally an aristocratic villa of the early 20th century, the hotel still retains its original Liberty-style elegance in the facade , in the restaurant and in the comfortable accommodation.
该酒店最初是一栋著名的 20 世纪初别墅,其 外观 、酒店 餐厅和舒适的设施保留了其优雅的自由风格。

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