【英语单词】彻底解释“ongoing commitment”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

【英语单词】彻底解释“ongoing commitment”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

简单汉语中“ongoing commitment”的意思

“ongoing commitment” 是由二个英文单词( ongoing、commitment )组合而成的一个单词短语。


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例句 Additionally, they will each have ongoing commitments to each other, because of shared parenting.
此外,由于他们共同抚养孩子,每个人都对对方有 持续的 承诺
【英语单词】彻底解释“ongoing commitment”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆
例句 What is my ongoing training commitment ?
持续 培训的承诺是什么?
例句 Only proceed if you intend ongoing commitment .
仅当您打算做出 持续的 承诺 时才继续。

ongoing commitment是一个英语单词,有几个不同的含义。 让我们用例句来解释每个的含义和用法!

Learning and development is an ongoing commitment , and must progress beyond e-learning modules.
学习和成长是 一项持续的努力 ,必须超越电子学习课程的范围。
This ongoing commitment to independent and reliable research makes IDC one of the most sought after sources of IT industry intelligence and advice.
这种对独立性和信任 的持续承诺 使 IDC 成为 IT 行业最受欢迎的情报和建议来源之一。
Synoverge is an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization which endorses the maturity of our delivery processes, adherence to globally accepted standards and ongoing commitment to Quality and Organizational excellence.
Synoverge 是一家通过 ISO 9001:2008 认证的公司,这证明了我们交付流程的成熟性、我们对全球公认标准的遵守以及 我们对质量和组织卓越性的持续 承诺。
Welcome to Shelbyville As part of its ongoing commitment to outreach and public education, the Program on Immigration and Democracy has partnered with Active Voice’s Story + Policy project.
Eagle 移民和民主计划 – 故事 + 政策 欢迎来到谢尔比维尔 作为 我们持续致力于 外展和公共教育的一部分,Eagle 移民和民主计划与 Active Voice 的故事 + 政策项目合作。
By entering into the MSC program, the Swedish prawn fishery is making an ongoing commitment to sustainability.
通过加入 MSC 计划,瑞典对虾渔业展示了 其对可持续发展的持续承诺
The Group is authorized and regulated by key European financial regulators CySEC and the FCA, in line with its ongoing commitment to offer clients a secure trading environment within a transparent regulatory framework.
集团 不断 努力寻求 CySEC 和 FCA 等主要欧洲金融监管机构的许可并与之协调,为我们的客户提供透明且安全的监管框架工作运作。
This Proven Solution demonstrates EMC’s ongoing commitment to integrate, test and document solutions that leverage VMware’s latest technology VMware vSphere the industry’s first cloud operating system.
这一经过验证的解决方案体现了 EMC 对集成、测试和记录利用 VMware 最新技术和业界首个云操作系统 VMware vSphere 的解决方案的 持续承诺
“Barco has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to our operations, providing local resources and resident Barco Mexico teams focused on meeting our digital cinema needs quickly and completely,” commented Cinemex’ Director of Infrastructure.
“巴可展示了对我们运营的 持续承诺 ,快速全面地部署当地资源和巴可墨西哥常驻团队,重点是满足我们的数字影院需求。”Cinemex 基础设施总监评论道。
And we provide the leadership and ongoing commitment that ensure your ILM solution meets your business needs today and far into the future.
EMC 的领导地位和对 ILM 的 持续承诺 可确保您的 ILM 解决方案能够满足您当前和长期的业务需求。
“This achievement is a testament to the New Zealand seafood sector’s ongoing commitment to sustainable utilisation and their ongoing partnership with the Ministry for Primary Industries to ensure these fisheries are managed for the future,” said Mr Clement.
这一成功是通过新西兰渔业部门 持续致力于 可持续资源利用以及与第一产业部持续合作以实现面向未来的渔业管理而取得的。
This new module is being developed as part of our ongoing commitment to the Docker Project to enable PowerShell users to build, ship and run containers all from there PowerShell windows across Windows or Linux hosts and replaces the current inbox container module that did not integrate with Docker.
作为我们对 Docker 项目 持续承诺的 一部分而开发,这个新模块使 PowerShell 用户能够在 Windows 或 Linux 主机上构建、发布和运行容器,所有这些都可以通过 PowerShell 窗口进行。与 Docker 集成。
As part of our ongoing commitment to data privacy, we have been working over the last few months to evaluate our Terms and our personal data practices outlined in our Privacy Policy to ensure that they meet our internal standards and regulatory obligations, and – most importantly – that they met your transparency expectations.
作为我们对数据隐私 的持续承诺 的一部分,在过去的几个月里,我们一直在审查我们的条款和个人数据实践(如我们的隐私政策中所述)是否符合我们的内部标准和监管义务,最重要的是,我们已经进行了进行审查,以确保我们的产品满足尊贵客户的透明度期望。
But also to the economic issue, with the oversight of marine transportation routes, essential for goods, it had placed particular emphasis, especially when connected with the many problems of sovereignty of the islands of the eastern seas and thus by their exclusive economic zones, which assumed for the United States a direct and ongoing commitment , through the presence of men and military means.
但也由于经济问题和对货物重要海上运输路线的监管,特别强调它,特别是当它与东部海域岛屿主权的许多问题有关时。通过美国人员和军事手段的存在 ,做出直接和持续的承诺
Proper alarm management is an ongoing commitment .
正确的警报管理是 一项持续的努力
Partner profitability is our primary, ongoing commitment .
EMC 的首要目标 始终是 确保我们合作伙伴的盈利能力。
This is part of our ongoing commitment to animal and eco-friendly fashion.
这是 我们对动物保护和环保时尚持续承诺 的一部分。
We’ve also had an ongoing commitment to constantly listen, tune and evolve the experience as it grows.
我们 始终致力于不断 倾听、调整和发展。
The scholarship program is part of the MSC’s ongoing commitment to supporting science and research worldwide to tackle overfishing.
该奖学金计划是 MSC 支持 世界各地解决过度捕捞问题的科学研究的一部分。
Our additional contribution to the JGRF is an extension of this ongoing commitment .
我们对 JGRF 的最新投资也符合这些 努力
Workers again demonstrated their ongoing commitment to the union through an independent confirmation earlier this year by signing new membership cards.
今年早些时候,工人们通过签署新的工会卡并做出自愿承诺,再次 表明了 他们对工会的承诺

ongoing commitment ”的声音!

读法是【ˈɔnˌgoʊɪŋ kəˈmɪtmənt】。 听下面的视频并大声发音【ˈɔnˌgoʊɪŋ kəˈmɪtmənt】。

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