【英语单词】彻底解释“onerous”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

【英语单词】彻底解释“onerous”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

「“onerous”」的含义 (adjective)




the onerous task of finding a peaceful solution
寻找和平解决方案的棘手 任务
She found the duties of motherhood onerous.
【英语单词】彻底解释“onerous”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆


The case analysis of a large number of sentences can be an onerous task when performed by hand.
如果手动完成,对大量语句进行案例分类可能是一项 繁琐的 任务。
Given the brevity of most office visits, the challenge of detecting and assessing depression in so many polysymptomatic patients can be an onerous task.
鉴于大多数就诊时间都很短,在如此多的多症状患者中检测和评估抑郁症可能是 一项艰巨的 挑战。
However, three elderly female patients found the attention given to their benzodiazepine consumption onerous , and moved to another practice.
然而,三名老年女性患者发现谨慎服用苯二氮卓类药物 很麻烦 ,并转向其他治疗。
【英语单词】彻底解释“onerous”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆
In addition, students gave professors customary presents on special occasions; these gifts, which could be quite onerous , were not disguised payments.
此外,学生们还会在特殊场合向教授赠送传统的礼物。虽然这些礼物非常 繁重 ,但并不是变相的付款。
The factor income deficit (mainly onerous interests on shortterm credits and to some degree profit remittances) is growing although not alarming so far.
要素收入赤字(主要是短期贷款的 不利 利息以及一定程度上的利润汇出)正在扩大,但到目前为止并不令人意外。
It seemed that the state’s highly onerous poll tax dampened voter registration and turnout (see conclusion below).
该州极其 繁重的 人头税似乎减少了选民登记和投票率(见下面的结论)。
【英语单词】彻底解释“onerous”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆
First, the data requirements for a properly powered or analyzed cost-effectiveness study are even more onerous than an individually randomized trial.
首先,正确支持或分析的成本效益研究的数据要求甚至比单独的随机试验更为 繁重
Moreover, land use changes by poorer households were not limited to adopting technically simpler and less onerous practices.
此外,贫困户的土地利用变化并不仅限于采用技术上更简单、 负担 更轻的做法。
The onerous burden of taking an adaptationist position is not side-stepped by some of the proposed anti-adaptationist suggestions.
一些已经提出的反适应主义提议并没有避免采取适应主义立场的 繁重 负担。
【英语单词】彻底解释“onerous”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆
However, the new provision may not have been expected to impose an especially onerous burden.
然而,人们可能没有预料到新规定会带来特别 繁重的 负担。

“onerous”的同义词列表。 让我们按顺序来记住吧!。

  • arduous
  • backbreaking
  • burdensome
  • cumbersome
  • demanding
  • difficult
  • distressing
  • excessive
  • exhausting
  • grueling
  • harsh
  • intolerable
  • laborious
  • oppressive
  • painful
  • rigorous
  • severe
  • strenuous
  • taxing
  • troublesome
  • weighty
  • austere
  • crushing
  • exacting
  • exigent
  • fatiguing
  • formidable
  • galling
  • grave
  • grinding
  • hard
  • headache
  • heavy
  • irksome
  • merciless
  • overpowering
  • overtaxing
  • plodding
  • ponderous
  • pressing
  • responsible
  • serious
  • tiresome
  • tiring
  • toilsome
  • vexatious


  • calm
  • easy
  • effortless
  • facile
  • friendly
  • gentle
  • helpful
  • mild
  • nice
  • simple
  • trivial
  • light

“onerous”是一个英语单词,有几个不同的含义。 让我们用例句来解释每个的含义和用法!

英语 含义(中文翻译) 详细解释!
onerous 又费力又麻烦。麻烦的,麻烦的 (负担重)
Oscar has an onerous secret.

onerous是一个英语单词,有几个不同的含义。 让我们用例句来解释每个的含义和用法!

Decorated unduly onerous but has worn the ceiling, causing me to sleep at noon nap.
内部太 笨重 ,无法穿在天花板上,导致我午睡。
I am aware of the difficulties of the risks and the sacrifices that your mission entails and how onerous is the distance to you from family affections and from the homeland.
我知道你的使命会带来多少危险和牺牲,也知道你与亲情和祖国的距离是多么 沉重
Still, finding the least onerous time to implement a component is difficult.
尽管如此,仍然很难找到一个低 影响的 时间来部署单个组件。
For this reason, technological development of early cancer detection tests that are physically and mentally less onerous to patients are currently underway.
因此,目前正在努力开发能够早期发现癌症、同时减轻身心 压力的 检测技术。
The community of donors must deliver on its existing promises of greatly expanded ODA, while enhancing aid effectiveness and eliminating onerous conditionalities.
捐助界必须以当前承诺为基础,大幅扩大官方发展援助,同时提高援助有效性并取消 贷款 条件。
This is an onerous corresponding process, therefore it has been defined so that the receiving inspection report and the invoice are issued by the Management department.
由于该流程是 有偿 流程,所以定义为管理部门收到验收报告并开具发票的流程。
In 1939, Behnisch volunteered to join the navy (Kriegsmarine), aged 17, which was a less onerous alternative to compulsory labour service, or army conscription.
1939 年战争期间,17 岁的博尼施自愿加入德国海军 (Kriegsmarine),他认为强迫劳动或征兵是一个 要求 较低的选择。
Unnecessarily high energy consumption is more than onerous , not just for the environment, but also for a company’s financial situation.A Testo compressed air measuring instrument enables you to determine your compressed air consumption extremely precisely.
浪费能源不仅对环境不利,而且给企业管理带来 压力 。德图压缩空气流量计可准确测定压缩空气消耗量。
In fact, another point of strength is its sustainability, in fact, to date the costs and time of implementation of technological upgrading interventions on infrastructures are on average less onerous compared to those on traditional infrastructures .
事实上,今天的基础设施技术升级干预的成本和生产时间平均而言比传统基础设施的 负担 要轻;这就是可持续性。
Where the subsequent acquirers acquired the subject matter by any gratuitous act or by any onerous act that should be deemed to be equal to such an act, and there were grounds for avoidance against their predecessors.
收购人以无偿行为或应视为相同 费用 的行为取得收购时,有驳回理由的。
Any gratuitous act, or any onerous act that should be deemed to be equal to such an act, conducted by the rehabilitation debtor after or within six months prior to suspension of payments, etc. may be avoided in the interest of the rehabilitation debtor’s assets after the commencement of rehabilitation proceedings.
3. 重整债务人在中止付款等后或中止前六个月内实施的未受偿行为和应被视为相同的 有偿 行为,可以在开始后以重生债务人的资产为受益人予以拒绝康复程序..
Many patients would prefer a telehealth consult to skipping work or school or undertaking onerous travel, and everyone wins when a form filled out online eliminates the need to fill out and process the same information multiple times in paper.
许多患者可能希望接受远程医疗,而不必从工作或学校 请假 或去医生办公室。我想每个人都会很高兴能够在线填写表格,从而消除填写表格和一遍又一遍地编写相同信息的过程。
Paraboot is prohibited from using, exploiting or distributing to a third party, whether free of charge or onerous , all data collected for any purpose other than sending your reservation to a point of sale or informing you about special operations or events, provided you have checked the box “I authorize Paraboot to inform me about news”.
该信息绝不会提供给任何第三方,无论是免费 还是付费 。收集所有信息仅用于将产品运送给预购零售商以及提供有关福利和活动的信息。如果您想接收有关特别优惠和活动的信息,请检查接收 Paraboot 信息电子邮件。
Article 9 (Customer Support) In the event that You request support and We consider it possible, We will provide onerous or non-onerous support with or without compensation to You in accordance with terms of support specified by Us.
第九条(客户支持) 如果客户请求支持并且公司确定可以提供支持,公司将根据公司单独确定的支持条件为客户提供免费或 付费 支持。
But this requires concreteness about what it would look like to have, say, a radically smaller national government, or, by contrast, a big single-payer healthcare system, a way to hold corporations accountable for their misdeeds, or, instead, a way to free them from onerous regulations.
但为了做到这一点,我们需要具体的图像。例如,如果我们追求一个彻底缩小的政府,会发生什么?另一方面,如果我们采用单一付款人的医疗保险制度,会发生什么?会发生什么?如果我们让企业对其错误行为负责,会发生什么?或者,相反,如果企业不受 繁重 法规的约束,会发生什么?
Generally, to establish a new foreign-invested company within an industrial or other special economic zone is comparatively less onerous , from a bureaucracy perspective, than to establish outside of any such zones, and the process of applying for and obtaining construction-related approvals in particular tends to be more streamlined within industrial or other special economic zones.
外资企业迁入工业园区或经济特区时,手续 负担 相对低于在区外设立的企业。特别是,在进入工业园区或经济特区时,有简化投资许可证和施工许可证申请程序的趋势。
This enhances the controllability and efficiency of the entire planning process – making it fully reliable in terms of results and significantly less onerous in terms of time and resources.Find out more about how Board enables an Integrated Business Planning (IBP) approach, or read on to discover Board’s planning capabilities.
这使您可以更好地控制整个规划过程并提高效率,让您对结果充满信心,并且对时间和资源的 要求 要低得多。
Clearly too onerous a provision to comply with.
显然,这个 条件过于苛刻, 难以满足。
Is the patriot act likely to be renewed with its more onerous provisions?
《爱国行为法》是否可能会更新其 繁琐的 条款?
Yagi demonstrated a proof of concept, but the engineering problems proved to be more onerous than conventional systems.
尽管八木成功地证明了概念,但事实证明,技术问题比以前的技术更加 繁重

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