【英语单词】彻底解释“oneirology”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

【英语单词】彻底解释“oneirology”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

oneirology是一个英语单词,有几个不同的含义。 让我们用例句来解释每个的含义和用法!

Freud’s particular interest was neurology .
他特别感兴趣的是 神经病学
More news from the 49 º congress of neurology : headache in treatment/ early diagnosis and new therapies against mental decay
49° 神经病学 大会新闻:治疗/早期诊断头痛和精神衰弱的新疗法
The Congress will also talk about headaches, strokes and chronicity in neurology .
国会还将讨论 神经性 头痛、中风和慢性病。
In spring, summer, and autumn, researchers (doctors in various fields such as endocrinology, the oral cavity, gynecology, neurology , functional diagnosis, etc.) visit radiation-exposed regions and support patients via various medical examinations.
春季、夏季和秋季,研究人员(内分泌科、口腔科、妇科、 神经科 、功能诊断等各个领域的医生)前往暴露地区并提供检查等医疗支持。
Upon receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, she started working at a neurology clinic in Tokyo and provided services to both inpatients and outpatients as a case worker.
毕业后,我在东京的 神经内科 担任社工,照顾住院病人和门诊病人。
Then there were the liver and spleen ultrasound, as well as the examinations regarding optic nerve, cornea, evoked potentials, and genetics, in addition to child neurology , child brain surgery, hematology, and genetics, involving many different specialties.
)所以肝脾超声、视神经、角膜、诱发电位、基因检测。他还接受了各个科室的专门检查,包括小儿 神经内科 、小儿神经外科、血液科和遗传学。
The neurology of success: from diagnosis to treatment for a billion people in the world
成功的 神经病学 :从诊断到治疗全世界 10 亿人
Later, he was appointed professor of neurology at King’s College Hospital.
随后,他被任命为国王学院医院 神经病 学教授。
Nagao: I am originally a pediatrician specializing in pediatric neurology , that is, research on the brains, muscles, and so on of children.
长尾先生:我原本是一名儿科医生,专门研究小儿 神经病学 ,或者是大脑、肌肉等方面的研究。
So to return to the original problem, what is the opportunity of these stem cells, or this disruptive technology, for repairing the damaged brain, which we call regenerative neurology ?
那么回到主题,干细胞这种颠覆性的新技术如何在再生 神经学 中用于修复受损的大脑?
We can all be creative; creativity is about making new connections – and that is literally physiologically true within our neurology .
我们都可以发挥创造力;创造力与新的联系有关,这也符合我们神经学中的 生理学
He used his training in neurology to specialize in behavioral physiology, with a focus on the neural mechanism in the brain that trigger responses with which he was all too familiar: fear, anxiety, and aggression.
他在 神经学 方面的训练使他成为行为生理学专家,专注于大脑中引起他非常熟悉的反应的神经结构,例如恐惧、焦虑和攻击性。
Recent research in neurology had shown that the brain was an electrical network of neurons that fired in all-or-nothing pulses.
当时, 神经学 的最新进展表明,大脑是一个由神经细胞组成的电网络,由全有或全无脉冲激发。
In more detail, department of neurology deals with such diseases as stroke, convulsion and seizure (epilepsy), dementia, headache, Parkinson’s disease, encephalitis, meningitis, peripheral neuropathy, myopathy, spinal cord diseases and neuralgia.
具体而言, 神经内科 治疗中风(瘫痪)、癫痫发作(癫痫)、痴呆、头痛、帕金森病、脑炎和脑膜炎、周围神经和肌肉疾病、脊髓疾病、神经痛等。
Chung-Ang University Hospital Department of neurology is one of the branches of clinical medicine where the diseases occurring in central nervous system, spinal cord, peripheral nervous system and muscles are diagnosed and then medically managed.
中央大学 医院神经内科 是临床医学的一个分支,对中枢神经系统、周围神经系统和肌肉中的脊髓疾病进行诊断和治疗。
Similarly, Hart Peterson, chairman of pediatric neurology at the New York Hospital, stated that the “notion that a 12-week-old fetus is in discomfort is erroneous.”
纽约医院儿科 神经科 主任哈特·彼得森也表示,12周胎儿感到不适的想法是错误的。
But then I started realizing, maybe other kinds of paralysis that you see in neurology , like stroke, focal dystonias – there may be a learned component to this, which you can overcome with the simple device of using a mirror.
但后来我意识到,也许我们在 神经病学 、中风、局灶性共济失调中看到的其他瘫痪,其中有一个学习的部分,我们也许能够通过使用镜子的简单设备来克服它。
Due to the reasons, Korea in 1982 has also separated the Department of Neuropsychiatry into the departments of neurology and of psychiatry.
为此,1982年,在韩国,过去一直模糊的神经精神病学被彻底分离为 神经病学 和精神病学。
At that time, I was really interested in neuroscience and wanted to do a research project in neurology – specifically looking at the effects of heavy metals on the developing nervous system.
当时,我对神经科学非常感兴趣,想做 神经学 研究,特别是研究重金属对神经系统发育的影响。
Although many patients with dizziness visit various departments such as internal medicine, brain surgery, ophthalmology, and neurology other than otolaryngology, the number of referrals from these departments is recently increasing regarding dizziness examination.
头晕患者经常到各个科室就诊,不仅包括耳鼻喉科,还包括内科、神经外科、眼科和 神经内科 ,最近这些科室转诊进行头晕检查的人数有所增加。

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