【英语单词】彻底解释“offshoreman”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

【英语单词】彻底解释“offshoreman”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

offshoreman是一个英语单词,有几个不同的含义。 让我们用例句来解释每个的含义和用法!

Ship, offshore and mobile crane services.
我们提供船舶、 海上和 移动式起重机服务。
The new company will have a total of around 800 employees, including offshore and ground personnel.
新公司将拥有800名员工,包括 海上和 地面人员。
We have been the most trusted recruitment firm providing services to oil industry majors, both offshore and on-shore.
我们是最值得信赖的招聘公司,为 海上和 陆上石油行业的专业人士提供服务。
This includes specialist contracting services to the offshore and shore-based industry sectors, supply and maintenance of marine safety equipment, ship repair, tank cleaning and marine communication systems.
该公司以 近海和 岸上工业部门为基础,提供海上安全设备供应和维护、船舶修理、油罐清洗和海上通信系统方面的专业合同服务。
Alfa Laval Korea built a plate heat exchanger assembly plant in Pyeongtaek 15 years ago to meet the needs of Korea’s leading shipbuilding, offshore and other industries.
阿法拉伐韩国有限公司 15 年前在平泽市建造了热交换解决方案组装厂,以满足造船、 船舶等 行业的需求。
Applications: Chemical and petrochemical plants Chlorine-rich environments Offshore and coastal environments Caustic washdown areas Options: Stainless steel or polycarbonate controls Limit switches Positioners Solenoid valves See K-TORK literature page for further details.
应用: 化学和石化工厂 含有大量氯的 海洋和 沿海环境 易受水腐蚀的部件 选项: – 不锈钢或聚碳酸酯控制装置 限位开关 定位器 电磁阀 有关详细信息,请参阅 K-TORK 文档。
Understanding existing well and rock formation properties is critical as the world’s energy producers explore deeper and more challenging reserves, both offshore and on land.
随着世界能源生产商 在海上和 陆地上勘探更深、更有吸引力的储量,了解现有油井和岩层的特征非常重要。
Among the numerous operational applications are search and rescue, ambulance, public order and national security, patrolling, fire fighting, civil protection, offshore and VIP/ Corporate transport, utilities and military roles.
许多操作应用包括搜索和救援、救护车、公共秩序、国家安全、巡逻、消防、民防、 近海和 VIP/企业运输、公用事业和军事角色。
These are mainly large hydraulic systems on ships, offshore and dredging installations, as well as in cranes, locks and heavy industrial installations.
主要目标是船舶、 海上和 疏浚设备、起重机、船闸和重型工业设备中的大型液压系统。
Over 160 orders are already received by more than 60 customers in 20 Countries for various jobs such as ambulance, public order, offshore and passenger transportation, editorial and editorial services.
已收到该国 60 20 多家客户的 160 多份订单,涉及空中救护、法律和秩序、 近海和 客运、公用事业和出版支持等各种应用。
The company provides customized and highly professional aeronautical services and collaborates with many police forces, helicopter rescue operators, offshore and VIP transport service providers.
该公司提供定制化且高度专业的航空服务,并与众多警察部队、直升机救援运营商、 近海和 贵宾运输服务提供商合作。
“We’ve seen a lot of new technologies – it’s very interesting, cutting-edge and it’s definitely piqued our interest!””We came looking for lidar and sodar devices to help with wind energy assessments for our offshore and onshore wind farms, “said Prateek John, procurement manager for renewable energy company, Vattenfall.
我们看到了很多新技术,都非常有趣且最新,这无疑激发了 Lidar 和 Sauder 帮助我们测量 海上和 陆上风电场的风电功率。可再生能源公司 Vattenfall 的采购经理 Prateek John 来了正在寻找设备。
The new UAE arbitration law will distinguish between offshore and onshore seats in order to ensure harmony.Insiders consider the new UAE arbitration law to be a very good draft law.
阿联酋新仲裁法区分了 离岸仲裁地和 在岸仲裁地,以确保协调一致,业内人士认为,阿联酋新仲裁法是一个非常好的立法。
UB-50-12 battery packs with proven hybrid technology ready for use on ships & offshore platforms. Fukuoka, Japan – 29th June 2018 – In co-operation with its strategic partners Furukawa Battery and Teramoto Iron Works, Eco Marine Power (EMP) has today announced the release of two UB-50-12 hybrid battery packs for ship, offshore and land-based renewable energy projects.
为船舶和海上平台完成的采用成熟混合技术的 UB-50-12 电池组 福冈,2018 年 6 月 29 日 – Eco Marine Power (EMP) 宣布推出其战略合作伙伴 Furukawa Battery Co., Ltd. 和 Teramoto Iron Works Co. ., Ltd. 今天宣布,他们已开始销售用于海洋、 近海和 陆基可再生能源项目的 UB-50-12 混合电池组。
Almost 169 AW50 are delivered to customers in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australia and South America and more than 169 helicopters sold to date by more than 170 customers in almost 70 countries around the world for different uses such as public order, eliambulanza, offshore and passenger transport, utilities and publishing support. Asahi Broadcasting Corporation Third Japanese commercial issuer in order of foundation, the Asahi Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) broadcasts television and radio programs from more than 60 years from Osaka, the second largest city in the country.
迄今为止,他们已在欧洲、中东、亚洲、澳大利亚和南美洲向全球近 169 个国家的 170 多家客户出售了 AW50 直升机,用于公共秩序、空中救护等各种用途。交付了近 30 架 海上和 客运飞机为 70 多个客户提供交通、公用事业和出版支持 朝日广播 日本建国第三家商业广播公司朝日广播 (ABC),来自日本第二大城市大阪的 60 名 提交一年多的电视和广播节目。
Offshore and Marine Engineering Analysis, Design Software
海洋 工程分析与设计软件
Offshore and the Power of Competition Imagine that over 50% of your profit is subject to tax.
离岸和 竞争力想象一下,您公司 50% 以上的利润都要纳税。
Offshore and ship technology | Balluff The demands placed on the technology involved in offshore and ship technology are enormous.
离岸和 船舶技术 | 巴鲁夫 离岸和 船舶技术对所涉及的技术提出了极高的要求。
All things offshore and onshore related to oil will be present.
这里有关于石油、 海上和 陆上石油的一切。
We just moored offshore and hiked around and went swimming.
我们甚至没有小册子,所以我们 在海上 抛锚,去远足和游泳。

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