【英语单词】彻底解释“offshore well”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

【英语单词】彻底解释“offshore well”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

简单汉语中“offshore well”的意思

“offshore well” 是由二个英文单词( offshore、well )组合而成的一个单词短语。


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An offshore well targets a reservoir that happens to be underneath an ocean.
【英语单词】彻底解释“offshore well”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆
The first offshore well was sunk in 1974.
第一口海上油井于 1974 年沉没。
The first offshore well was drilled in 1957.
Five offshore wells were drilled in the 1970s after a sharp rise in oil prices but exploration stopped when they turned out to be dry.
【英语单词】彻底解释“offshore well”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆
Offshore wells in deep water can cost $50m or more.
深水海上油井的成本可能高达 5000 万美元。

offshore well是一个英语单词,有几个不同的含义。 让我们用例句来解释每个的含义和用法!

The first offshore wells were called whales.
我以前有 海上钻井经验。
The world’s first offshore wells and machine-drilled wells were made in Bibi-Heybat Bay, near Baku, Azerbaijan.
世界上第 一口海上 机械钻井油井建于巴库附近的 Bibi-Heybat 湾。
In March 2007, gas and condensate began to flow from the first of five offshore wells via an undersea pipeline back to an onshore production station at Motunui.
此外,2007 年 3 月,五口 海上油井 中的第一口成功开采出天然气和凝析油,这些天然气和凝析油将通过海底管道输送到莫图努伊马苏的陆上生产站。
There’s certainly a common theme about needing to make the moment out of this. We’ve been through this before The first offshore wells were called whales.
做出撤离的决定有一个共同的主题,我们之前在海上钻探中已经看到过这一点, 海上油田 最初以鲸鱼命名。
This phase would include the completion of 10 offshore wells , of which 9 already drilled in the 2016 and for which Eni was awarded the contract for the supply and installation of the structures.
该阶段已于 10 月 9 日开始,因此计划于 2016 年完成 海上油井 ,埃尼因此获得了供应和安装结构的合同。
12 November 2014Tokyo – Leading classification society ClassNK (Chairman and President: Noboru Ueda) has granted Approval in Principle (AIP) to a new H2/CO2 FPSO (floating production, storage and offloading) to a new design developed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) and Chiyoda are commonly used in the offshore oil and gas industry process and store crude oil and liquefied gas from offshore wells until it can be transported via pipelines to shore or via ship-to-ship transfer.
2014 年 10 月 27 日 Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (ClassNK)(董事长:Toku Ueda)宣布,这是由三菱重工业株式会社和千代田株式会社共同开发的 浮式生产 设施(H2/CO2-FPSO)。单元)。
For these tests, MH21 will develop and implement a test plan that enables it to acquire quantitative data related to the soundness of the sediment layers and wells as well as dissociation behaviors of methane hydrate so that the test results will maintain the productivity and production of offshore wells and evaluate technologies for retaining the well integrity and economic potential.
为了对维持 海上油井产 能和产量以及 油井 完整性的技术评价和经济评价做出贡献,本次试验将考察甲烷水合物的分解行为以及地质层和 油井 的完整性。 . 制定并实施一个允许定量理解的测试计划。
The tapes will deliver substantial improvements in terms of weight reduction (replacement of metal) and corrosion resistance for the flexible pipes used in the deep offshore as well as onshore operations of tomorrow.
这种复合带显着提高了未来 有望 在深海 陆地上使用的柔性管道的减重(金属替代)和耐腐蚀性。
Seychelles is a beautiful country located in the Indian Ocean, well known offshore for its effective business tools.
Personal and corporate account, as well as Offshore Company account, are available.
您可以开立个人账户、公司账户以及高度 安全的 离岸公司 账户,并结合我们优秀的银行系统享受舒适的服务。
I then compare my information to the things I find on the Internet – satellite images, weather data from weather stations as well as offshore buoys.
然后我将获得的信息与互联网上的天文台和 浮标的 天气数据以及卫星图像进行比较。
On its offshore accounts, as well as those of former partner Rick Gates, they passed over $ 75 million and recycled over 18 millions.
离岸 账户持有超过 75 万美元,回收了超过 18 万美元,前合伙人里克·盖茨的账户 也是如此
MOL’s relationship with Brazil has become even more important in recent years, not only for containership service and iron ore transport, but for offshore business as well .
目前,巴西对于商船三井来说变得越来越重要, 不仅在 集装箱船航线和铁矿石运输方面,而且在 离岸 业务领域也是如此。
This is a first automatic global exchange of financial European countries as well as offshore jurisdictions are involved in this agreement.
这是此类信息的首次自动交换,因为 以前 不存在此类条约。
In the 2018 Eni has acquired a share of 10% in the Umm Shaif and Nasr concessions in the offshore Abu Dhabi as well as a share of 5% in the concession of Lower Zakum.
2018年,埃尼收购了 阿布扎比 海上Umm Shaif和Nasr特许权合同的10%份额以及Lower Zakum特许权合同的5%份额。
On 28 January 2011, Exxon Neftegas Ltd., operator of the Sakhalin-I project, drilled the world’s longest extended-reach well offshore on the Russian island of Sakhalin.
2011年1月28日,萨哈林一期项目运营商埃克森石油天然气有限公司 俄罗斯萨哈林岛钻出了世界上最长的长距离钻井。
“We have had a lot of inquiry from the west coast and east coast of Australia, as well as offshore , the US, Dubai, New Zealand,” he said.
近期,随着铁矿石和 煤炭 价格的回升,二手重型矿山设备的询价出现较多,公司 不仅 收到来自日本的询价,还收到来自美国、迪拜、新西兰等国家的询价。
Article 2 The Customs Territory includes the land territory, territorial waters and airspace as well as offshore islands of the KINGDOM OF CAMBODIA.
关税领土包括柬埔寨王国的 近海 岛屿 领土、领海和领空。
We would like to express our deepest condolences with regard to those who have lost their lives due to the Tohoku Pacific Offshore Earthquake as well as heartfelt sympathies to the many people who have suffered from this disaster.
我们谨向在东北太平洋 海岸 地震中丧生的人们表示最深切的哀悼,向众多受灾人民表示最深切的慰问。
Seajacks is a leading company in the offshore turbine and platform service industry, and has been providing efficient services with its one of a kind TIV (Turbine Installation Vessels) to offshore wind farms as well as oil and gas platforms predominantly in the North Sea.
Seajacks在以英国为中心的北海地区拥有海上安装服务专用船舶,主要业务 海上 风力发电机安装 油气海上平台设备服务,是行业领先公司。作为领先公司,预计将实现增长。

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