【英语单词】彻底解释“observe a trend”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

【英语单词】彻底解释“observe a trend”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

简单汉语中“observe a trend”的意思

“observe a trend” 是由三个英文单词( observe、a、trend )组合而成的一个单词短语。


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I observe this trend not with judgment but with compassion.
【英语单词】彻底解释“observe a trend”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆
All luxury retailers, however, have observed the trend .
By observing some trends, though, the puzzle gets easier.

observe a trend是一个英语单词,有几个不同的含义。 让我们用例句来解释每个的含义和用法!

However, by finding out the ratio of the latter to the former, it is possible to observe a rough trend of revocation of suspension of execution of sentence for that year.
顺便说一下,当年被判处缓刑的人数和当年撤销缓刑的人数是不同的目标,所以不能严格计算缓刑撤销率是有道理的,但后者与前者的比例无法计算,知道这一点就可以 看出 当年缓刑撤销的大致 趋势
Japan We observe a down trend that is relative to the US stocks.This is because in a bear market the Japanese yen is likely to become strong, which would hurt the Japanese stocks.
这是因为 日元在避险期间往往会升值,因此日本股票的抛售量往往高于美国股票
The persons who were granted suspension of execution of the sentence in a given year and those whose suspension of execution of the sentence was revoked that year are two different groups, and hence strictly speaking this comparison does not indicate the true revocation is possible, however, to observe a rough trend of revocation of suspension of execution of the sentence for that year.
顺便说一句,当年被判处缓刑的人和当年撤销缓刑的对象是不同的,所以后者与前者的比例严格来说并不意味着撤销率不过,可以 看出 缓刑撤销的总体 趋势 。因此,当年被判处缓刑的人数与当年因重复犯罪被判处有期徒刑以上被撤销缓刑的人数之比(以下简称本节中的缓刑撤销率)。
We will continue to observe this trend and blog about new findings.
我们将继续 关注 这一 趋势 ,并在博客中发布任何新发现。
I believe it is sufficient to observe the trend .
我想这足以 看出 趋势
This is where you observe the latest trends .
这是 看到 最新 趋势的 地方。
In order to change the world we must not only observe social trends but also think and act daringly.
Extreme 恰好适合改变世界,同时关注快速变化的社会 趋势
However, to observe market trends more precisely, the Bank decided to conduct the survey annually beginning with the 2013 survey.
本次调查原本 每两年 进行一次,但为了更准确地跟踪市场 趋势 ,从2013年起决定每年进行一次,并于今年8月进行了第八次调查,参考点为2013年底。今年七月)。
The young staff members of FRI aim to ” observe trends in this ever-changing world, and analyze them from their own unique viewpoints.”We are constantly collecting information from the web, magazines, and other sources.
FRI的年轻员工每天从网络/杂志等收集各种信息,旨在捕捉世界不断变化的 趋势 ,并从独特的角度进行分析。
Observe changes and trends in workloads and resource usage so you can plan for future upgrades.
观察 工作负载变化和 趋势 以及资源使用情况,以便您可以规划未来的升级。
If we have the ability to observe psychological trends over time with FRT, then why not use this ability to treat clinically depressed individuals?
如果我们有能力使用面部识别来 观察 心理状态 时间的变化,为什么不利用这种能力来治疗临床抑郁症病例呢?
This would allow healthcare professionals to learn new treatment techniques, inform other practitioners of the latest drugs, or even observe the trend of new infectious diseases.
通过写作,医疗专业人员可以了解新的治疗方法,传播最新药物的信息,并 监测 新传染病的 趋势
The SCADA system presents the data to operators via an HMI (human machine interface) where they can observe trend or patterns in the readings and take action if anything appears to be failing or malfunctioning.
SCADA系统通过HMI(人机界面)在屏幕上显示数据,使工作人员 可以在屏幕上检查 测量值的 趋势 和模式,并快速识别任何可疑的性能下降或故障,并可以采取行动。
Executive Vice-President, Director of Creative Services (in 1969) An interview with Mr.Alvin Hampel(1) chuukyuu What do you observe is the future trend of copywriters?
专访阿尔·汉佩尔(1)销售有视觉冲击力的文案! chuukyuu 您认为未来文案的 趋势 会发生怎样的变化?亨贝尔·马歇尔· 麦克卢汉 先生更多地谈论视觉冲击而不是文字。
This fits well in a trend we observe , where a growing interest amongst fishmeal and oil producers for credible verification of sustainability incentivices reduction fisheries to seek MSC collaboration between these fishers, and their commitment to MSC certification will help to protect the stocks and ensure a strong future for the blue whiting industry.
近年来,鱼粉和鱼油生产商也在寻求可持续原材料,捕捞海鲜用于非食品用途的渔业也对获得MSC认证表现出兴趣,目前蓝鳕鱼渔业的认证正 符合 这一 趋势 。希望通过MSC项目与渔民共同努力,保护蓝鳕鱼资源,促进渔业持续发展。
Using statistical and econometric methodology, AMMA observes the price trends of the Chinese art market as well as the specific movements regarding particular specialty markets, categories or artists.
AMMA 使用统计和经济方法来研究中国艺术品市场的价格 趋势 ,以及与某些专业市场、部门和艺术家相关的具体变动。
Since 2008, this series of surveys had been conducted every other year until 2012.However, to better meet the needs of market participants and observe market trends more precisely, the Bank decided to conduct the survey annually beginning with the 2013 survey.
这项调查自2008年起每隔一年进行一次,但根据市场参与者的需求,我们决定从现在开始每年进行一次,目的是更准确地 了解 市场 趋势
This museum also hosts exhibitions of Japanese designers, and exhibitions of award-winning works from the Japan Arts Media Festival, so the visitors are able to observe the trend in the domestic arts scene.
还将举办日本设计师的特别展览以及日本文化厅媒体艺术节获奖作品展,让您 一睹 日本 当下的 艺术风采。
Especially the sharp drops in crude-oil and naphtha prices in the global market that occurred during the fourth quarter of 2014 are factors that significantly affect medium- and long-term business performance of the Showa Denko Group.We must carefully observe the trend of crude-oil prices, and respond to it with right strategy.
特别是2014年第四季度国际市场原油和石脑油价格暴跌,是对本集团中长期业务经营产生重大影响的因素, 需要 密切关注。 趋势 并实施准确的策略。
Konica Minolta also makes use of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) to select suitable countries for filing patent applications in fields undergoing rapid changes in the business environment, which enables us to carefully observe technological trends and patentability during the period until the transition to application in each country.
另外,在环境急剧变化的业务领域,为了选择合适的申请国家,我们利用PCT申请,这有利于在向各国申请之前确定技术 趋势 专利性 。我是。

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