【英语单词】彻底解释“observation balloon”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

【英语单词】彻底解释“observation balloon”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

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例句 Two hostile observation balloons were also destroyed.

observation balloon是一个英语单词,有几个不同的含义。 让我们用例句来解释每个的含义和用法!

Early the next morning, Heintzelman ascended in an observation balloon and found that the Confederate earthworks were empty.
第二天一早,海因策尔曼乘坐 观察气球 浮出水面,发现南部邦联的工厂空无一人。
You can watch a white observation balloon shot to the sky every morning at 08:30 and every evening at 20:30.
南大东岛上有气象观测站,每天早上8点30分和晚上8点30分都会放飞气象 观测气球 ,所以可以看到这种罕见的景象。
On 4 February, Scott landed on the Barrier and unpacked an observation balloon which he had acquired for aerial surveys.
2月4日,斯科特降落在巴里尔,并释放了他为空中探索而获得的 观测气球
For the rest of the war the hangars were used mostly for repairs of observation balloons .
两次世界大战期间,机库专门用于修理 观测气球
The British Army first took to the sky during the 19th century with the use of observation balloons .
英国陆军首次涉足空中是在 19 世纪使用 观测气球
When the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) arrived in France in August 1914, it had no observation balloons and it was not until April 1915 that the first balloon company was on strength, albeit on loan from the French Aérostiers.
英国远征军(BEF)1914年8月抵达法国时没有 观测气球 ,由于直到1915年4月才部署 气球连 ,因此他们依赖法国气球军团提供援助。
The jump, from 600 feet, was successful but although parachutes were issued to the crews of observation balloons , the higher authorities in the RFC and the Air Board were opposed to the issuing of parachutes to pilots of heavier-than-air craft.
600英尺的跳跃很成功,现在向 观测气球 机组人员发放了降落伞,但RFC和政府航空委员会领导人决定不向比空气重的飞机的机组人员发放降落伞,我是反对的。
Alexander was the officer in charge of the massive artillery bombardment preceding Pickett’s Charge, on the third day of the Battle of Gettysburg, and is also noted for his early use of signals and observation balloons during combat.
亚历山大因在葛底斯堡战役第三天皮克特冲锋前发射密集火力而闻名,但他也因在战斗中率先使用信号和 观测气球 收集情报而闻名。
Multi-annual simulations were conducted using the NIES TM to evaluate vertical profiles of CO2, CH4 and SF6 by comparisons with balloon -borne observations over Sanriku (Japan).
为了评估 NIES TM 的性能,我们对多年来二氧化碳、甲烷和六氟化硫 (SF6) 的垂直剖面进行了模拟,并将其与 Sanland 上空的 气球观测数据 进行了比较。
After COBE, A lot of observation of balloon is done for smaller angular scale.Then, with another data, they said that the inflation model is collect and universe is flat.
这一非凡的成就激发了许多随后使用 气球 对较小角度尺度上的波动进行的 观察 。结合其他数据,这证实了宇宙膨胀的模型,并提供了宇宙是平坦的证据。
Prof. Tanaka is the pioneer in X-ray observations using rockets, balloons , and satellites in Japan and other countries since the 1960s.
田中教授从 20 世纪 60 年代开始使用国内外火箭、人造卫星和 气球 进行 天文观测
Our integrated circuits have been employed by Hitomi X-ray satellite, solar flare observation rocket and balloon experiments, FOXSI and GRIPS, and ERG geospace exploration satellite.
我们开发的集成电路用于JAXA的X射线卫星Hitomi的硬X射线成像探测器和软伽马射线探测器、JAXA的地球空间探测卫星ERG的高能电子分析仪、JAXA的太阳耀斑 观测 火箭FOXSI NASA.用于硬X射线成像探测器和NASA太阳耀斑观测 气球 实验GRIPS的锗康普顿相机。
In March of 2015, emulsion films with a total area of 50 square meters were manufactured to be fabricated into an emulsion telescope.This telescope was mounted on a balloon for observations operated by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA).
2015年3月,用制造出来的胶片组装成总面积为50平方米的乳剂望远镜,安装在日本宇宙航空研究开发机构(JAXA)的 大气气球 上。
In particular, collaborations between industry, academia, and the government have led to remarkable technological developments in observations by aircraft, balloons , sounding rockets, and spacecrafts, where progress has been made significantly around the world as well.
特别是利用飞机、 气球 、探空火箭、人造卫星等飞行体进行 观测 ,是产学官合作技术发展显着的领域,在世界范围内取得了令人瞩目的进展。
The aims of ISAS are as follows.Our first aim is to, in cooperation with Japanese universities and research institutes, and space research institutions abroad, propose, develop, test-fly and operate specialty space science missions (science satellites, observation rockets and large balloons ).
空间与宇航科学研究所的宗旨是与国内高校、科研院所合作,规划、研制、开展飞行实验,开展独特、优秀的空间科学任务(科学卫星、 观测 火箭、 大气气球 ),国外航天机构。我们的目标是持续运作并大力促进学术研究。
Balloons were by then in use for both meteorology and military observation .
看来它 最初 是用于气象 观测 和军事目的。
From aloft he transmitted the message: Balloon Enterprise Washington, June 161861 To President United States: This point of observation commands an area nearly fifty miles in diameter.
Balloon Enterprise 华盛顿特区,1861 年 6 月 16 日致美国国会主席:从这个 观察 点您可以看到直径近 50 英里(80 公里)的区域。
The photos of daily solar observations were projected on a huge, 2-meter diameter, balloon .
每天 观测到 的太阳照片被投射到直径2米的巨大 气球 上。
Balloons play an important role in scientific observation and engineering experiments.
它是科学 观测 和工程实验的重要 飞行物体 之一。
Lowe’s first assignment was with the Topographical Engineers, where his balloon was used for aerial observations and map making.
撒迪厄斯·劳·劳 (Thaddeus Law Law) 的第一个任务是与地形工程师一起执行任务,他的 气球 用于空中 观测 和测绘。

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