【英语单词】彻底解释“observancy”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

【英语单词】彻底解释“observancy”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

observancy是一个英语单词,有几个不同的含义。 让我们用例句来解释每个的含义和用法!

After all, the future harvest directly depends on their observance .
毕竟,未来的收获直接取决于他们的 遵守情况
No one is free from transmigration enemy observance .
没有人能逃脱挥霍无度的敌人的 监视
Neither is its observance necessary simply because it is altruistic or humanistic, conducive to general welfare of the state or the community.
遵守 道德标准并不仅仅因为它是利他或人道的,或者因为它符合国家或社区的公共利益。
Its purpose is also not simply because its observance is conducive to general welfare of the state or the community.
这样做的目的不仅仅是因为 坚持 非暴力符合国家或社区的公共利益。
She started acampaign for a national observance in the early nineteen hundreds.
她发起了一项活动,要求公众 遵守 最初的 1900 人的要求。
Shrine visits are a cultural tradition rather than a religious observance , especially when you consider that neighborhood shrines have been an important part of Japanese communities for centuries.
例如,参拜神社的行为植根于文化传统,而不是 宗教仪式
3.11 Strengthen capacity of national and local governments for strict observance and implementation of United Nations Security Council resolutions related to non-proliferation, including through effective import and export control and surveillance of illicit financial activities.
3.11 通过有效的进出口管制和监测非法金融交易,加强国家和地方行政能力,严格 遵守 和执行联合国安理会防扩散决议。
On the other hand, the commitment of the nuclear weapon states to a nuclear weapons-free world is honoured more in the breach than in the observance .
另一方面,核武器国家对无核武器世界的承诺更多地被视为违反而不是 遵守
It is quite evident that individual law observance contributes to social order.So, social norms have usefulness.
不言而喻,个人 遵守 社会规范有助于创建低熵社会秩序。
Paragraphs 3 and 4 of Article 71 shall apply in cases where it has not been possible for the Party to secure such observance . 3.
如果有关缔约方无法确保 遵守 ,则适用第七十一条第三款和第四款的规定。
This school, he is called “Ganden Group”, as advocated strict observance , also known as “the Gelug Sect” (meaning good law).
他主张严格 遵守 的这一派称为“甘丹派”,也称为“格鲁派”(意为善法)。
matters related to investigation of the status of observance by the Member, etc. of the laws and regulations, the dispositions given by a government agency based on laws and regulations or the articles of incorporation or other rules, or the fair and equitable principles of transactions
会员等遵守法律情况的调查、行政机关依据法律、章程及其他规定的处理、交易中的 诚信 规则等相关事项。
Responsibility for its observance also rests on unions, clubs, other affiliated bodies, coaches and players.Each union should create a pathway programme for youth players.
协会、俱乐部、其他相关机构、教练和球员有责任 遵守
Based on ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 and incorporating Sumitomo Riko Group best practices, the SRK-GQS prescribe matters whose observance throughout the Group is mandatory.
基于 ISO 9001 和 IATF 16949,我们将住友理工集团的最佳实践纳入整个集团必须 遵守的 法规中。
Officers and employees of the Yamato Group are required to act in good faith in accordance with the above-mentioned corporate philosophy.The departments responsible for compliance risk management of group companies, centering on the Compliance and Risk Committee of Yamato Holdings are working to ensure their observance .
以此为基础,要求雅玛多集团高管和员工诚信行事,并由以雅玛多控股合规与风险委员会为中心的各集团公司合规与风险管理部门推动 合规 工作。
The observance such as laws and ordinances The OMOSHIRO rent-a-car group observes laws and ordinances about the personal information protection concerned and official regulations in the company on dealing with the personal information of the visitor.
遵守 法律法规 OMOSHIRO RENT-A-CAR Group 在处理客户个人信息时,遵守有关个人信息保护的相关法律法规以及内部规定。
When the arbitral tribunal has awarded that a provision of this Agreement has not been observed in accordance with Article 67, the responsible Party shall take such reasonable measures as may be available to it to ensure its observance .
如果仲裁庭根据第 67 条裁定本协议的规定未被遵守,责任方应有权采取合理的措施以确保 遵守
But small and local authority may feel less sense of responsibility to the Constitution, and agencies of publicity may be less vigilant in calling it to account. [p*638] The action of Congress in making flag observance voluntary [n17] and respecting the conscience of the objector in a matter so vital as raising the Army [n18] contrasts sharply with these local regulations in matters relatively trivial to the welfare of the nation.
然而,小型地方当局可能感觉对宪法的承诺较少,公共关系机构在解释这一点时也可能不太谨慎。美国国会的行动,例如让 遵守 国旗成为自愿[17],以及在征兵等重要事务上尊重持不同政见者的良心,[18],这与这些地方法规形成鲜明对比。
Article 9 Non-governmental Bodies In fulfilling its obligations and commitments under this Agreement, each Party shall endeavour to ensure their observance by non-governmental bodies in the exercise of powers delegated by central, regional or local governments or authorities within the Party.
第 9 条 非政府机构 在履行本协定项下的义务和承诺时,每一缔约方应规定非政府机构行使国家、地区或地方政府或机构授予的权力时应承担的此类义务,并努力确保 遵守 承诺。
To hide behind the religious observance the rejection of the migrants and the absolute economic and social inequality is a practice that can not be pursued if the main opponent is the Pope of Rome; what better way then than to try to discredit it with maneuvers that are easily unmasked.
如果主要反对者是罗马教皇,取消定居者的 宗教仪式 并隐藏在绝对的经济和社会不平等背后是一种无法实现的习俗。

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