【英语单词】彻底解释“obscurin”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

【英语单词】彻底解释“obscurin”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

” obscurin”的含义

obscurin 」是由一个英文单词( obscurin )组合而成的一个单词短语。



例句 To date, little work has been done to examine the expression profile and functional properties of obscurins in non-muscle tissues.
迄今为止,很少有研究来检查 obsculin 在肌肉以外的组织中的表达谱和功能特性。
【英语单词】彻底解释“obscurin”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆
例句 We could not detect any consistent difference in obscurin quantity or location between samples containing obscurin mutations and donor heart samples.
我们无法检测到含有 obscurin 突变的样本和供体心脏样本之间 obscurin 的数量或位置存在一致的差异。
例句 The localization of obscurins in striated muscles has been extensively studied under the confocal,,, and electron,, microscopes.
横纹肌中的 Obsculin 定位已通过共聚焦和电子显微镜进行了广泛研究。
例句 Moreover, obscurins are present in select structures and cell types where they assume nuclear, cytosolic, and membrane distributions.
【英语单词】彻底解释“obscurin”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆
例句 The expression pattern of the different obscurin isoforms has yet to be elucidated.
不同 obsculin 亚型的表达模式仍有待阐明。
例句 The proteins from the structural component category such as annexin 5, transgelin (2 years), obscurin, and different forms of actin and myosin show increased expression.
结构成分类别的蛋白质,例如膜联蛋白 5、转凝胶蛋白(2 年)、暗蛋白以及各种形式的肌动蛋白和肌球蛋白,表现出表达增加。
例句 The specificity of the immunoreactive bands observed with each one of the aforementioned obscurin antibodies was verified in immunodepletion experiments, as described in.
【英语单词】彻底解释“obscurin”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆
例句 These data suggest that obsl1 and the small tandem kinase isoform of obscurin might compensate for the absence of full length obscurin.
这些数据表明 obsl1 和 obsculin 的小型串联激酶亚型可能弥补全长 obsculin 的缺失。
例句 Our studies are the tip of the iceberg in comprehending the obscurin subfamily.
例句 Following these initial studies, however, the expression of obscurins in brain was not further investigated.
然而,在这些初步研究之后,大脑中的 obsculin 表达并未得到进一步研究。
【英语单词】彻底解释“obscurin”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

obscurin是一个英语单词,有几个不同的含义。 让我们用例句来解释每个的含义和用法!

In addition, the Audit Trail of your system needs to capture any changes to metadata (schedules and report templates) and configuration data without obscuring earlier entries.
此外,系统的审计跟踪必须捕获元数据(计划和报告模板)和配置数据的所有更改,而不会 掩盖 任何先前的输入。
Knowing that behind the clouds there is beauty and that the clouds, my depression, are nothing but mist obscuring my view.
而那朵云,我的抑郁,只会让我的视野像雾一样 模糊
Clearly, his expertise extends to obscuring that signal.
显然,他的专业知识使该信号变得 模糊。
Free VPN Free VPN protects the user’s privacy by obscuring the own IP address while surfing the Internet.
免费 VPN 免费 VPN 通过在您上网时 隐藏 您的 IP 地址来保护您的隐私。
Something had to have been obscuring the moon.
一定有什么东西 遮住了 月亮。
It’s especially true with companies, who have paid more attention to complicating and obscuring management theories over the years.
对于管理理论长期复杂、 晦涩难懂的 企业来说尤其如此。
This kind of perspective is in danger of obscuring the concrete social rights of individuals and groups.
这种观点有可能 模糊 个人和群体的特定社会权利。
Steroid efficacy may complicate the diagnostic evaluation by obscuring the histologic findings.
类固醇的作用使组织学结果 变得 模糊,从而使诊断评估变得复杂。
It’s a personal state of our heart and soul, where the darkness of broken dreams is obscuring the skyline of our bright desire to live.
在这里,破碎的梦想的黑暗 遮蔽了 我们对生活的光明希望的地平线。
This finding suggests there might be gaps in the fossil record, potentially obscuring evolutionary patterns and affecting our understanding of both the habitats and dietary behaviours of early hominins in this region.
我们的研究结果表明,化石记录中可能存在一些空白,这些空白可能 掩盖 了该地区早期人类的进化模式,并可能影响了对栖息地和摄食行为的理解。这表明了一些事情。
We feel intensely in the emotional field of the mantra and begin to emerge our negative emotional states, memories, tensions by obscuring our field in a while, we cannot keep it mentally and distract ourselves once and again. In such a case, we should not stop recitation until we have attained clarity and always end the session in a state of clarity, but even if we do so after a completed session, negative states of mind, tension, Dispersal, irritability and our emotional responses become stronger, so it is not necessary to adhere strictly to the letters eightfold the path.
当我们强烈地感受到咒语的情感场时,我们的负面情绪状态开始出现,记忆, 模糊 和紧张我们的场一段时间,当我们心智化时,它无法再次维持和分散我们的注意力。然而,在这种情况下,我们不应该停止念诵,直到我们达到清晰为止,并且总是在清晰的状态下结束念诵。即使我们在完成念诵之后,也没有必要严格遵守正统的道路,因为负面的心态,紧张,散乱,烦躁和我们的情绪反应会变得更强烈。
As the rainy season Obscuring almost the entire month And in the days to come, the floods across the Milky Way can not go together.
和雨季一样,几乎整个月 都不明朗 ,接下来的日子,横跨银河的洪水无法并存。
Creates an obscuring cloud over the target units.
创建 覆盖目标单元的着色云
Now, that is local dust that’s obscuring the light of the stars.
这是局部分布的尘埃, 遮蔽了 恒星发出的光。
The inflationary bubble grew from 1815 to 1818, obscuring the general deflationary trends in world prices.
1815 年至 1818 年间,通货膨胀泡沫 不断扩大 ,抵消了世界价格普遍通货紧缩的趋势。
Curtains obscuring or even better components would be well come in 2 rooms.
两个房间配有 遮光 窗帘和更好的组件。
Hacked computers may be configured as SOCKS proxy software obscuring control of a botnet or to optimise credit card fraud.
破解的计算机可能配置有 SOCKS 代理软件 ,以隐藏 对僵尸网络的控制或用于信用卡欺诈的目的。
The process of obscuring information so that it is unreadable without knowledge of the password.
混淆信息的过程,以便在不知道密码的情况下 无法 读取信息。
From early spring to late autumn, they look elegant, bloom very delicately, without obscuring the queen flower beds.
从早春到深秋,它们看起来优雅,绽放得非常娇嫩,不会 遮挡 皇后的花坛。
Completely armored, the helmet visor shadows his face, partially obscuring his features.
他全副武装,戴着头盔,遮住了脸,遮住了 五官

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