【英语单词】彻底解释“o and o”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

【英语单词】彻底解释“o and o”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

o and o是一个英语单词,有几个不同的含义。 让我们用例句来解释每个的含义和用法!

O -GlcNAc and O -phosphate alternatively occupy the same or adjacent site.
O-GlcNAc 的修饰发生在与磷酸化相同的位点或附近
There he has continued to work in unusual forms of protein O -glycosylation, including the O -fucose and O -glucose modifications.
在这里,我们正在继续研究 O-聚糖修饰的异常形状蛋白质,包括添加 O-岩藻糖和 O-葡萄糖
It seems that there is already enough gift-giving with o -chugen and o -seibo.
但我还是不明白 ,giri choco的习俗是怎么开始的? 已经有了表达谢意的习俗,比如 年中送礼、年终送礼等
We have been developing gNB products ( O -CU, O -DU and O -RU) compliant with global specifications and O -RAN fronthaul interfaces(2).
我们开发了符合全球 标准 规范的 基站 产品( O-DU和O-RU 和O-RAN 前传接口。
The Priest entreats Baphomet-” O Lion and O Serpent”-to be “mighty among us.”
牧师请求巴风特:“狮子 ,请在我们中间强大起来。”
EXPRESS is based on programming languages and the O-O paradigm.
EXPRESS 基于编程语言 和面向对象 (OO ) 范例。
Role of Glycosylation in Notch Signaling The extracellular domain of Notch is modified with several forms of glycosylation including O -fucose and O -glucose5.
糖基化在 Notch 信号传导中的作用 Notch 的胞外结构域通过 添加几个糖基化链 进行修饰 ,包括 O-岩藻糖和 O-葡萄糖
The technical characteristics of the equipment are its ability to operate in extreme temperature conditions (operating temperature range of – 40 o and 60 o C), redundant power and cooling by convection, Visibility from start to finish on all IP cameras connected, management policies in each port, advanced capabilities for QoS traffic prioritization and multiple video connectivity modules, allowing flexible configuration and adapted to the needs of each environment.
该设备的技术特点是能够在极端温度条件下运行(工作温度范围为 – 40 60 )、冗余电源和对流冷却,从开始到所有连接的 IP 摄像机端到端可视性、每个端口的管理策略、QoS 流量优先级以及多个视频连接模块的高级功能,允许灵活配置并适应每个环境的需求。
The ability to control the temperature Artic makes its functionality is complete in all temperatures between -40 o C and 50 o C. This makes it perfect for installations in places of extreme is easy to install for its lightness and its cable with Ethernet support and input AC/ DC.
Arctic 的温度控制能力在 -40 oC 到 50 oC 之间的所有温度下都是完整的。它非常适合在极端天气的地方安装。以太网支持和输入它很容易安装交流/直流及其重量轻及其电缆。
Outside of ICOT, some database researchers were attracted by O-O languages and their mechanisms for modularization and inheritance.
ICOT 之外的一些数据库研究人员 面向 对象 语言及其模块化和继承机制感兴趣。
The”- o and “- O ” arguments to Vim can be used to open a window for each file in the argument list.
Vim 的选项参数“ -o -O ”为参数中指定的每个文件打开一个窗口。
Then, the Emperor sent the Prince to Izumo with Aketatsu no o and Unakami no o to make them bow to Okami, and the Prince recovered the speech.
据说天皇派太子与 曙王 、胜城王一同前往出云参拜大神,王子能够说话了。
Agawa Village and Hirono Village became Ano Village, and within that village the old village names were left as O -aza Agawa and O -aza Hirono.
阿川村和广野村 变成了 阿野村, 大字阿川和大字 广野。
The bridge is the centerpiece of the 321 km (199 mi) long US$ 2.8 billion Kınalı-Balıkesir Motorway, which will connect the O -3 and O -6 motorways in East Thrace to the O -5 motorway in Anatolia.
该桥是全长321公里的库纳尔-巴尔克西尔高速公路的 中心结构 ,该高速公路耗资28亿美元建设,连接东色雷斯 O 3 和O-6高速公路,它将连接安纳托利亚半岛的O高速公路-5。
The class comprised O 19 and O 20 and were the first submarines in the world to be equipped with a submarine snorkel that allowed the submarine to run its diesel engines while submerged.
O 19 和 O 20 是世界上第一批配备通气管的潜艇,能够在柴油发动机运行的情况下潜水。
An EGF-like repeat is a protein motif defined by the presence of six conserved cysteine residues forming three disulfide bonds, and the consensus sequences for O -fucose and O -glucose are found in the context of these cysteines.
EGF样重复序列是由形成三个二硫键的六个保守半胱氨酸残基的存在定义的蛋白质基序,并且 O-岩藻糖和O-葡萄糖的 共有序列是这些半胱氨酸残基的存在。在该地区的。
At the end of the year, preparations are made for the New Year by doing a thorough cleaning and preparing for the customary dishes ( o -zōni and o -setchi ryōri) served during the New Year’s holidays.
到了年末,人们 会打扫房屋、烹调御节 菜肴,为新年做准备。
The results revealed that the surfaces of Ni’ Co’ and Fe were easily oxidized in the presence of oxygen ( O ) and that O atoms adsorbing onto the surfaces disturbed the dissociative adsorption of NO.
结果发现,Ni、Co和Fe的金属表面在存在氧的环境下容易被氧化,并且吸附在表面上的 原子抑制NO的解离吸附。
Data wise, the following documents are all I have: So a quick scan of the data reveals that everyone is either Blood Type A or O . A and O are the most common blood types in Japan.
我想让你仔细看看。事实证明,所有的学生(包括校长)都是A型或 O 型。 A型 和O型 是日本最常见的血型。
Usually, the letters n and o , and H and O . This reference letter.
通常是字母 N 和 O 、H 和 O。 此参考字母。

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