【英语单词】彻底解释“no mean feat”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

【英语单词】彻底解释“no mean feat”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

简单汉语中“no mean feat”的意思

“no mean feat” 是由三个英文单词( no、mean、feat )组合而成的一个单词短语。

  • 「no」 的意思是: 你所说的不同意、拒绝某事或说某事不真实
  • 「feat」 的意思是: 一些困难的事情,需要大量的技巧、力量、勇气等才能实现


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例句 Given his eloquent wordsmithery, even writing them down is no mean feat.
【英语单词】彻底解释“no mean feat”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆
例句 That’s no mean feat in a society that was dubbed ‘obesogenic’ in a report this week.
例句 No mean feat when you consider the total area of the arena covers more than five football pitches.
例句 It’s no mean feat because it was one of the best platform games of last year.
【英语单词】彻底解释“no mean feat”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆
例句 It’s no mean feat keeping a massive entertainment show fresh and current with high ratings.

no mean feat是一个英语单词,有几个不同的含义。 让我们用例句来解释每个的含义和用法!

And that’s no mean feat .
这将是 最难的 技能
Due to the many dependent variables in the networked factory, this is no mean feat .
对于依赖许多变量的网络化工厂来说,这是 一项艰巨的任务
The players involved are winners within their respective confederations and that’s no mean feat .
Considering the time it takes to prepare food in advance, maintaining the same quality afternoon and evening is no mean feat .
当您考虑准备工作时,日以继夜地保持质量 并不 容易
Learning a foreign language is no mean feat , but if this is a source of their inspiration, then as directors and voice actors we should be honored.
学习外语 非常困难 ,但如果 你能帮助我 ,我将 非常感谢 导演和配音演员。
It is no mean feat , for the performance is on the world stage among fierce competition.
毕竟, 这是来自世界各地的职业选手之间的比赛。
It’s no mean feat to make 600 appearances for my club and let’s hope that I’m able to enjoy many more.
为我的俱乐部出场 600 场 并不容易 ,我希望享受尽可能多的比赛。
The goals just kept coming and the match finished 7-3, including another from the striker. Real Madrid were five-time European champions, no mean feat .
随后两队均进球,最终比分7-3,皇马完成第五次 夺得欧洲冠军的艰巨使命
Loving the challenges While Stiller Studios makes combining all of this complicated engineering look easy and fluid, it’s no mean feat .
因为这是做出决定的 地方 ,也是我们努力做正确事情的地方。在 Stiller Studios,我们喜欢挑战,并让将所有复杂的工程放在一起看起来很容易和顺利,但实际上是困难的。
As Chisato was saying, we came to perform knowing that coming to Mexico was no mean feat .
正如千里所说,我们举办音乐会时知道 来到墨西哥并不那么 容易。
But delivering content that’s easily accessible, anywhere, and on any device with a rich user experience, is no mean feat in a landscape characterised by increasing fragmentation.
然而, 日益分散的环境中,随时随地向任何设备轻松交付内容并丰富用户体验是一项 艰巨的 任务。
My teammates, my friends, those who work for me directly, the people who look after me, those who help me to constantly improve and keep my performances levels up year on year, which is no mean feat . Does it make it special to be receiving this award at the Santiago Bernabéu?
我对那些相信我的人、我的队友、我的家人感到高兴,他们直接为我工作,帮助我变得更好并保持我的水平。我记得那些给我这个奖杯的人。收到这个奖杯是不是很特别在圣地亚哥伯纳乌? 获得 奖项总是很特别的。
Being in Europe year-after-year is no mean feat . In fact, when Sevilla FC qualified for the UEFA Cup in the last match in the 2003/04 season, half of Sevilla came out to the street to celebrate their team returning to Europe after being without continental football since 1995/96 when Barcelona knocked them out in the round of 16.
事实上,在2003/2004赛季的最后一轮,当塞维利亚足球俱乐部自1995/96赛季在16强中 击败 巴塞罗那以来首次获得联盟杯资格时,一半的塞维利亚人都认为街道上。我们甚至庆祝我们的团队重返欧洲。
That’s no mean feat .
这是一项 非常艰巨的 任务
This is no mean feat : winning the European Cup for a third consecutive year, which would make it four in five years.
这次挑战五年内第四次、连续第三个赛季夺得欧冠冠军, 确实是一个巨大的 挑战。
The World’s Hardest Sudoku Sudoku is easily the most played and most analyzed puzzle in the world, so coming up with the hardest one is no mean feat .
世界上最难的数独 数独是世界上解决和分析最多的逻辑谜题。
Real Madrid started the 2016-17 season by adding to their haul of trophies, a point which particularly pleased Florentino Pérez as he stated: “We are really happy because winning the UEFA Super Cup is no mean feat , and we have won it following our last three Champions League titles”.
Despite his later switch to the bass, Deacon’s technique on the guitar also developed, as Dave Williams reveals: Later on, I remember he could play ‘Classical Gas’ on an acoustic, which was a finger-picking exercise and no mean feat .
后来我记得他正在用原声钢琴演奏“Classical Gas”。 (1968 年在 Mason Williams 留声机唱片公司录制。顺便说一句,Cozy Powell 的 The Drums Are Back(约翰也参与其中)翻唱了 Ian Gillan Band 的 Ray Fenwick) 指弹拨弦 这不完全是一项壮举,但却是一项伟大的成就“麦克阿瑟公园”式的做法
It’s no mean feat , though, to make sure you don’t pack too much, as well as fitting all your toiletries, shoes, shirts, suit trousers and jackets into a cabin bag without creasing anything.So here’s how to fold your suit jacket for easy packing in your suitcase! Step 1:Lay your jacket face down, nice and flat, then turn the left shoulder inside out.
But this is not mean feat , investment would be enormous and the risks for European soldiers involved, very considerable.
然而,这并不 意味着壮举 ,投资将是巨大的,欧洲士兵所面临的风险也将非常大。

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