【英语单词】彻底解释“municipal worker”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

【英语单词】彻底解释“municipal worker”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

简单汉语中“municipal worker”的意思

“municipal worker” 是由二个英文单词( municipal、worker )组合而成的一个单词短语。


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His skills as both a farmer, municipal worker and as an army officer were well regarded.
【英语单词】彻底解释“municipal worker”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆
Nevertheless, they still draw sighs from longtime residents, retired municipal workers and surfers, who bought trailers decades ago because a proper home was out of reach.
Municipal workers have been diverted from their usual tasks to festoon the city with hundreds of thousands of blue lights, the colour of her political party.
But by 4.30pm, the hour that municipal workers go home, the other two lorries had not arrived.
但到下午 4 点 30 分,当城市工作人员准备回家时,另外两辆卡车还没有到达。
【英语单词】彻底解释“municipal worker”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆
If necessary, the municipal workers will record the amount of water they used, or use a meter.

municipal worker是一个英语单词,有几个不同的含义。 让我们用例句来解释每个的含义和用法!

Although less than enthusiastic at first, she finds herself increasingly drawn to its tranquil character of the locality as she visits points of interest with her guide, municipal worker Kurihara (Yamazaki Yoshiyuki).
尽管一开始他很不情愿,但当他在 市政府工作人员 栗原(山崎芳之饰)的指导下游览著名景点时,他被该地区的宁静自然所吸引。
If the water level reaches flood-warning levels, they will report to Manado’s municipal workers with early evacuation instructions..
如果水位达到洪水警戒区,将向美娜多 市官员 发出提前疏散令。
In Germany, post workers , transport workers in Berlin, nursery workers , education workers and municipal workers are organizing strike.
在德国,邮政 工人 、柏林交通 工人 、托儿所、学校和 市政工人 也在罢工。
After that, there were appeals from a nonregular worker belonging to Jichiro (All Japan Prefectural and Municipal Workers ‘ Union) and, representing the region hit most severely by the Great East Japan Earthquake, from RENGO’s Tohoku Bloc concerning the disaster.
随后,自动金劳动会的非正式 工人 和东日本大地震受灾地区东北地区联合联络委员会针对地震灾害发出了呼吁。
The Secretary General of the Sohyo Magara, from the Jichiro (All Japan Prefectural and Municipal Workers ‘ Union), talked big, “we launch the greatest struggle since the Miike Struggle.”
Don’t allow union bashing of the Jichiro (All-Japan Federation of Prefectural and Municipal Workers Unions) and Nikkyoso (Japan Teachers Union)!
It makes no difference if it is Doro, Kokuro, Jichiro (All Japan Prefectural and Municipal Workers ‘ Union), Zendentsu (Japan Telecommunication Workers ‘ Union) or Zentei (Japan Postal Workers ‘ Union).
A symposium was held by the Japan Federation of Medical Workers ‘ Unions (Nihon-Iroren) and the Japan Federation of Prefectural and Municipal Workers ‘ Unions (Jichiroren) to discuss the issue of excessively long working hours and night shifts, attended by 400 people.
日本医疗劳动联合会、 自治劳动 联合会、证大协主办了一场关于长时间工作和夜班问题的研讨会,400 人挤满了房间参加。
Later that summer, on August 5, five municipal workers were killed in sewers in Tokyo’s Toshima Ward after a sudden deluge; rain and flooding warnings were not issued until after the accident.
8月5日,东京丰岛区因水位突然上涨,5名 建筑工人 在污水管内死亡,但事故发生后才发布大雨和洪水警报。
The Kochi Federation of Prefectural and Municipal Workers ‘ Unions (Jichiroren)’s YAMAZAKI Tomonori (deputy head of childcare section) said that elimination of the legal requirement for municipalities to keep their childcare facilities will mean eliminating children.
公共部门对《公务员工资削减法》的颁布表示愤怒抗议(全国公务员劳动关系联合会副主席森永正德),呼吁加强现行计划,以消除公务员工资削减法。如果不再要求市政当局提供儿童保育设施,就需要儿童。为了建立一个人们能够成长的更好的社会(高知地方政府工作人员联盟儿童保育课副主任山崎智也),我们不会容忍大阪光复会制定《教育 基本 条例 》和《雇员基本条例 》,并将与50多个团体共同抵制。(藤川雅人)・大协副秘书长联盟)继续发表强有力的声明。
In the visit to an industrial organization and workplace, the participants went to the Chuo-ku Waste Treatment Plant in Tokyo, where they heard an explanation of the activities of the Tokyo Waste Treatment Labour Union’s Chuo-ku Plant Branch, which is affiliated to Jichiro (All Japan Prefectural and Municipal Workers ‘ Union).
Use of the Survey on Well-being Traditionally, many surveys conducted by municipalities have not arisen from the concerns of citizens, but from assumptions by municipal workers about issues causing problems in the living conditions on a moment-to-moment basis. Such surveys are designed and conducted by experts.
如何使用幸福感调查 传统上,政府进行的许多调查并不是基于公民的担忧,而是由 政府官员 根据专家假设的当时影响他们生活的问题进行。我相信它将被设计和实施。
Due to the catastrophic damage to many hospitals especially in coastal areas of the Tohoku region during the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011, the majority of hospitals, medical professionals, and municipal workers are now turning all efforts towards repairing hospitals and recruiting more physicians and allied medical staff.
2011年3月11日发生的东日本大地震,主要对东北地区沿海地区造成了严重破坏。针对许多医院遭受灾难性破坏的严峻形势,许多医院、医疗专业人员和 地方政府官员 正在努力重建和修复医院,并确保医生和医务人员的就业。
The ruling Democratic Liberal Party, with the help of the mass media, is organizing a vicious union busting campaign, naming the Jichiro (National Federation of Prefectural and Municipal Workers ‘ Union) and Nikkyoso (Japan Teachers Union) as “enemies of the nation”.With the introduction of teachers’ license renewal system, disobedient teachers who resist the state’s policy, are put under severe attack of expulsion or discharge.
自民党公开宣称日本文联和日本教师工会是人民的敌人,并动员所有媒体对其发起猛烈攻击,并设立了教师执照更新制度,一场攻击正在酝酿之中,以消灭或解雇那些不符合国家意志的教育 工作者
The labor union of the Kyoto Municipal Transportation Bureau is Kyoto Kotsu Labor Unions (a member of the All Japan Municipal Transport Workers ‘ Union).
都市 交通局的工会是京都交通工会(隶属于日本 城市 交通 工会 )。
The ministry survey finds that the membership of industrial federations affiliated with Zenroren decreased by 12,000, which includes 5,000 in the Japan Federation of Prefectural and Municipal Workers ‘ Unions (Jichiroren), 4,000 in the All-Japan Federation of Teachers’ and Staff Unions (Zenkyo), and 3,000 in the Japan Federation of National Public Service Employees’ Unions (Kokko-roren)? which are all public sector federations.Likewise, membership of Rengo’s public sector federations also decreased.At a time when job cuts, replacement of full-time workers with contingent workers , and cutbacks in public services by introducing the designated administrator system are underway, we are doing our utmost to stop such these measures and organize workers in unions.
其中,日本 地方政府劳动者 联合会减少了5,000人,全教育联合会减少了4,000人,全国公共劳动者联合会减少了3,000人,构成了公共服务部门下降的大部分。同样,联盟的公共服务产出也在下降。在减少公共服务人员数量、以非正式雇员取代公共服务人员、切断指定 经理 制度等公共服务的努力中,人们正在努力组织和组织运动来克服这一点,但 尚未 取得成果。动力。不存在。
The participants were able to deepen their understanding of labour-related legislation and labour practices in Japan through lectures on “The Role and Issues of Postwar Japanese Trade Unions,” “Legislation Supporting the Labour Movement,” “The Minimum Wage Mechanism,” and “The Democratic Management of Trade Unions”; group discussions on “the labour-management consultation system and collective bargaining” and “exchange of opinions on youth employment”; visits to Jichiro (All-Japan Prefectural and Municipal Workers Union) and the Bureau of Transportation of the Tokyo metropolitan government; and other activities.
战后日本工会的作用与挑战、支持劳工运动的法律制度、最低工资制度、工会民主管理讲座、劳资协商与集体谈判、青年就业意见交流会小组讨论、 自主劳动 ·通过参观东京都交通局的工作场所,参与者加深了对日本劳动法和劳动实践的了解。
A portion of the bonus for municipal office workers is paid with this local currency, and it is accepted at nearly 100% of all stores in Ama Town, which has the advantage of being an island, so the money flow is visible.
市政府 雇员 奖金的一部分将以此支付。几乎100%都可以在海女町的商店使用。
In my role as a community mediator over a two-year period starting in March 2012, I teamed up with municipal health workers in Date City, Fukushima, to give around 200 radiation-related health lectures and 100 radiation counseling sessions that included visits to local residents in their homes.
作为当地调解员,自2012年3月以来的两年里,我主要在福岛县伊达市举办了约200场辐射健康讲座和约100场辐射咨询以及与 当地公共卫生 护士的 家访。
MWA? Municipal Workers Association.
当地工人 协会

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