【英语单词】彻底解释“municipal library”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

【英语单词】彻底解释“municipal library”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

简单汉语中“municipal library”的意思

“municipal library” 是由二个英文单词( municipal、library )组合而成的一个单词短语。


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The former railway station, which was rebuilt from 1961-1963 after being destroyed in 1944, houses the tourist information and the municipal library today.
前火车站于 1944 年被毁,并于 1961 年至 1963 年期间重建,现在是旅游信息中心和市图书馆。
【英语单词】彻底解释“municipal library”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆
The council chambers and the largest branch of the municipal library are located in town, as well as the major fire station.
It was established in 1899 in place of the municipal library which dated from 1798.
它成立于 1899 年,取代了 1798 年的市图书馆。
Today a museum, a restaurant, the municipal library and the offices and meeting rooms of the city council occupy most parts of the castle.
【英语单词】彻底解释“municipal library”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆
In 1934, the provincial library was abolished and its collection of 33,500 books was handed over by the municipal library .

municipal library是一个英语单词,有几个不同的含义。 让我们用例句来解释每个的含义和用法!

The Municipal Library has five facilities including branches.
市图书馆 有包括分馆在内的五个设施。
It includes a commercial facility consisting of 110 specialty shops; a municipal library ; culture hall; bank; and a city-managed parking space.
它将包括一个由 110 家专卖店组成的商业设施、 一个市图书馆 、一个文化厅、一家银行和一个市停车设施。
These were subsequently stored in the municipal archive and became the basis of the Cologne municipal library .
该系列书籍后来保存在市档案馆,并成为科隆 市图书馆 的基础。
His papers, and the draft of his dictionary, are kept by the Municipal Library of Arnhem.
他的论文和词典草稿保存在阿纳姆 市图书馆
The square contains his grave site, a monument, the John Gorrie State Museum, and the Apalachicola Municipal Library .
该广场是戈里墓地、纪念碑、约翰·戈里州立博物馆和阿巴拉契科拉 公共图书馆 的所在地。
Among its many balconies – numbered and painted white, betraying its origin as a bullring – stands the old Neoclassical City Hall, converted into the Municipal Library .
带有编号和白色油漆的阳台表明它最初是一个斗牛场。阳台之间是新古典主义风格的老市政厅,现在是 市图书馆
This is the first time that Yamaguchi University has signed a cooperative agreement with a municipal library and it is hoped that this will only increase and improve the ties that the University holds with its region.
这是山口大学图书馆首次与 市图书馆 签订相互合作协议,我们希望这种合作能够不断扩大并加强作为地方大学的合作。
It has also historically maintained its own Volunteer Fire Department and Municipal Library .
该市长期以来一直拥有自己的消防部门和 公共图书馆
It was opened in 1852 and the first free municipal library in the world.
它成立于 1852 年,是世界上第一个免费向任何人开放的 公共图书馆
After that, we went to Takeo City Library, the municipal library of Takeo.
然后,我去了武雄市立图书馆。这是武雄 图书馆
Once a department store, it is now the city’s leading destination for culture and education as the home of the Natural History Museum, the municipal library and the New Saxony Gallery.
此外,位于前百货商店内的DAStietz文化中心也是一处颇具吸引力的 设施 它是开姆尼茨的顶级文化和文化地址,设有自然博物馆、 图书馆 和新撒克逊美术馆。
The Ferguson Municipal Public Library is one of several independent community libraries in St. Louis County and is a member of the Municipal Library Consortium of St. Louis County.
弗格森公共图书馆是圣路易斯县的几个市立图书馆之一,也是圣路易斯县 公共图书馆 协会的成员。
Media Park Ichikawa (The Municipal Library ) Media Park Ichikawa is located on the south western side of Nikke Colton Plaza.
市川市终身学习中心(市川媒体公园/中央 图书馆 步行道 市川市 终身学习中心(市川媒体公园)位于科尔顿广场西南侧。
By 1970, Killeen had developed into a city of 35,507 inhabitants and had added a municipal airport, a new municipal library , and a junior college (Central Texas College).
到 1970 年,该市人口已增至 35,507 人,拥有一座市政机场、一座新的 市政图书馆 和一所初级学院——中央德克萨斯学院。
The Community Plaza is comprised of three parts: Sapporo Cultural Arts Theater “Hitaru”, which include the 2,302-seat theater; Sapporo Cultural Arts Community Center (SCARTS), which has various spaces for creative activities of the residents; and the Sapporo Municipal Library and Information Center.
札幌市民交流广场由3个设施组成:拥有2,302个座位的札幌文化艺术剧场Hitaru、由各种市民创意活动设施组成的札幌文化艺术交流中心(SCARTS)以及札幌市文化艺术交流中心(SCARTS)。 市图书馆 和信息中心。它是一个由两部分组成的复杂设施。
You will get your card immediately and you can borrow books from any municipal library in Sapporo.
基本上,从任何图书馆/图书室借出的书籍都可以归还到其他 图书馆设施
Large-scale renovation work on the site commenced in 2008, and today the building houses a municipal library , a childcare facility and a senior citizen support center.
2008年进行了大规模整修,将旧校舍改造成一座设施,内有 镇图书馆 、育儿支援中心、银发人力资源中心等设施。
Shoko Asahara (麻原彰晃), born Chizuo Matsumoto (松本智津夫), the founder of Japanese cult group Aum Shinrikyo, was also devoted to the Apocalypse and went to France to see Nostradamus expert Michel Chomarat at Lyon’s municipal library to gain new insights into divination.
Kyoto City Library is a group of municipal libraries of Kyoto City.
京都市立 图书馆 京都市立 图书馆
There are twenty municipal libraries in Kyoto, including Chuo Library (the central library ) and district libraries .
京都 市内 共有 20家图书馆 ,包括京都市中央 图书馆 和地方 图书馆

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