【英语单词】彻底解释“morning coat”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

【英语单词】彻底解释“morning coat”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

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例句 What is the dress code, bearing in mind daytime dress will be morning coats for the men?
【英语单词】彻底解释“morning coat”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆
例句 Yesterday, he sported the unusual combination of cowboy hat, morning coat and jeans.
例句 I particularly sent him to a school that doesn’t have those hands-out-of-your-pockets, do-up-your-morning-coat aspirations.
例句 He was snappy in a morning coat with tribal add-ons.
【英语单词】彻底解释“morning coat”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆
例句 It is estimated that 10,000 men will be wearing a morning coat.
据估计,有 10,000 名男士穿着晨礼服。
例句 I put on white gloves and morning coat to look the part.

morning coat是一个英语单词,有几个不同的含义。 让我们用例句来解释每个的含义和用法!

In Yunnan, almost a day there are four seasons, so go out dressed in the morning coat , to the left in the car at noon.
在云南,有四个季节,几乎是一整天,其中 早上要穿外套 ,从中午就坐车去。
A great piece to wear over a sweater on a fresh autumn morning or over a coat as the days become colder.
这款单品非常适合包裹针织品或在隆冬季节打造 外套造型
10/ 5 5:15 the morning to get up, simply wash after wearing a T-shirt and jacket unlined A g on the departure to the sun-Feng Jing Hou sunrise, last night, the same shop a few buddies have lost its cold Beijing took 30 borrowed a military coat ( Morning Hill strong winds and temperatures around 5-10 degrees, in short, feeling very cold).
10月5日, 早上 5点15分,就穿上T恤和外套,然后出发去日出日出,洗完革克没有皱纹,昨晚,有些同志已经失去了那个寒冷的北京,同店30日( 山)只好租了一件军 大衣 起床,风很大,气温低50?10度左右,时间短,感觉很冷)。
The keeper rubs his coat when he lets Hiroki out every morning .
动物园管理员似乎 每天早上 都会用手梳理弘树的皮毛,然后才放它出去。
Because it is early morning , the temperature very low, wearing a sweater coat was also frozen straight tremble.
由于是 清晨 ,气温很低,即使穿着 毛衣 ,冰冻的直线也在瑟瑟发抖。
It was so cold this morning that I left my coat on.
今天早上 天气很冷,所以我穿上了 外套
However, the mornings and the evenings remain quite chilly, so it’s a good idea to bring a light coat or jacket with you.
即使白天很温暖,但早上和晚上往往会变冷,因此最好带一件薄 外套 或夹克。
Joan Risch had left behind the trench coat she had worn to the dentist that morning , but appeared to have taken a plainer cloth coat .
琼·里施 早上 去看牙医时穿的 风衣 是在家里的,但她可能穿了一件较浅的 外套
Now in Guangzhou had to air-conditioned, but there in the morning was wearing a trench coat plus sweaters.
现在广州有空调了,但 早上 他却穿着 风衣 加毛衣。
A mixture of gray and brown dried up grasses, a dark coat in a morning , no leaves, etc.
[Mizubasho Marsh・Tsugaike Nature Park] It rained on and off from morning but I could see the blue sky sometimes.Some people were using umbrella while some were wearing rain- coat to keep the rain off.
【栂池自然公园/臭白菜湿地】从 早上 开始就断断续续地下着雨,但偶尔还能看到蓝天。每个人都有自己应对下雨的方式, 比如带雨伞或穿雨衣
The mountains early in the morning one night a bit cold, need a warm coat , especially if you do not move, if [such as watching the sunset, sunset and sunrise], coat is necessary.
【看日落、日落、日出】需要 一件外套 ,尤其是 一大早 搬家,山里的夜晚有点冷,需要一件保暖的 外套
If you watch the evening sunset in the morning to watch the sunrise, it is best and then bring a long-sleeved coat , or quite cold.
如果你想 早上 看日出,最好在晚上看日落,所以带一件长袖 外套 或者一件很冷的外套。
Open the station early morning and cold, distant thoughts moving sharply back to reality, I was subconsciously coat bind tightly to pull down a hat.
一大早 打开车站,冰冷而遥远的思绪明显地变成了现实,我不自觉地拉下 帽子 ,把外套系紧。
Next morning they came to the place again and found their merchandise taken by the mysterious people, but in exchange they found fur-skins which could be used for making valuable coats , jackets, and other winter garments.
当你 第二天早上 返回该地点时,这些物品已被神秘人拿走,取而代之的是可用于制作 外套 和其他冬季服装的精美动物毛皮。
Facts have proved that I get up at 5 o’clock yet accounted for, Dianzhuo crevices in the human foot has long been yearning to see the sunrise ( morning cold, but fortunately, the hotel provides each room has a coat , four human on the lower berth, 120/ people, that is the price of flat season, with bathroom).
日出 时冷,见人向往电折腿裂长,证明5:00还没有入住,还好酒店每个房间都提供 一件外套下铺 是4人/120人,淡季价格,带浴室。
Lanzhou, north of the summer heat and winter cold, day and night temperature, dry, dry, except essential travel to these areas sunglasses, sunscreen and hats, the best and then bring a thick coat to ward off the chill of the morning and evening.
兰州属北方夏热冬冷,昼夜温差大,干燥干燥,这些地区太阳镜、防晒霜、帽子是出行最好的必备品,驱走 早晚 的寒冷除了带一件厚 外套 外。
Q: What dress to Jiuzhaigou travel advice? A: The average temperature in spring, Jiuzhaigou is 6 degrees to 12 degrees, sunny day, sunshine, low temperatures at night, tourists with the clothing should be replaced according to weather conditions, day and a compassionate or thin jacket, morning and evening to wear coat .
问:去九寨沟旅游着装如何建议?答:九寨沟春季平均气温,游客穿 外套的 服装和条件要根据星期几而变化,体贴或熬过薄外套, 早晚 ,夜间6度到12度,晴天白天,阳光明媚,气温较低。
With the one the United States and the United States, a full sleep, the third day of our spirit is particularly good, early in the morning in the South Station take the train (11 yuan, the car in very good shape, I feel kind of more than 6,7 million to the cost-effective, comfortable Well) to Xikou, you can take the 40 yuan ticket on the car together Xikou’s highest mountain – Xu mallard peak, and then take a unified vehicle, a one attraction down play, attractions coat -tail of 20.
又美又美,睡饱了,第三天我们精神抖擞,特别是去南站坐 班车(11元,车况很好,车况很好,但是我,感觉有点像多了)比670万划算舒服好)到溪口可以坐车和溪口最高的山一起坐门票40元——徐野鸭点击山顶,统一车辆,游戏景点合二为一,景点法庭 20 尾。
I found a lot of excuses for himself: I wear thin dress, intolerable cold snow-capped mountains; can not go to rent mountain provides coats , wearing too many people, they might have germs; Yunnan altitude so high, what Hill did not That is, like, nothing is nice; every day is travel agency to schedule too full to the brim, morning to evening, and not like tourism, like inverted image is exhausted.
我给自己找了很多借口:可以穿着透明的衣服去山上,顶着严寒的雪帽,租个山,但是穿 大衣 的人太多了。山上,书记助理云南海拔高,可能会提供那些细菌,但是这似乎没什么好处,每天都有太多的游客, 晚上 和早上。完整的行程,不像旅行社那样,厌倦了翻转图像。

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