【英语单词】彻底解释“morelos”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

【英语单词】彻底解释“morelos”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

morelos是一个英语单词,有几个不同的含义。 让我们用例句来解释每个的含义和用法!

In his second campaign, Morelos divided his army into three groups.
在第二次战役中, 莫雷洛斯 将他的军队分为三个小组。
The epicenter was in the Morelos region, about 160 kilometers from Mexico City, where at least 55 people died.
震中位于 莫雷洛斯 州地区,距离墨西哥城 100英里,至少有55人死亡。
The Estadio Caliente, a multi-use stadium in Tijuana, Baja California, was officially inaugurated on November 11, 2007, in a game between Club Tijuana and Pumas Morelos .
他们的主场卡连特体育场是一座位于下加利福尼亚州蒂华纳的多功能体育场,于2007年11月11日正式启用,用于蒂华纳与普马斯莫雷 洛斯 之间的比赛。
This monastery was one of number of large fortress-style monasteries which were built in the early 16th century in what is now northern Morelos and far western Puebla states, near the Popocatepetl volcano.
该修道院是几座大型戒备修道院之一,建于 16 世纪初,位于波波卡特佩特尔山附近,位于今 莫雷洛斯 州以北、普埃布拉州以西较远的地方。
Hotel Plaza Morelia – Morelia – Mexico Located 500 metres from Museo Casa Natal de Morelos in Morelia, Hotel Plaza Morelia features free WiFi access and free private parking.
Hotel Plaza Morelia – 莫雷利亚 – 墨西哥 Hotel Plaza Morelia酒店距离莫雷利亚的Museo Casa Natal de Morelos 博物馆有500米,提供免费无线网络连接和免费私人停车场。
Whether you need an economic discovery in Mexico City, Ecatepec de Morelos , Guadalajara, Puebla, Juárez or Tijuana, you will find it here.
如果您正在寻找墨西哥城、 莫雷洛斯 生态技术区、瓜达拉哈拉、普埃布拉、华雷斯或蒂华纳的经济发现,请查看这里。
The cathedral complex is located in the historical center of the city of Cuernavaca, but unlike other Mexican cities, this most-important church is not on the main plaza but instead just south of it on the corner of Hidalgo and Morelos Streets.
组成大教堂的一系列建筑位于历史悠久的市中心,但与其他墨西哥城市不同的是,最重要的教堂并不位于中心广场,而是位于南部,沿着 伊达尔戈 街。 通过莫雷洛斯州
The earthquake has caused hundreds of victims in the country and has damaged the NPH San Salvador Homes in Miacatlan and Bien Senor in Cuernavaca, which welcome over 700 children and young people, and which are in the state of Morelos epicenter of the September earthquake 2017.
这场地震夺走了该国数百人的生命,并迎来了另外 700 名儿童,他们损坏了位于米亚卡特兰的 NPH San Salvador 和 Cuernavaca Biensenor 的房屋,米亚卡特兰位于 莫雷洛斯 州,是 2017 年 9 月地震的震中。
Tourist Attractions Jalisco State Government Building The Jalisco State Government Building fronts the cathedral on Morelos Street.
景点 哈利斯科州宫殿 哈利斯科州宫殿位于 莫雷洛斯 街大教堂对面。
12th September, 2015 Venues: Las Mañanitas Casa Nueva, Flor de Mayo Hotel, Cine Morelos (Cuernavaca, Mexico) In addition to animation screenings and videogame and comic exhibitions, creators and other experts participated in various activities, including forums on content creation, networking with the local community and a summit meeting on ways to convey Mexican creativity to the world, aimed at promoting public understanding of entertainment content and disseminating expert knowledge.
概览 放映概览 EL FESTIVAL 2015 日期:2015 年 9 月 9 日星期三 – 2015 年 9 月 13 日星期日 地点:Las Mañanitas Casa Nueva、Flor de Mayo Hotel、Cine Morelos (墨西哥库埃纳瓦卡) EL FESTIVAL 2015 是一场动画放映漫画、游戏和漫画展览,许多创作者和专家将参加,内容制作论坛,当地社区网络,以及与世界分享墨西哥创造力的峰会。我们开展教育活动,以提高公众的创造力了解娱乐内容并加深他们的专业知识。
PARTICIPATION IN OVERSEAS MEDIA ARTS FESTIVAL Prize-winning works from the Japan Media Arts Festival were screened at El Festival 2015, the festival of animation, videogames and comics in Cuernavaca, the capital of Morelos State in Mexico, which ran from Wednesday 9th to Saturday 12th September.Overview Screening Overview EL FESTIVAL 2015 Dates: Wed.th – Sat.
JAPAN MEDIA ARTS FESTIVAL 动画、游戏、漫画节将于9月9日(星期三)至9月13日(星期日)在墨西哥 莫雷洛斯 州首府库埃纳瓦卡举行。在EL FESTIVAL 2015节上,我们放映了获奖作品日本媒体艺术祭作品。
Discover the wonderful architectural jewels that adorn the streets of Nochistlan.STROLL IN MORELOS GARDENBegin the exploration in Morelos Garden and enjoy the beautiful central square that rests in the heart of this “Magical Town”.
探索装饰诺奇斯特兰街道的令人惊叹的建筑瑰宝。漫步穿过 MORELOS 花园 漫步穿过 MORELOS 花园,在这座神奇小镇中心美丽的中央广场休息一下。
This established a weak executive and a powerful legislature, the opposite of what Morelos had called for.
虽然它是建立在弱小的行政部门和强大的议会基础上的,这与 莫雷洛斯 想要的有些不同,但他还是做出了让步。
General Canales and the remaining insurgents that survived the Battle of Morelos sought refuge in San Antonio, Texas.
卡纳莱斯指挥官和其他在 莫雷洛斯 战役中幸存下来的里奥格兰德士兵逃往德克萨斯州圣安东尼奥。
With the success of these two destinations, other nearby locations such as Tulum, Costa Maya, Cozumel and Puerto Morelos etc. emerged.
这两个目的地的成功也出现在附近的其他地方,如图卢姆、科斯塔玛雅、科苏梅尔和 莫雷洛斯港 等。
Eufemio Zapata Salazar (1873, Ciudad Ayala – June 18, 1917, Cuautla, Morelos ) was a participant in the Mexican Revolution and the brother of Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata.
尤费米奥·萨帕塔·萨拉查(Eufemio Zapata Salazar,1873 年 – 1917 年 6 月 18 日)是一位墨西哥革命者,也是墨西哥革命同胞埃米利亚诺·萨帕塔的哥哥。
The earthquake caused damage in the Mexican states of Puebla and Morelos and in the Greater Mexico City area, including the collapse of more than 40 buildings.
普埃布拉州、 莫雷洛斯 州以及首都墨西哥城有 20 多座建筑物倒塌,造成破坏。
For many years, he campaigned steadfastly for the rights of the villagers, first establishing via ancient title deeds their claims to disputed land, and then pressing the recalcitrant governor of Morelos into action.
萨帕塔长期以来一直致力于争取村民的权利,首先确立了他们对因旧契约而有争议的土地的主张,然后敦促对顽固的 莫雷洛斯州州长 采取行动。
CNN (2017/9/19)At least 116 people died in the magnitude-7.1 earthquake, officials said. Most deaths were reported in Puebla, Morelos and Mexico states, and Mexico City, the capital.
美国有线电视新闻网(2017年9月19日)墨西哥普埃布拉州、 莫雷洛斯州 和墨西哥城已确认至少116人死亡。
To quench your thirst, there’s nothing better than a craft beer or a sophisticated coffee.ENJOY ITS PARKS AND MUSICGet rid of stress in Teniente Guerrero Park, Morelos Park or take a scenic walk along the Tijuana Beaches.
没有什么比一杯当地啤酒或一杯好咖啡更能解渴了。享受公园和音乐 游览格雷罗中尉公园、 莫雷洛斯 公园或美丽的蒂华纳海滩,缓解压力。

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