【英语单词】彻底解释“monoamine”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

【英语单词】彻底解释“monoamine”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆


例句 He discovered a crucial link between depression and the deficiency in monoamine chemicals in the brain.
【英语单词】彻底解释“monoamine”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

monoamine是一个英语单词,有几个不同的含义。 让我们用例句来解释每个的含义和用法!

Disclosed is a compound having an inhibitory activity on the intake of a monoamine neurotransmitter.
本发明提供具有 单胺 神经递质摄取抑制作用的化合物。
Tetrahydrobiopterin is a cofactor of monoamine biosynthetic enzymes.
单胺神经元的功能和病理学有何联系?生物蝶呤是 单胺 生物合成酶的辅酶。
The coating layer comprises a polycondensation product of an aliphatic monoamine or an aliphatic polyamine and an epihalohydrin compound and a water-soluble polycation salt.
涂层中的脂肪族 单胺 或脂肪族多胺与表卤代醇化合物的缩聚物的含量相对于水溶性多价阳离子盐的含量为15质量%以上且小于100质量%。
How is tetrahydrobiopterin metabolized in the body and how is it related to the regulation of the amount of monoamine produced in the brain?
生物蝶呤在体内如何代谢?它如何参与调节 单胺 生物合成的量?
[MEANS FOR SOLVING PROBLEMS] Disclosed is an ink-jet ink comprising at least one member selected from a silicon compound (A) produced from a compound (a1) having two or more acid anhydride groups and a monoamine (a2) and a silicon compound (A’) produced from a compound (a1′) having one acid anhydride group and a diamine (a2′).
[溶液] 一种喷墨油墨,其特征在于,使用具有2个以上酸酐基的化合物(a1)和 一元胺 (a2)、以及具有1个酸酐基的化合物(a1′)而得到的硅化合物(A)。选自使用二胺(a2′)获得的硅化合物(A’)的种类。
The production process of a rigid polyurethane foam comprises foam molding a mixture comprising a polyisocyanate, a polyol, a foaming agent, and a catalyst and is characterized in that the polyol component is a polyol prepared by addition polymerizing an alkylene oxide to an aromatic monoamine compound or an aromatic diol compound.
[解决方案] 一种通过对含有多异氰酸酯、多元醇、发泡剂和催化剂的混合物进行发泡成型来制造硬质聚氨酯泡沫的方法,该方法包括将环氧烷加成至芳香族 单胺 化合物或芳香族二醇化合物作为1.一种绝热用硬质聚氨酯泡沫的制造方法,其特征在于,使用加聚多元醇。
In formulas (1) and (2), R1 is a residue of a diamine or diisocyanate; R2 is a residue of a dicarboxylic acid wherein two adjacent carbon atoms form an imide ring, or a derivative thereof; R3 is a residue of a tetracarboxylic acid or derivative thereof; R4 is a hydrogen atom or residue of a monoamine or a monoisocyanate; and n is an integer of 0 to 5.
式(1)或式(2)中,R1表示二胺或二异氰酸酯残基,R2表示其中两个相邻碳原子形成酰亚胺环的二羧酸或其衍生物,R3表示四元酸的残基。羧酸或其衍生物,R4表示氢原子或 单胺 或单异氰酸酯的残基,n表示0至5的整数。
An aqueous dispersion type polyurethane composition characterized by being obtained from (a) a polyisocyanate ingredient comprising a diisocyanate as an essential component and other polyisocyanate compound(s) as an optional component, (b) a polyol ingredient comprising a polycarbonate diol having an average molecular weight of 500 to 5,000 and a carboxylated diol as essential components and other polyol compound(s) as an optional component, (c) an amine ingredient comprising a monoamine compound as an essential component and a diamine compound as an optional component, (d) a carboxy-neutralizing ingredient, and (e) water.
本发明的水分散型聚氨酯组合物必须含有以二异氰酸酯为必须成分、以其他多异氰酸酯化合物为任意成分的多异氰酸酯成分(a)、平均分子量为500~5,000的聚碳酸酯二醇和羧基。多元醇组分(b),其含有单胺化合物作为必需组分并任选地含有 二胺 化合物、羧基中和剂组分(d)和水(e),其对基材具有良好的粘合性和物理性。漆膜的特性,表现出足够的耐冲击性,赋予油漆效果,并且适合作为汽车中间涂料的组分。
It is intended to provide a substance which is a safe material such as a food component or an extract of a natural material and has a strengthened effect of improving the brain function (i.e., an effect of improving the metabolism of a monoamine that is a brain neurotransmitter and relieving decline in memorizing and learning abilities caused by lowering in the function of acetylcholinergic nerve).
本发明采用食品成分、天然提取物等安全材料,对改善脑功能(改善脑内神经递质单 胺类 物质的代谢,刺激乙酰胆碱能神经)有较强的作用。具有改善功能衰退引起的记忆力和学习能力下降的作用。
The grease is one comprising a mixture of urea grease containing a urea compound as a thickener and nonurea grease not containing the urea compound, wherein the urea compound is one obtained by reaction between a polyisocyanate component and a monoamine component, the monoamine component containing 50 mol% or more of at least one monoamine selected from among aliphatic monoamines and alicyclic monoamines based on all the monoamines.
一种不含尿素化合物的非尿素润滑脂,与使用尿素化合物作为增稠剂的尿素润滑脂混合而成,所述尿素化合物是由多异氰酸酯成分与 单胺 成分 反应而得到的。高速滚动轴承1包含基于单胺总量的50摩尔%以上的选自脂肪族单胺和脂环族单胺中的至少一种 单胺 ,并且高速滚动轴承1具有内环2、外环3,并且包括多个滚动元件如图4所示,在内圈2和外圈3之间设置有密封部件6,润滑脂8密封在滚动体4的周围。
An amide compound can be produced efficiently by reacting a carboxylic acid ester compound and a primary or secondary monoamine compound in the presence of a catalyst obtained by bonding at least one alkoxy group to a metal or semimetal atom.
通过在包含至少一个与金属或 金属原子键合的烷氧基的催化剂存在下使羧酸酯化合物与伯或仲单胺化合物反应,能够有效地制备酰胺化合物。
In the neuropharmacology area headed by Professor Mitsuhiro Yoshioka, research is being pursued that focuses on monoamine neurotransmitters such as serotonin, using experimental methods across a wide range of fields such as molecular biology, immunochemistry, immunohistology, neurochemistry, electrophysiology, behavioral pharmacology, and optogenetics.
以吉冈光宏教授为首的神经药理学领域, 以血清素等单胺类神经 递质为研究对象,运用分子生物学、免疫化学、免疫组织学、神经化学、电生理学、行为药理学、光遗传学等多种实验方法进行研究。 。
The active ingredient in this drug is a type of monoamine depletor.
这是一种 单胺 消耗剂。
Change in activity of monoamine neurons in the brain would be related to the pathology of neuropsychiatric disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and bipolar disorder.
大脑中的 单胺神经元 与帕金森病和躁狂抑郁症等神经精神疾病的病理学密切相关。
The rubber composition preferably further contains a diaryl secondary monoamine antioxidant and a mercaptobenzoimidazole antioxidant.
橡胶组合物优选还含有二芳 基仲单胺防老剂 和巯基苯并 咪唑 防老剂。
Although the C. elegans body form is tremendously different from that of humans, they have in common pleasure/unpleasure emotions controlled by monoamine neurotransmitters such as serotonin.
(右下)每个个体的外观虽然它们的体形与人类并不相似,但众所周知,线虫与人类一样,受到血清素等 胺的控制,从而产生快乐和不快。
It is impossible to integrate medicine acceptance Super P-force with methods of the following drugs: monoamine inhibitors of an oxidase, energizers, nitrates and inhibitors of an imidazole.
The organic electroluminescent element (1), which is provided with a light-emitting layer (5) between a mutually opposing anode (3) and cathode (4) and in which the light-emitting layer (5) comprises a host material and a phosphorescence-emitting dopant material, is characterized in that said host material comprises a monoamine derivative represented by formula (1A).
A method for producing silver nanoparticles, which comprises: a step of preparing an amine mixed solution that contains (A) an aliphatic hydrocarbon monoamine , which is composed of an aliphatic hydrocarbon group and one amino group, and wherein the total number of carbons in the aliphatic hydrocarbon group is 6 or more, (B) an aliphatic hydrocarbon monoamine , which is composed of an aliphatic hydrocarbon group and one amino group, and wherein the total number of carbons in the aliphatic hydrocarbon group is 5 or less, and (C) an aliphatic hydrocarbon diamine, which is composed of an aliphatic hydrocarbon group and two amino groups, and wherein the total number of carbons in the aliphatic hydrocarbon group is 8 or less; a step of mixing a silver compound and the amine mixed solution, thereby producing a complex compound that contains the silver compound and the amines; and a step of thermally decomposing the complex compound by heating, thereby forming silver nanoparticles.
纳米银粒子的制造方法、纳米银粒子及银 涂料 组合物
This medication works by increasing the quantity of monoamines in the brain.
这种药物通过增加大脑中 单胺 的含量起作用。

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