【英语单词】彻底解释“mks system”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

【英语单词】彻底解释“mks system”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

mks system是一个英语单词,有几个不同的含义。 让我们用例句来解释每个的含义和用法!

Together with Philip Keenan, Morgan developed the MK system for the classification of stars through their spectra.
摩根与菲利普·基南 (Philip Keenan) 一起开发了 MK 系统 ,用于根据恒星的光谱对恒星进行分类。
In December 2014, the U.S. awarded Lockheed Martin a contract for a Foreign Military Sale of the Mk 41 Vertical Launching System to Saudi Arabia.
此外,2014年12月,美国与洛克希德·马丁公司签署了购买 Mk 41垂直发射 系统 的合同,作为其对外军事援助计划的一部分。
After the achievement of 50 mK , the detector system noise looks as expected and the SXS is ready for detector performance tests.Back to top
探测器 系统 的噪声冷却至 50 mK ,与预期一样低,SXS 已准备好进行测试操作。
On June 17, 2008, the U.S. government issued a market survey to support a requirement for a Precision Sniper Rifle (PSR) to possibly replace the currently fielded Bolt Action SOF Sniper Systems MK 13 (. Winchester Magnum) and the M40 and M24 (7.62×51mm NATO) chambered to safely fire factory produced “non-wildcat” . caliber ammunition.
2008年6月17日,美国政府宣布,将对现有的螺栓式特种作战部队狙击 系统MK 13(温彻斯特马格南)、M40(英文版)和M24(7.62 x 51mm NATO)进行市场研究使用安全射击的精密狙击步枪 (PRS) 替换 Cat 工厂弹药的要求。
MODEL MK -725 | Muromachi Kikai Co., Ltd.MK-725/04 (4ch System ) MK -725 Low-Cost Multi-Channel Running Wheel System is designed to measure spontaneous activity levels of mice accurately and is suitable for a quantitative measurement over a long period of time.
低成本、多通道小鼠旋转笼 系统 MK- 725 | Muromachi Kikai Co., Ltd. MK- 725 是一款小鼠运动活动测量装置,可实现低成本、多通道 系统 配置,并且可以定量测量长时间内的运动活动。适合观察。
The next two months were spent in upkeep and training before heading to the Pacific northwest for a quality assurance system test of the Mk 48 Astor torpedo.
接下来的两个月用于维护和训练,然后前往太平洋西北地区测试 Mk 48 鱼雷的 性能
This indicates that the ADR system is ready to be operated to 50 mK .
ADR 系统 现已准备好将探测器冷却至 50 mK
Mk II mount improved the usability, added deflection gear and the recoil system was improved so that the additional recuperator became unnecessary and was removed.
Mk.II 炮架是一种改进了便利性的类型,增加了偏转装置和改进的反冲 系统 ,并且在高射炮改装过程中添加的停放飞机因不再需要而被移除。 。
The Mk 6 Mod 3 FLOLS was tested in 1970 and had not changed much, except for when ship’s heave was taken into account with an Inertial Stabilization system .
Mk 6 Mod 3 FLOLS 于 1970 年进行了测试,但此后唯一的变化是增加了惯性稳定 系统 以减少船舶运动。
Especially, we are now challenging measurements of correlated electron systems at ultralow temperatures (below 20 mK ) where many interesting phenomena have remained unexplored due to technical difficulties.
特别是,我们致力于阐明20 mK 以下超低温区域的量子临界现象和超导现象,而该区域尚未进行电子 系统 研究。
To start in the background on UNIX, or on Windows systems utilizing a UNIX-like shell such as MKS , enter the following command at the operating system command prompt
要在 UNIX 或 Windows 系统 上使用类 UNIX shell(例如 MKS) 在后台启动,请在 操作系统 命令提示符处输入以下命令:
Also features auxiliary equipment such as stern deck lifeboats and funnel-side cutters, in addition to Mk . gun fire control system , mast and more.This model omits the portion of the hull below the waterline to enable it to be displayed as if it were at sea.
后甲板的救生艇、烟囱两侧的刀具、 Mk .火炮火控 装置 、桅杆也做工精致。船体切入水线以下的近海模型。
When the missile is ordered to launch, the Aerojet MK 72 solid-fuel rocket booster launches the SM-3 out of the ship’s Mark 41 vertical launching system (VLS).
当发出拦截命令时,第一级 Mark 72 固体燃料火箭被点燃,SM-3 从 Mark 41 垂直发射 系统 (VLS)发射。
I have an.avi file that seems to have a broken index, meaning that even though the video plays much longer, the progress bar of any video player (VLC, M-player, QuickTime MK player) stops at 5 minutes on my system .
视频播放器(VLC、M-Player、QuickTime MK Player)的进度条在 系统 上 5 分钟后停止,即使视频播放很长时间。因此,我无法传输视频。
Overall, the system was smaller than the HIPAC MK -1, and reliability was also markedly improved. At the Paris exhibition, the system became popular for printing out a picture of Rodin’s “The Thinker”.
整体尺寸比 HIPAC MK-1 小很多,可靠性也有显着提升。在巴黎展会上,用 打字机 打印了罗丹的画作《思想者》,广受好评。
To study these systems , we also develop necessary equipment.Equipment we have successfully developed includes: high sensitivity magnetometers which are operable even at extremely low temperatures down to the lowest of 30 mK , and equipment to perform angle-resolved specific heat measurements in a rotating magnetic field.
为此,我们开发了一种高灵敏度磁力计,可以 测量 低至30毫开尔文极低温度的磁化强度,以及一种磁场中的角度分辨比热测量装置,可以有效识别各向异性超导体的间隙结构。我们也在开发自己的设备。

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