【英语单词】彻底解释“mixing valve”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

【英语单词】彻底解释“mixing valve”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

mixing valve是一个英语单词,有几个不同的含义。 让我们用例句来解释每个的含义和用法!

The required flow rate is controlled to the setpoint value by a control valve (C) forming an integral part of the patented liquid flow and carrier gas mixing valve (M).
所需的流量由控制阀 (C) 控制至设定值。该控制阀是获得专利的液体/载气 混合阀 (M) 的组成部分。
When the temperature of inflowing coolant to the intercooler (5) is lower than a heating target temperature, a control unit (2) controls the mixing valve (91) in a manner so that water is allowed to flow through the intercooler (5) when the relationship between the temperature of inflowing coolant to the intercooler (5), the temperature of inflowing coolant to the gas cooler (6), and the heating target temperature fulfills predetermined conditions.
当中间冷却器(5)的流入制冷剂温度低于加热目标温度时,控制单元(2)控制中间冷却器(5)的流入制冷剂温度与气体冷却器(6)的流入制冷剂温度之间的关系。当水满足预定条件时,控制 混合阀 (91)以允许水流入中间冷却器(5)。
It is a Water Supply Act Performance Standards compliant product that combines JRG mixing valve and CS-7N check valve.
符合供水法性能标准的产品,组合了JRG 混合阀 和CS-7N型止回阀。
The temperature adjustment system (25) has: a high-temperature chiller (26) which supplies a high-temperature medium to the temperature adjustment flow path (28); a low-temperature chiller (27) which supplies a low-temperature medium to the temperature adjustment flow path (28); and a mixing valve unit (29) which mixes the high-temperature medium and the low-temperature medium which are supplied to the temperature adjustment flow path (28).
一种钠二次电池,其特征在于,包括:含有能够掺杂和脱掺杂钠离子的正极活性物质的层;含有能够掺杂和脱掺杂钠离子的负极活性物质的层;能够 传导 钠离子的电解质;和至少一个集电体具有以下结构:在集电体的一个表面上层叠含有正极活性物质的层,在集电体的另一表面上层叠含有负极活性物质的层。通过使用电解质为固体电解质的钠二次电池,可以提供电池结构简单的钠二次电池。
JRG3410 Type Mixing Valve
JRG3410型 混合阀
Highlights available in ANSYS AIM 17.2 include: Thermal Management Advances Optimizing heat transfer and thermal stress is a critical design issue for many industry applications, including heat exchangers, thermal mixing valves , engine components and electronic devices.
ANSYS AIM 17.2 提供的主要功能包括:热管理技术进步优化传热和热应力是许多工业应用中的关键设计挑战,包括热交换器、温度 调节阀 、发动机部件和电子设备。
For cleaning and inspection of the check valve with mixing faucet strainer
用于清洁和检查 混合 水龙头上 带有 过滤器的止回阀。
The shot-treating apparatus comprises rotation treating units for holding treatment objects rotatably, a revolving unit for carrying and operating a predetermined number of rotation treating units rotatably, a projection chamber body having a structure, in which at least two rotation treating units are opened to the side of an operator whereas the remaining the rotation treating units are closed, a hopper arranged in the lower portion of the projection chamber body, for reserving the projection material, pressure tanks of a predetermined number capable of reserving the quantity of the projection material necessary for the single treatment object, mixing valves of the same number as that of the pressure tanks, disposed for mixing the projection material stored in the pressure tanks and the compressed air, and a projection nozzle disposed in the body of the projection chamber body, for projecting the projection material carried by a transfer pipe connected to the mixing valves , toward the treatment object.
The mixing machine’s metering valves , the color-separation filters, the calibration of gain and offset are not perfect.
墨粉 调节 、分色滤光片以及增益和偏移校准都不是完美的。
In a related scenario, the local control and actuation of 2 and 3-way water mixing and diverting valves allows for the regulation of temperature and humidity in buildings and environments where the maintenance of strict limits is a prerequisite.
另外,在上述情况下,通过现场控制和驱动 水阀和分流 (二通阀和三通阀),维护不可避免地受到建筑物和环境的严格限制,温度和湿度是可以控制的。
Customer specific design The IQ+FLOW concept offers the following functional modules: Flow meter; typical flow ranges from 10 mln/min up to 5 ln/min (Full Scale values) Pressure meter; typical pressure ranges of the order of 100 psi Control valve Three-way valve Shut-off valve Filter Mixing chamber A combination of these modules can be mounted on a compact manifold, in line with a customers requirement, and following open design discussions.
为客户专门设计 IQ+FLOW系列具有以下功能模块。质量流量计(满量程流量 10 mln/min~5 ln/min) 压力计(压力~100 psi) 控制 三通 截止阀 过滤器 气体 混合 室 根据您的应用组合这些模块。它安装在紧凑的歧管。
To also provide a coating material mixing method. [Solution] A coating material mixing device provided with multiple air pressure adjustment valves for adjusting the air pressure supplied to an air motor in accordance with the weight of a coating raw material within a mixing tank, control valves for switching between the air pressure adjustment valves in accordance with the weight of the coating raw material within the mixing tank, and a control unit for switching between the control valves by selecting a control valve in accordance with the weight of the coating raw material within the mixing tank.
[解决方案] 多个气压调节 ,根据混合 罐内 涂料原料的重量调节供给气动马达的气压 包括根据重量进行切换的控制 和控制阀根据 混合 涂料原料的重量选择和切换控制 阀的 部分。
Disclosed is a thermostat device in which a valve member is actuated to open and close in accordance with a temperature-sensing movable portion that moves according to changes in temperature of a coolant within a mixing chamber of a valve housing, wherein a high-temperature coolant inlet for introducing a high-temperature coolant heated by an engine from a bypass channel that bypasses a radiator is provided in a position to the side of the valve housing and essentially orthogonal to the direction of movement of the temperature-sensing movable portion, and wherein a heater channel inlet for introducing coolant supplied to a heater core from aheater channel is provided in a lower-end portion of the valve housing.
在根据感温可动部件来打开和关闭 阀体的 恒温器装置中,该感温可动部件由于 阀壳体 混合 室中的冷却水的温度变化而移动,阀体位于 的侧面位置。壳体大致垂直于感温活动部件的运动方向,设有高温冷却水入口,将被发动机加热并绕过散热器的旁路通道引入高温冷却水,冷却加热器通道中的水 供应 至加热器芯体,引入阀壳下端,提供加热器通道入口。
Several valves with electronic actuation are needed in the machine to allow variable mixing ratios.
设备内需要多个电子驱动 以允许可变的 混合 比。
Air will spout through the round valve that has backflow prevention.It is applicable for aeration, agitating and gas-liquid mixing in wastewater treatment facilities.
空气从 阀体 周围喷出,柔软的氯乙烯阀体具有防回流作用,使其成为适用于污水处理曝气、搅拌、气液 混合的 曝气材料。
In the intake paths (10) are provided a mixer (11) for mixing air and fuel to create a mixture gas, a throttle valve (12), a bypass (16) for bypassing the throttle valve (12), and an intake manifold (14).
(A) 由主要含有苯乙烯嵌段和 二烯嵌段 的橡胶 嵌段共聚物(1a)和增粘树脂(2)构成的颗粒 (B) 主要含有苯乙烯嵌段和二烯嵌段的橡胶状嵌段 共聚物 由聚合物制成的颗粒(1b)和增塑剂(3) (C)由主要含有苯乙烯嵌段和二烯嵌段的橡胶状嵌段共聚物(1c)制成的颗粒
Applications Pump housing and impellers Hydro turbine housing and impellers Cyclones Water discharge nozzle Glass-lined sheets Glass-lined pipes Mixing blades Tank linings Shafts Valve bodies Condenser tube sheets Pneumatic conveyor pipes and elbows Pipes and pipe bends Eroded valve covers Eroded flange faces Eroded landing seats Vorm chutes
应用 泵室/叶轮 水轮机壳体和叶轮 旋流器 排水喷嘴 搪玻璃板 搪玻璃管道 混合 叶片 罐衬 轴阀体 冷凝器润滑板 空气 输送 管道/弯管 管道/弯管 腐蚀 阀盖 腐蚀 法兰表面腐蚀 腐蚀楼梯平台 Vorm 滑道
Provided is a check valve capable of sufficiently suppressing the mixing of air in a container even if an impact is applied to the container, and capable of stably maintaining a superior discharging property of the content.
为了提供 一种 即使在容器受到冲击的情况下也能够充分地抑制空气 进入 到容器内、并且能够稳定地维持内容物的优异的排出性能的止回阀,根据本发明的止回阀10被制成其由橡胶材料制成并通过一体模制制造,并且包括在两端具有开口1a和1b的圆筒形主体1、和布置成封闭主体1的一个开口1a的盖部3和连接部5。主体部1和盖部3具有主体部1和盖部3,盖部3在与主体部1的开口1a的周缘接触的侧面3b上具有突出部3a。
Mixing of the working fluid with debris, or metal powders and burrs entering the system during piping cause scratching of the valve seat, etc., leading to leakage.
使用的流体中的 异物 或管道中的金属粉末或毛刺可能会损坏 阀座 ,导致泄漏。
Tetra Pak High Shear Mixer – Batch unit for viscous products Tetra Pak High Shear Mixer – Batch unit Versatile ingredients mixing Product versatility thanks to dynamic stator and double shaft agitatorChoice of heating methods enables adaptation to specific productsHigh operational reliability, supported by Tetra Pak’s unique powder valve
利乐高剪切混合机 – 用于高粘度产品的批量装置 利乐高剪切混合机 – 批量装置 混合 各种材料 动态定子和双轴搅拌器的产品多功能性 通过选择加热方法适应特定产品 得益于利乐独特的粉末,操作可靠性高 阀门

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