【英语单词】彻底解释“minority group”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

【英语单词】彻底解释“minority group”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

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例句 In this chapter we shall examine the sources of racial and ethnic inequality in American society, looking at the problems confronting different minority groups.

minority group是一个英语单词,有几个不同的含义。 让我们用例句来解释每个的含义和用法!

Generally, the Tenma-style which comes from ‘Higashi’ is the majority and Nagae-style from ‘Kita’ is the minority group .
一般来说,东的天满流被认为是多数,北的长良流被认为是 少数
Dogakukai (students’ self-governing association of Kyoto University) which was under the philosophical/political influence of the Shokan sect, a minority group (a non-mainstream faction) of the All-Japan Federation of Students’ Self-governing Associations, played a leading role in the anti Red Purge struggle in 1950.
当时,该会(京都大学全校学生会)受到全日本学生会联合会中 少数派 (非主流派)尚古派的思想和政治影响, 1950年,红色他领导了镇压清洗的斗争。
(AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill) With the Red Sox’s victory in the best-of-seven series on October 28, Alex Cora become the second manager from an ethnic or racial minority group to wear a World Series ring.
凭借 10 月 28 日的胜利,红袜队赢得了七场比赛中的四场并赢得了系列赛,使主教练亚历克斯·科拉成为第二位赢得世界大赛冠军戒指的 少数 族裔或种族。
Sri Lanka – Secretariat of the International Peace Cooperation Headquarters There has been prolonged ethnic conflict between the government and antigovernment forces consisting of the minority group , the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam (LTTE).Although peace talks began in February 2002 after an indefinite ceasefire agreement, the country fell into conflict again in July 2006.
斯里兰卡 – 内阁办公室、国际和平合作总部秘书处(PKO) 在 斯里兰卡民主社会主义共和国,政府与反政府少数民族武装组织泰米尔伊拉姆猛虎解放组织(猛虎组织)之间存在种族冲突 泰米尔人:经过长期冲突后,和平谈判于 2002 年 2 月开始,并达成了无限期停火协议。
Government oppressed minority group
政府压迫 少数民族
How many separations are in a known minority group (disability status)?
已知 少数群体 (残疾类别)的人员流失人数是多少?
The couple can meet the Moken, an ethnic minority group of sea gypsies who lead a traditional, semi-nomadic lifestyle making their living from the sea.
这对夫妇将会见到莫肯人,这是一个海上吉普赛人的 民族 ,他们过着传统的半游牧生活方式,以海上为生。
YE: Because I’ve been a member of a minority group many times.
叶:因为我很多时候都是 少数派
A2.I think they are wonderful people and support the extension of their rights as a legally-protected minority group
A2. 我认为他们是伟大的人,支持赋予受法律保护的 少数群体 权力。
In New Hampshire the Abenaki, along with other Native American groups, have proposed legislation for recognition as a minority group .
新罕布什尔州的阿贝纳基部落和其他美洲原住民部落正在提议立法,允许他们被承认为 少数部落
Today the Koryak are the largest minority group with 8,743 people.
在俄罗斯哥萨克大殖民地中,科里亚克人是最大的 少数民族 ,有8,743人。
For instance, approximately 50% of custodial grandparents in the USA belong to an ethnic minority group .
例如,在美国,约有50%有孙辈监护权的祖父母属于少数 族裔群体
We are in it for the long-term offering the best we can to support education and minority group , and to sponsor public welfare activities together with other non-profit organization in our society.
我们取之于社会,贡献于社会——我们长期致力于教育和支持 弱势群体 ,并与其他非营利组织合作支持社会公益事业。
The Volga region is home to a German minority group , the Volga Germans.
伏尔加河地区也是伏尔加德意志 少数民族 的故乡。
Roma is another term for Gypsies, and this has been a targeted minority group for centuries.
罗姆人是吉普赛人的另一种说法,几个世纪以来吉普赛人一直是目标 少数群体
The largest minority group in Virginia is African American, at 19.8% as of 2018.
非裔美国人是弗吉尼亚州仅次于白人的第二大 少数民族群体 ,2011 年占 19.8%。
The film brings out the sentiment of a minority group chased out of their homeland with no place to go.
这个故事清楚地传达了 少数人 被迫 离开自己的土地、无处可去的感受。
If one is raised as a member of a minority group , he/she learns through experience the absurdity of abuse by agents representing majority.
如果你磨练自己的技能的目的是一拳杀人,那么 格斗 就和砍剑一样邪恶。
Additionally, under Section 203(d), a jurisdiction may “bail out” of Section 203(c) coverage by proving in federal court that no language minority group within the jurisdiction has an English illiteracy rate that is higher than the national illiteracy rate.
此外,第 203(d) 条规定,如果司法管辖区在联邦法院证明该地区 没有少数民族 语言 群体的 英语使用率不高于全国平均水平,则第 203(d) c) 条规定。
Oxfam has implemented support for the women of a minority group , Ragurai, in Ninh Thuan Province to promote their economic leadership.
在宁顺省,乐施会正在支持拉格莱 少数民族 妇女提升经济领导力。

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