【英语单词】彻底解释“minister without portfolio”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

【英语单词】彻底解释“minister without portfolio”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

minister without portfolio是一个英语单词,有几个不同的含义。 让我们用例句来解释每个的含义和用法!

Also Priti Patel became the new Minister of State for Employment and Robert Halfon became a Minister without Portfolio .
普丽蒂·帕特尔(Priti Patel)也被任命为新任就业部长,罗伯特·哈方(Robert Halfon)被任命为无职务 部长
Konoe was succeeded by former Chairman of the Privy Council, Kiichiro HIRANUMA, but with the Minister of Law (and Minister of Communications and Transportation), the Internal Minister, the Foreign Minister, the Minister of Commerce (and Minister of the Colonies), the Minister of the Navy and the Minister of the Army remaining in office, and Konoe himself joining the Privy Council and becoming a minister without portfolio ), Hiranuma’s cabinet appeared the same as Konoe’s with just a different head.
接替近卫的是前枢密院议长平沼敬一郎,平沼 内阁成员 包括法务大臣(关南亭大臣)、文部科学大臣、内政大臣、外务大臣、商工大臣(关角大臣)此外,还有包括陆军大臣在内的七名大臣留任,而转任枢密院的近卫本人也以参议院议员的身份被纳入参议院,因此看来他的位置只是被取代了。
While most of the ministers head government ministries, since 1939 it has been permissible to appoint ministers without portfolio .
各省、 厅的人事任命权属于各部长 ,但 根据1949年的内阁决定, 局长 级及以上 行政人员的 任命须经内阁 批准
Nationally popular Fumimaro KONOE was appointed to Deputy Prime Minister -status as Minister of State ( without portfolio ), Mamoru SHIGEMITSU as Foreign Minister and Juichi TSUSHIMA as Finance Minister .
受民众欢迎的近卫文麻吕被任命为副首相( 空缺 国务 大臣 ,葵重光被任命 外相(日本),津岛重一被任命为财务 大臣
The FY 1994 and FY 1995 phases of the project were concluded with study meetings in Tokyo and Hakone which were attended by Mr. Tran Quang Nghiem, then chairman of the Government Price Committee (a ministerial-level post), and Mr. Vu Quang Tuyen, minister of state without portfolio .
1994年底和1995年,在箱根和东京召开了研讨会,介绍过去一年的研究成果,讨论政策建议,无 部部长 东延等人参加。
This means the Riksdag can consent to a Prime Minister without casting any “yes” votes.
这意味着 即使没有人投票赞成,议会也可以任命总理
On 8 September 1588 at Blois, where the court had assembled for a meeting of the Estates, Henry dismissed all his ministers without warning.
9 月 8 日,在布卢瓦的三级会议上,亨利三世 在没有任何事先警告的情况下解雇了所有部长
When a Fiduciary Trust Company, etc. makes any change to the Asset Trust Securitization Plan, it shall notify the Prime Minister without delay.
信托公司等变更资产信托证券化计划时,必须 立即 向内阁总理 大臣 报告。
A Consignor Protection Fund shall, when having made a registration of establishment set forth in the preceding paragraph, notify to that effect to the competent minister without delay.
(2) 受托人保护基金按照前款规定登记设立时,必须 立即 通知主管 部长
A person who is deemed to be an Issuer of Prepaid Payment Instruments for Own Business pursuant to the provisions of the preceding paragraph must submit a written notice containing the following particulars to the Prime Minister without delay
根据前款规定被视为私人发行人的人必须 立即 总理 提交载明下列事项的通知书:
In October, 643, due to his sickness, Emishi handed over his rank Shikan to Iruka which allowed him to be a minister and let his second son to be Mononobe minister without the permission from the Imperial Court.
643年10月,虾夷因病未经朝廷许可,擅自赐予入鹿紫冠,封他为 大臣 ,并 任命次子为物部大臣
A Futures Commission Merchant shall submit a copy of the contract to the competent minister without delay when concluded or after changing the contract as set forth in the respective items of the preceding paragraph
商品经营者订立或变更前项各款合同时,必须 立即 向主管 大臣 提交合同副本。
Article 14 (1) Following an organizational meeting, the founders shall include the following matters in a written application for the permission under Article 9 and submit it to the competent minister without delay
第十四条 创立大会结束后,发起人应 立即 将下列事项填入第九条规定的许可申请表中,并提交主管 大臣
A Commodity Derivatives Business Operator shall submit a copy of the contract set forth in each of the items of the preceding paragraph to the competent minister without delay when the contract is concluded or after changing it
商品期货经营者订立或变更前项各款合同时,必须 及时 向主管 大臣 提交合同副本。
WATANABE was isolated by protest of HARA and other Cabinet members who were furious about this, which led ITO to announce his resignation, and from May 10 the Chairman of the Privy Council, Kinmochi SAIONJI who was a minister without official announcement served as the temporary prime minister .
对此激怒并遭到原等大臣抗议的渡边陷入孤立,伊藤宣布辞职,并从5月10日起,曾任盘列的枢密院委员长西园寺金茂担任临时 首相
However, this shall not apply to cases of delivery to Scrap Dealers of Whole Dismantled Vehicles (referring to entities which collect Dismantled Vehicles and use the entire Dismantled Vehicle as raw material for steel or another method specified by ordinance of the competent minister without generating residue).
但是,拆解车辆的总使用者(接收拆解车辆并按照主管部门 令规定 的方法使用 且不产生任何残留物的人,例如 将整个拆解车辆作为生产原材料)钢)。下同)。
When a Consignor Protection Membership Corporation obtained a resolution of approval from a General Meeting pursuant to the provisions of paragraph (2) after an application for registration under Article 293 of the New Act, it shall file an application for the approval of the competent minister without delay.
四、信托保护会员制法人依新法第293条申请登记后,依第2项规定取得股东大会决议通过时,应 立即 向主管 大臣 申请批准。必须是。
Except in cases where a special liquidation has been commenced, when an executive liquidator has obtained the approval set forth in the preceding paragraph, he/she shall submit the Inventory of Property, etc., and the accounting audit report under that paragraph to the Prime Minister without delay.
(4)除非已启动特别清算,清算人在收到前款规定的批准后,必须 立即 总理 提交同款规定的财产清单等以及会计审计报告。
A registered investigation body shall, when having issued the document set forth in the preceding paragraph, report to the competent minister without delay, pursuant to the provision of an Ordinance of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the results of the investigation for verification pertaining to the document issued.
(3) 登记调查机关在送达前款规定的文件后,必须根据经济部令, 立即 向主管 大臣 报告有关该文件的确认调查结果、贸易和工业。
A Small Amount and Short Term Insurance Provider shall, if it effected reinsurance with an Insurance Company or a Foreign Insurer pursuant to the provision in the preceding paragraph, submit a report stating the trade name and name of such Insurance Company or Foreign Insurer and other matters specified by a Cabinet Office Ordinance to the Prime Minister without delay,.
(十二) 小额、短期保险企业依照前款规定向保险公司或外国保险企业提供再保险时,该保险公司或外国保险企业的商号、名称或名称;再保险的详细内容等应 立即 公开,并须向 总理 提交载有政令规定事项的申报书。

“minister without portfolio”是一个英语单词,有几个不同的含义。 让我们用例句来解释每个的含义和用法!

英语 含义(中文翻译) 详细解释!
minister without portfolio 无职部长 (无具体职权范围的政府官员)

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读法是【ˈˈmɪn·ɪ·stər* wɪˈðaʊt* ˌˌpɔːtˈfəʊ.li.əʊ*.əʊ】。 听下面的视频并大声发音【ˈˈmɪn·ɪ·stər* wɪˈðaʊt* ˌˌpɔːtˈfəʊ.li.əʊ*.əʊ】。

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