【英语单词】彻底解释“minister resident”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

【英语单词】彻底解释“minister resident”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

minister resident是一个英语单词,有几个不同的含义。 让我们用例句来解释每个的含义和用法!

During the severe discussion between the two sides, minister resident Yoshimoto HANABUSA traveled often between Japan and Korea, and finally Japan established a consular office in Hanseong in December 1880, Hanabusa stayed there for a long term to create a fait accompli, and Korea had no choice but to concede.
日本与朝鲜之间的交往十分激烈,但防卫大臣花房义嗣频繁往来于日本与朝鲜之间,最终于1880年12月在汉城设立公使馆并长期驻扎,成为既成事实。 ……被迫默许。
The competition, co-sponsored by Uganda’s office of the prime minister , challenged young residents in the settlement to propose business plans or innovations that could improve lives.
这项竞赛是与乌干达 总理 办公室联合举办的,让来自难民定居点的年轻人相互竞争,提出商业计划和创新来改善生活。
The representatives were the Resident Foreign Minister Okazu MIYAMOTO from Japan and In Hee CHO from Korea, a negotiator on behalf of the Korean government with a title of 講修官議政府堂上.
日方代表为外务部部长宫本 浩一 ,韩方代表为贵院议正党赵仁熙。
On the day of the earthquake, the Japanese Government declared “Nuclear Emergency” for Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.In addition, the Prime Minister ordered the residents within 3 Km radius of Fukushima Daiichi to evacuate and the residents within 10 Km radius to stay indoors.
地震当天,日本政府发布了核紧急事态宣言(针对福岛第一核电站发生的事件), 首相 下令在福岛第一核电站半径3公里范围内进行避难,并下令避难。半径3公里到10公里范围内的室内。我发出指示。
Services were held on the second floor, and the resident minister and his family lived on the first floor.
礼拜仪式在二楼举行, 牧师 和他的家人住在一楼。
When Macdonald returned to power in 1878 he requested to elevate the position of financial commissioner to resident minister , but was denied the request by the British government who instead offered to allow the designation of high commissioner.
1878年,麦克唐纳重返加拿大担任总理时,要求英国政府将财政部长提升为 部长级 ,但英国政府拒绝,而是允许他任命一名高级专员。
except legitimate foreign residents in Japan designated by the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.
然而,这不包括在日本合法 居住 并由农林水产 大臣 指定的人。
The “Long-term Resident ” status is awarded to residents by the Minister of Justice who takes special reasons into consideration.
长期 居民 身份是 法务大臣 因特殊原因授予的资格。
SEAnews 2014-01-24 ArtNo. (New Delhi)Two ministers in the Arvind Kejriwal-led Delhi government early on Thursday “raided” houses of residents in their constituencies.
SEAnews 2014-01-24 ArtNo. 【新德里】以首席部长Arvind Kejriwal为首的德里政府两位 部长 16日突袭了各自选区的 居民 住宅。
Prime Minister Abe encouraged President Putin to continue discussion on realizing freer entry to the islands by former island residents .
倍首相鼓励继续进行谈判,以允许前 岛上居民 更自由地出行。
About this time he was also appointed superintendent of labour gangs.KirkhamPeter Rae Local Government Minister Paul Toole said it would be business as usual for residents in new council areas, with services operating as normal.
11 月 13 日,金州长发布公告,为了防止诉讼,霍克斯伯里的所有合同都必须在安德鲁·汤普森 (Andrew Thompson) 登记,登记费为 6 天。大约在这个时候,当地政府 部长 保罗·图尔 (Paul Toole) 表示,将在新议会区的 居民 一切照常,服务照常运作。等等。然而,该议会在行政长官和总经理的控制下一年多了,并解雇了市长和议员,他们说这是不民主的。
In the case where it is not clear whether a person is a resident or non- resident , the Minister of Finance shall decide it.
2. 如果 居民 非居民 的区别不明确,则按照 财政部长的 决定适用本规定。
Presided over by Prime Minister Hun Sen accompanied with Japanese Minister for Foreign Affairs Fumio Kishida, the opening ceremony was held with hundreds of local residents who came to share the celebration.
开业当天,在洪森 首相 和岸田 外相 的见证下举行了开幕式,并与当地大批 民众 一起庆祝开业。
What does Prime Minister Noda celebrate without apologizing residents , without making an essential change of policies on Okinawa?
如果没有道歉和政策的根本改变, 野田首相 将庆祝什么?
When a resident or a non- resident intends to conduct capital transactions designated pursuant to the provision of paragraph 1, the resident or non- resident shall obtain permission form the Minister of Finance through procedures specified by Cabinet Order.
3. 当 居民 或非 居民 拟进行第 1 款规定规定的资本交易时, 居民或非居民 应按照财政部条例规定的程序获得 财政部长 的许可.这不会发生。
His successor, who arrived on 3 July 1830, was Rev. Neil Mackenzie, a resident Church of Scotland minister who greatly improved the conditions of the inhabitants.
麦克唐纳的继任者尼尔·麦肯齐牧师 (Reverend Neil Mackenzie) 于 1830 年 7 月 3 日上任,他是一位 在苏格兰教会的 牧师 ,他极大地改善了人民的生活条件。
a resident who intends to obtain permission from the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry pursuant to the provision of Article 15, paragraph (2) of the Order
(a) 打算根据该命令第 15 条第 2 项的规定获得经济产业 大臣 许可 的居民
Implementation Plan Application for Development Performers Application to the Minister at Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy(also submit a copy of the implementation plan to the mayors and governors) Required documents Fund procurement and collection plans with confirmation documents Foreign investment attraction plans Land procurement, compensation, and moving plans for residents Use, revenue, management, and disposal of constructed land and facilities Environmental influence evaluation Step 03.
开发项目实施者申请批准实施计划 向产业通商资源部申请(向市长、道知事提交实施计划副本) 所需文件 资金获取/投入/回收计划及证明材料 吸引计划外商投资 土地购置/补偿方案及 居民 搬迁措施 未来拟开发的土地及设施的使用、收益、监管和处置 环境影响评价报告 步骤03.
Hideshi Tokuchi (Distinguished Non- Resident Fellow, Sasakawa Peace Foundation USA; former Vice- Minister of Defense for International Affairs, Japan), addressed responses to gray zone situations and China’s sharp power.
此外,美国笹川和平财团特邀研究员德地英志(前防卫 省副相 )谈到了灰色地带局势的应对和中国的锐实力。
The following words of the first Prime Minister Nehru spoken to about 110,000 residents of 20,000 households who were displaced for the construction of the Hirakud Dam in Orissa State, which began in 1948, are well known.
以下这句话是第一任 总理 尼赫鲁所熟知的,他亲自向 1948 年开始修建的奥里萨邦希拉库德大坝浇筑了水泥,为大约 2 万户家庭和 11 万居民的流离失所 浇筑了水泥。

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