【英语单词】彻底解释“meaningful contact”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

【英语单词】彻底解释“meaningful contact”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

简单汉语中“meaningful contact”的意思

“meaningful contact” 是由二个英文单词( meaningful、contact )组合而成的一个单词短语。


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People in our neighborhood rarely make meaningful contact with each other.
【英语单词】彻底解释“meaningful contact”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆
It has not emerged from meaningful contact between people.
In addition to educational opportunities, prison libraries can help prisoners have positive and meaningful contact with family.

meaningful contact是一个英语单词,有几个不同的含义。 让我们用例句来解释每个的含义和用法!

A large business delegation accompanied the president and several meaningful contacts were established.
总统由约20人的 爱沙尼亚 商业代表团陪同访问日本。
And you’ve made meaningful eye contact with almost every unattached man in here, even the paunchy ones.
你和每一个没有和女人在一起的男人,甚至是大肚子的男人,都 意味深长地 交换了一个眼神,而你是他的保安。
The most encouraging item in this is the end to a global cover-up, which prevents us from making a meaningful preliminary contact with you.
其中最令人鼓舞的是全球掩盖行为的结束,这种掩盖行为阻止了我们与 你们 进行初步 有意义的 接触。
It also is important for the board to have meaningful formal and informal contact with internal candidates, both with and without the current CEO, including board and committee meetings, one-on-one conversations and site visits.The plan should be reviewed at least every six months.Implementing the planApproximately one year before a planned transition, the full board should meet to implement the succession plan.
当候选人觉得他们正在被视为经过深思熟虑的继任计划的一部分时,他们就会对公司更加忠诚,甚至可能不太可能离开公司。继任计划至少每六个月全面审查一次 继任计划的执行 优秀继任CEO的执行 变更时间前一年,全体董事会应就继任计划进行实际讨论。
Then we can avoid the use of meaningful serum. If hives causes many factors or contact with significant factor cannot be deleted, then you must take antihistamines (loratadine, cetrin, Claritin, диMeдpoл и дp).
我们可以 有意义地 避免使用血清,如果我们不能消除导致荨麻疹的多种因素或与重要因素 接触 ,那么我们应该服用抗组胺药(氯雷他定、西特林、开瑞坦、苯海拉明等)。
It automatically amplifies its force in a way that is meaningful to the audience it is in contact with.
所有伟大的事物都会以对与之 互动的 观众 有意义的 方式自动放大其力量。
Reaching out to the potential contacts can help in forming stronger relationships and gaining valuable insights for long-term success.) Be the Tyrion Lannister of Your TeamTyrion is known for his meaningful quotes and negotiating skills. This adroitness has worked in his favor on getting out of any hazardous scenario, unscathed. Sales too is no stranger to negotiation.
与潜在的联系人接触 将帮助你建立牢固的关系并获得长期成功的宝贵见解。)提利昂·兰尼斯特在你的团队中提利昂引用了他的 意思 ,并以其谈判技巧而闻名。这种能力对他的出柜有利。遇到任何危险情况都毫发无伤。推销员对谈判也并不陌生。
“Then we need to identify skills within the refugee population and to help them to make contacts so that they can find meaningful work.”
接下来, 重要的 是研究难民的技能并帮助他们建立 联系 ,以便他们能够将这些技能运用到工作中。费尔德巴赫的扶轮社员正在帮助该镇支持新来者。为了证明这一点,附近文艺复兴风格的科隆贝格前狩猎小屋城堡将作为难民的临时住所。
There were also a large number of participants in the social gathering after the closing of the Symposium.IP departments have usually few contacts with professional engineers and had a very meaningful opportunity to communicate with them.
会后举行的联欢会人数众多,知识产权部门与专业工程师和其他很少有机会接触的人进行了互动,非常 有意义
In addition, Minister Lim explained that Brunei has just implemented a certain amount of easing of import restrictions, but he will be in contact again after reconfirming. 3. The two ministers also held a meaningful exchange of views on cooperation in the region.
3 此外,河野大臣对文莱担任日本协调国 表示 感谢,并就朝鲜、南海等地区和国际局势交换了意见。
This untapped “secret” data that’s sourced from all contact center interactions can be used to create more meaningful campaigns-and it’s available now.Learn how businesses are leveraging artificial intelligence and getting the most from their AI investments.
可以利用 联络 中心内发生的客户交互中未利用的数据来创建更 有效的 活动。・本页面提供了许多有关AI和云主题的资料(免费),请查看。
In the international conference, I presented my own research results and received quite meaningful advices and suggestions.I got an opportunity to hear good researches on membrane technology and contact with many international researchers.
在阿根廷举办的膜处理技术国际会议上,我展示了自己的研究成果并获得了宝贵的意见和建议,同时也从世界各地相关领域研究人员的演讲中获得了 新的 知识和信息。
Since discovering that a ” meaningful coincidence” is at work in the relation between the self and the world, Kodaira has endeavored to make photographs, which serves as a medium for expressing, and sharing with others, the sense of coming into contact with this ” meaningful coincidence”.
小平觉得自己和世界的关系中潜藏 着有意义的 巧合,他开始融入 自己遇到 这种巧合时的感受,开始致力于以摄影表达为媒介与他人分享。 …
Thus, the Koharu series was designed to be a textbook that provides an enjoyable and meaningful experience for students as they come into contact with the Japanese-language for the first time, or at least prevents them from hating the language.
在这样的情况下,这本教材《小春》就是为了让你第一次接触日语变得愉快而 有意义 ,或者至少是为了避免人们认为日语是不愉快的系列”。
The purpose of using a lookup column is to replace the display of a number, such as an ID (or other foreign key value), with something more meaningful , such as a name. For example, instead of displaying a contact ID number, Access can display a contact name. The contact ID number is the bound value. It is automatically looked up in a source table or query to find the contact name. The contact name is the display value.
使用查找列的目的是用 更有意义的 值(例如名称)替换数字值(例如 ID(或其他外键值))。例如,您可以显示 联系人 姓名而不是 联系人 ID。 联系人 ID 号是一个串联值。源表或查询通过引用联系人 ID 自动查找 联系人 姓名。 联系人 姓名成为显示值。

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