【英语单词】彻底解释“mean square”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

【英语单词】彻底解释“mean square”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

mean square是一个英语单词,有几个不同的含义。 让我们用例句来解释每个的含义和用法!

Calculate the mean square error of each population element.
计算每个总体元素的 均方误差
Return to step 4 and repeat until the mean square error is sufficiently low and the user decides to stop the process.
返回步骤 4 并重复,直到 均方 误差足够小以至于用户决定终止该过程。
For retrospective studies, the error variance σ2 is estimated by the mean square error.
另外,误差方差σ2的估计值是 均方 误差(MSE)。
Borrowing from the methodology of statistical physics, Hamid Kellay and colleagues show that these deviations from a hurricane’s mean trajectory can be modelled using a universal statistical law for their mean square displacement (MSD), a powerful tool to characterize random motion.
在这里,H. Kellay 和同事借用了统计物理学的技术,并使用 均方 位移 (MSD) 的通用统计定律(一种表征随机运动的强大工具)来估计飓风的平均路径。的可以建模。
The filtering information then contains information for minimizing the mean square error of said moving image signals in the frequency range and of the decoded signals in the frequency range after the filtering process has been applied.
滤波器信息包括用于最小化频域中的运动图像信号与应用滤波器处理之后的频域中的解码信号之间的 均方 误差的信息。
The algorithm works by minimizing the mean square position error between the tool tip positions from each of the mounting plate tag points while maintaining the constraints of the Translate X, Y, Z selections.
该算法根据安装板上的每个标记点最小化刀尖位置的 均方 误差,同时保持指定的 X、Y 和 Z 平移约束。
This epitaxial thin-film crystal (10) is configured of terraces, which are flat on an atomic level, and steps, and has a flat surface in which the mean square surface roughness measured in a 2 µm-square area is 1 nm or less.
该外延薄膜晶体10由在原子水平上平坦的平台和台阶构成,并且具有在2μm见方的区域中测量的 均方表面 粗糙度为1nm以下的平坦表面。
To experiment with this example, you can change such parameters as the channel impulse response, the number of equalizer tap weights, the recursive least squares (RLS) forgetting factor, the least mean square (LMS) step size, the MLSE traceback length, the error in estimated channel length, and the maximum number of errors collected at each Eb/No value.
要运行此示例,您需要通道脉冲响应、均衡器抽头权重的数量、递归最小二乘 (RLS) 遗忘因子、最小 均方 (LMS) 步长、MLSE 回溯长度和估计通道长度。您可以更改参数,例如为每个 Eb/No 值计算的错误和最大错误数。
This mean square value is called power of signal x (t).
均方根 值称为信号 x(t) 的功率。
As a result, the mean square roughness of surface of SOI wafer is improved to 0.1 nm or less.
其结果,SOI晶片表面的 均方粗糙度 改善至0.1nm以下。
That is, it is the power value ( mean square value) of the time signal prior to the analysis.
换句话说,它是分析前时间信号本身的功率值( 均方根 值)。
In this talk, we give mean square value theorems for the Mordell-Tornheim double zeta-function.
在本次演讲中,我将讨论 Mordell-Tornheim 型双 zeta 函数的 均方 值结果。
In 2015, Matsumoto and Tsumura gave mean square value theorems for the Euler-Zagier double zeta function.
Matsumoto 和 Tsumura 在 2015 年给出了 Euler-Zagier 型双 zeta 函数的均 值。
The mean square error, iteration count, and the component values for the current best solution are then updated as the program runs.Figure 7.
然后,随着程序的运行,均方 误差 、迭代次数以及当前最佳解对应的分量值都会被更新。
The algorithm works by minimizing the mean square positional error between the corresponding points while maintaining the constraints of the Translate X, Y, Z and Rotate X, Y, Z selection.
该算法最小化对应点之间位置的 均方 误差,同时保持选定的 X、Y、Z 平移和 X、Y、Z 旋转约束。
From Equation 11, the mean square (MS) of Θ(t) can be calculated by: Following Equation 5 above, we finally show the relationship between the period jitter, JPER, and the phase noise spectrum, L(f), as: In some applications like SONET and 10Gb, engineers only monitor the jitter at a certain frequency band.
根据公式 11,可以使用以下公式计算 θ(t) 的 均方根 (MS): 根据前面所示的公式 5,我们最终计算周期抖动的 JPER 和相位噪声频谱的 L(f)。之间的关系在某些应用中,例如 SONET 和 10Gb,工程师仅监控某些频段的抖动。
The more the discrepancies between the observations are high, the more the seasonal component increases.Note 1: for all the above models, XLSTAT estimates the values of the parameters that minimize the mean square error (MSE). However, it is also possible to maximize the likelihood, as, apart from the Holt-Winters multiplicative model, it is possible to write these models as ARIMA models. For example, the simple exponential smoothing is equivalent to an ARIMA(0,1,1) model, and the Holt-Winters additive model is equivalent to an ARIMA (0,1,p+1)(0,1,0) p.
注1:对于上面提到的所有模型,XLSTAT估计的是最小化 均方 误差(MSE)的参数值,但是除了Holt-Winters乘法模型之外,也可以最大化似然,即可以将这些模型写成 ARIMA 模型。例如,简单指数平滑对应于 ARIMA (0, 1, 1) 模型,Holt-Winters 加法模型对应于 ARIMA (0, 1, p+ 1) (0, 1, 0) 对应于 p。
Contents Lecture will be in the PC lab in the Integrated Research Building.Contents will be as following.Creating Figure and spreadsheet data using Excel Least mean square approximation analysis and moving data average analysis of time series data using Excel Moving data analysis using Excel Correlated analysis using Excel Basics of Mathematica (computational software) Algebra calculations using mathematica Data analysis using Mathematica Creating graphics using Mathematica Creating animation using Mathematica Composing music using Mathematica Textbooks No textbooks are assigned.
课程内容 课程主要包括使用安装在大学教育大楼三楼SIS实验室的Windows计算机进行以下主题的实践培训。指南和电子邮件设置 使用 Excel 创建表格和图形 使用 Excel 进行 最小二乘 近似 使用 Excel 进行移动平均分析 使用 Excel 进行相关分析/自相关分析 使用 Excel 进行差异分析 使用 Excel 进行温度预测的基础知识 使用 Excel 进行温度预测的基础知识 使用 Mathematica 进行数学基础知识 Mathematica Graphics by Mathematica 动画 by Mathematica 作曲 by Mathematica 除上述内容外,还将有两场实践指导讲座。
Effective value is also called Rout Mean Square value from the above a physical sense, if the power consumption of current-voltage and alternating-voltage is same as the power used when alternating-voltage is applied to a certain resistance R, the RMS of the current-voltage is E (V).
有效值 的物理意义是,如果某个交流电压消耗的功率等于直流电压E(V)施加到某个电阻R时消耗的功率,则该交流电压的有效值为E(V)。
Furthermore, the user can choose several “criteria” to determine the best model: Adjusted R2, Mean Square of Errors (MSE), Mallows Cp, Akaike’s AIC, Schwarz’s SBC, Amemiya’s PC.Stepwise: The selection process starts by adding the variable with the largest contribution to the model (the criterion used is Student’s t statistic).
线性回归最佳模型中的变量选择您可以使用 XLSTAT 中提供的四种方法之一选择 构成 模型的变量:此方法在所有模型中选择最佳模型。,并且可以处理“最小变量”中的任意数量的变量另外,用户可以选择多个“标准”来确定最佳模型。可以选择多个“标准”来确定最佳模型:校正R2、均方误差(MSE)、Mallows Cp、Akaike’s AIC ,Schwarz 的 SBC,Amemiya 的 PC。逐步:选择过程是 ,我们首先添加对模型贡献最大的变量(使用的标准是学生的 t 统计量)。

“mean square”是一个英语单词,有几个不同的含义。 让我们用例句来解释每个的含义和用法!

英语 含义(中文翻译) 详细解释!
square 正方形,正方形 (形状:四等边
Tony drew a square on the paper.
托尼在一张纸上画了一个正方形( 或: 正方形)。
square 正方形 (公共场所:广场) 广场 广场
The square was popular with the tourists because of its cafes and surrounding buildings.
square 正方形 (四边相等)
My wife prefers square tables, while I prefer them to be longer.
square 直角 (有直角)
Because the building was triangular, none of the corners was square.
square with [sth]
水平的 (笔直、水平)
Is this picture square with the other one?
square 正方形 (测量:面积)
The apartment was 100 square meters in size.
square 诚实的 比喻的,非正式的 (诚实的)
Are you being square with me? I certainly hope so.
square 僵硬的 比喻的、俚语的 (人称:常规的)
He is so square that he wouldn’t even enjoy this music.

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英语 含义(中文翻译) 详细解释!
square 平手, 势均力敌 非正式的 (同等条件下)
I hit you once, then you hit me back; I guess we’re square now.
square 没有债务 非正式 (不再负债)
Here’s your money. Are we square now?
square 正方形 (板球、足球:交叉) 板球
square 90度,方形 (占星:90度) 天体
square 确切地说,只是一点点 (准确地,准确地)
Aaron punched Jimmy square on the jaw.
square 公平、公正、不作弊 非正式的 (相当地)
Tom always acts square in business deals, never cheating his clients.
square 方尺、曲尺 (木工工具、设计)
The architect used a plastic square to draw the 90-degree angle.
建筑师使用塑料方块画出 90 度角。
square 眼睛,马苏 (国际象棋、西洋跳棋) 棋盘等
In chess, a pawn can advance two squares on its first move.
square 平方 数学
The square of 3 is 9.
square [sth] 制作〜一个正方形[正方形] (制作正方形)
I squared off the planks to make them even.
square [sth] 方~ (数学:一个数与其自身相乘) 数学
Three squared is nine.
square [sth] 使〜正方形 (肩膀:设定) 肩膀等
The army recruit squared his shoulders when the sergeant entered the room.
square [sth] with [sth] 匹配〜到(到) 非正式 (协调)
He squared his actions with his beliefs.
square [sth] with [sb] 解决〜与〜 非正式 (解决)
I won’t feel better until I’ve squared things with my brother.
英语 含义(中文翻译) 详细解释!
square [sth] away,
square away [sth]
把〜整理好,把〜收起来 美国,非正式 (已排序)
square off 做好准备 (准备战斗)
The boxers squared off before the referee blew the whistle.
square [sth] up,
square up [sth]
使~成直角 (角度:变直)
square [sth] up,
square up [sth]
解决,解决 比喻的、非正式的 (解决账单)
Can you pay the bill? I’ll square it up with you later.
square up 准备,准备自己 (准备战斗)
The boxers squared up and the opening bell sounded.
square up to [sb/sth] 准备, 准备 (准备战斗 [某人/某事]
The wrestler squared up to his opponent.
square up to [sb/sth] 硬起心来~,下定决心~ (准备解决问题​​)

「mean square」相关的惯用语、成语和复合词一览表。牢牢记住这些,让我们在日常对话中灵活运用「mean square」吧!

英语 含义(中文翻译) 详细解释!
mean square deviation
分散 统计
Variance is a tool that can be used to analyze data statistically.

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