【英语单词】彻底解释“mean noon”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

【英语单词】彻底解释“mean noon”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

mean noon是一个英语单词,有几个不同的含义。 让我们用例句来解释每个的含义和用法!

Hydrate, but just a little Having to arrive shortly after 12 noon means a good 12 hours of standing before the countdown begins.
补水,但只需要一点点 必须在 中午 12 点之后到达 ,意味着 距离倒计时开始还有整整 12 个小时。
The amendments to the Rules of both UK Europe and UK Bermuda will come into effect at noon Greenwich Mean Time on 20th February 2015.
英国欧洲俱乐部和英国百慕大俱乐部的规则变更将于 2015 年 2 月 20 日 格林尼治标准时间 中午 12:00 生效。
Green line shows the area where the sun is rising or setting, and the small red circle is where the sun is in the zenith, which means local noon .
绿线是太阳升起和落下的地方,红色小圆圈代表太阳。这 表明 现在是 白天
By this we mean that noon will be at the point when the Sun is highest in sky and due south, standard time would be when the Sun was due south at another point such as the Royal Observatory at Greenwich.
这里的 正午 是指太阳位于正南最高点的时间,标准时间是指在其他地点(例如格林威治天文台)太阳位于正南的时间。
The amendments to the Rules will come into effect at noon Greenwich Mean Time on 20th February 2011 and the appointment of the Auditors comes into immediate effect.
这些规则修订将于 2011 年 2 月 20 日 格林尼治标准 时间 中午 12:00 生效。此外,审计师的任命立即生效。
The Earth’s eccentricity means that solar noon , the time when the Sun is highest in the sky, doesn’t always occur at the same point in the day.
由于地球的偏心轨道 子午线 时间,即太阳处于最高位置的时间,不一定是在一天中的同一时间。
Resolution 1 to propose: “That with effect from 12 noon Greenwich Mean Time on 20th February 2019, the amendments to the Rules of UK(E) contained in Appendix A, be and are hereby adopted”.
UKE 保险条款和条件修订草案决议 1:特此通过,附件 A 中规定的 UKE 保险条款和条件修订草案将于 2019 年 2 月 20 日 中午 12:00 GMT 生效。
What do you mean ? It’s noon .
已经是 中午了
I mean , he just said we only have till noon tomorrow.
他说 我们 只能到明天 中午
Railways timetabling demanded a fixed noon and fixed day leading to the adoption of Greenwich Mean Time.
铁路时刻表需要标准化 中午 的时间和一天的长度,并纳入 格林威治 标准时间。
I heard, acute, and this means I can not arrive at noon on the 2nd Litang.
听说是急性期,这我 中午之前 就赶不到第二个理坛了。
The phrase “high noon settlement” means there is no shadow for all eternity.
正午 固定这个词的 意思 是永远没有影子。
Because of changes in the rate of Earth’s rotation, standard international time UTC can differ from the mean observed solar time at noon on the prime meridian by up to 0.9 second.
由于地球自转速度的变化,标准协调世界时 (UTC) 可能与本初子午线的 平均 太阳时相差最多 0.9 秒。
Steve advised in my guestbook that the vessel had been wrecked in With a crew of All went well until Dec. At midnight on Dec. At about noon on Dec.Natalie SpoonerThe Relationship between Sin and Death in Genesis, by James Stambaugh Eve called in Chapter 3 the mother of all living expected that her first-born son would be the promised messiah, hence her remark when Cain was born the name Cain means gotten.
12 月午夜 12 点。大约在 12 月 中午 。娜塔莉·斯普纳 (Natalie Spooner) 创世记与罪恶和死亡的关系,被詹姆斯·斯坦博 (James Stambaugh) 在第 3 章中称为夏娃 (Eve) 众生之母,她的长子 她预言应许的弥赛亚将是应许的弥赛亚,所以当该隐出生时,她说该隐这个名字的意思 “增益”。
From Jinghong to Yi Wu, a car each day at noon just missed this time, which means missing a day of good time.
李五,每天 中午12:00 才开车,这也 意味着 一天中没有什么好的时间,因为这个时间会错过。
The marine chronometer would have to keep the time of a fixed location-usually Greenwich Mean Time-allowing seafarers to determine longitude by comparing the local high noon to the clock.
航海天文钟测量参考经度(通常 是格林威治 标准时间)的时间,并可以通过将其与当地时间 中午 进行比较来计算经度。
You sleep enough to function.Whether that means sticking to a 10 p.m. bedtime or sleeping in on the weekends until noon , you should get enough sleep to go about your day without binge drinking coffee or falling asleep at the wheel.
我有足够的睡眠以便能够在白天活动,我总是必须在晚上 10 点上床睡觉!或者说,周末我得睡到 中午 !没有必要特别讲究。只要你不喝太多咖啡,并保证充足的睡眠,度过一天 而不 在开车时睡着,就足够了。
Adachiya in Itoman city is also cheap and tasty Senbero Izakaya, you can drink from noon Senbero that mean you can drink 3 alchohol and delicious knobs at a thousand yen.
丝满的足立屋还有一家便宜又美味的千贝楼居酒屋,从 中午开始 就可以喝酒。1000日元就可以在千贝楼吃到三杯饮料和美味的小吃。
The Imperial Court is called Chotei (朝廷) which literally means the morning court; the politics, conferences and the like were held before noon from early in the morning in the Nara period when Taiho Ritsuryo (Taiho Code) was set up and the political system of the Imperial Court was established,
“朝廷”一词的由来 ,是因为 在奈良时代,制定了大保律令,确立了朝廷的政治制度,政治和会议都是在清晨开始并举行。在早晨。
It is not the other Chinese character for hwa (化), which means “to become.”As it stands, the character hwa, meaning to harmonize, contains the meaning that people of different personalities should become one even though their characters differ and, similarly, peoples and nations with different characteristics should join together as one… (068-232,19730803) Section 2.High Noon Settlement and a Life of Resonance 1 High noon settlement is possible when there is no shadow.
这不是一个“ka”字符。日本的性格意味着每个人都有不同的性格,但正如不同方面的人会合而为一一样,不同性格的人、不同性格的国家也必须团结起来,它是有意义的。第2节: 中午 定居和共鸣的生活 天成庆 第12章:天日国 第3章 天日国公民和家庭誓言 第2节:中午定居和共鸣的生活 1 当影子消失时,中午定居是可能的。

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