【英语单词】彻底解释“mean figure”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

【英语单词】彻底解释“mean figure”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

简单汉语中“mean figure”的意思

“mean figure” 是由二个英文单词( mean、figure )组合而成的一个单词短语。

  • 数字 ”用于表示[数字或由数字表示的数量的符号]。


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In 232 appearances between 1994 and 2004 he scored 6,912 runs at an average of more than 53, the mean figure swelled by 67 not outs in 196 innings.
【英语单词】彻底解释“mean figure”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆
This equated to an average attendance of almost 1,900 which, compared with the 1,600 mean figure from a year previously, represented an increase of 17 per cent.
这相当于平均出席人数接近 1,900 人,比上一年的平均出席人数 1,600 人增加了 17%。
They would then divide them by mean figures of the planetary orbits, and add/subtract values to adjust for hours and minutes.

mean figure是一个英语单词,有几个不同的含义。 让我们用例句来解释每个的含义和用法!

Mostly we figure that means “yes.”
Then, we continued the discussion for 2 days, contacted relevant people via phones, e-mails, and other means to figure out the next possible actions.
之后,我们用了两天的时间,通过电话、邮件等方式与有关各方 讨论了 未来的可能性。
What does that mean ? – ” Figure out”. It’s a figure !
以及 金字塔 作为 法老王 的陵墓。
A common convention in science and engineering is to express accuracy and/or precision implicitly by means of significant figures .
在科学和工程中,准确度和精确度 通常 由有效 数字 表示。
This figure means a pregnant woman can eat 80 grams of bottlenose dolphin meat once every two months.
This does not mean that the figure of Santa Claus could not be replaced by any other subject (easter bunny then theorized).
这并不 意味着 圣诞老人的 形象 不能被其他主题(后来理论化的复活节兔子)取代。
This figure means that, at least once a year, a conflict occurs somewhere in the world.
即使你简单地思考一下,这个 数字也表明了 世界某个地方每年都会发生一次问题的现实。
Those high figures mean that Canada exports surplus electric power to the United States.
Understanding the Numbers The answer requires that we better understand what all these figures mean .
理解 数字的含义 回答这个问题 您需要理解 所有 这些数字的 含义
And just because he found the grave… doesn’t mean that they will figure it out as well.
仅仅因为你发现了坟墓并不 意味着 你会发现真相。
Jishorinjin (Nyorai)’ means the figure that embodies the universal truth and the state of enlightenment itself, while ‘Shoborinjin (Bosatsu)’ means the figure that preaches the universal truth and the state of enlightenment in an easily understood manner.
自化身(如来) 是指 体现宇宙真理和觉悟状态本身的 形象 ,而真实法轮身(菩萨) 是指 清楚解释宇宙真理和证悟境界的 形象。 开悟的状态。
The sculpture in the centre is called “Faraday”, but the reason is unknown, especially if this Faraday means the famous figure in electrical engineering.
The method of illuminating a figure by means of a strong light from the side that molds the contours and gives them relief was typical of Caravaggio’s style and the movement that followed it.
用强光从侧面 照射人物 ,突出人物的起伏,是卡拉瓦乔画派的特色。
Positive figures of the composite indicator signify that firms find that their employment and production capacity are on the whole excessive, and negative figures mean a shortage.
如果短观加权平均DI的符号为正,则表明该公司人员和设备过剩; 如果为负 ,则表明该公司存在短缺。
Example Contrasting All of the Compare Means Tests From Figure 5.72, notice that for the Student’s t and Hsu methods, age group 15 (the third circle from the top) is significantly different from the control group and appears gray.
为比较 平均值 而提供的所有测试 四个多重比较测试 比较 学生 t 检验和 Hsu 检验显示 15 岁组(从上数第三个圆圈)与 17 岁组不同。为灰色。
Add elements in the order to place them on maps. For example, the order in this figure means that elements added below Business Areas on maps, automatically are Departments.
按照您希望元素在地图上的放置顺序添加元素。例如, 此图中的 顺序 添加到地图中业务区域的元素会自动放置在部门中。
As the figure itself was beyond belief, Feynman questioned exactly what “necessarily” meant in this context – did it mean that the figure followed logically from other calculations, or did it reflect NASA management’s desire to make the numbers fit?
这个数字 本身令人难以置信,但费曼想知道在这种情况下意味着什么,这个数字是否也可以从其他计算中逻辑得出,或者我问这个 数字 是否反映了美国宇航局高管的意愿。
What does the red belt-like figure mean ? It looks like a circle when one looks down from the air, whereas it looks like a belt which appears and disappears when one looks at it from the side.
红带形状是什么意思 ?从上面看它是圆形的,但从侧面看,它就变成了一条带子,把一切都隐藏起来。
In this way, it could be said that by bringing about a feeling of conviction toward the way the world is today – by means of the figures in the GPCI – a new sensation has begun to appear, especially among people who are involved in urban policy.
这样,通过 GPCI 数字 建立对世界现状的理解,可以说一种新的敏感性已经开始出现,特别是在参与城市政策的人们中。
But to understand what these figures really mean , a broader perspective on the statistical approach to measuring poverty is needed – which has dramatic implications for our understanding of how successful the Millennium Campaign actually was.
但要理解这些 数字 的真正 含义 ,需要更广泛地审视衡量贫困的统计方法。它对于我们了解千年运动实际上有多成功具有重大意义。

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