【英语单词】彻底解释“mean age”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

【英语单词】彻底解释“mean age”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

简单汉语中“mean age”的意思

“mean age” 是由二个英文单词( mean、age )组合而成的一个单词短语。

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例句 Their mean age was 41.9 years, and endometria were evaluated in 25 of these patients.
他们的平均年龄为 41.9 岁,其中 25 名患者接受了子宫内膜评估。
【英语单词】彻底解释“mean age”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆
例句 The mean age of recurrent patients was significantly higher than nonrecurrent patients (34.8 versus 28.5 years; p<0.05).
复发患者的平均年龄显着高于非复发患者(34.8 岁 vs. 28.5 岁;p<0.05)。
例句 The mean age was 264.6 ± 21.8 days postconception.
受孕后平均年龄为 264.6 ± 21.8 天。
例句 The mean age at eruption of the first primary tooth for all the infants was 6.82 ± 1.90 months.
所有婴儿第一颗乳牙萌出的平均年龄为 6.82 ± 1.90 个月。
【英语单词】彻底解释“mean age”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

mean age是一个英语单词,有几个不同的含义。 让我们用例句来解释每个的含义和用法!

Change the modeling type to continuous, which shows the mean age .
在这种情况下,将刻度更改为连续,就会显示 平均年龄
The mean age of colorectal cancer diagnosis is 44 for members of families that meet the Amsterdam criteria.
符合阿姆斯特丹标准的家庭中结直肠癌的 平均发病年龄 为 44 岁。
The mean age of patients at diagnosis for colonic carcinoids is 66 years and for rectal carcinoids, 56.2 years.
结肠类癌患者的 平均诊断年龄 为 66 岁,直肠类癌患者的平均诊断年龄为 56.2 岁。
The mean age at diagnosis is 44 months in unilateral cases and 31 months in bilateral cases of Wilms tumor.
单侧肾母细胞瘤病例诊断时的 平均年龄 为 44 个月,双侧病例诊断时的平均年龄为 31 个月。
Jejunal and ileal carcinoids occur equally in men and women at a mean age of 65.4 years.
[12] 空肠和回肠类癌在男性和女性中的发生率相同, 平均年龄 为 65.4 岁。
Occurring most commonly in women (female-to-male ratio, 2.5:1) at a mean age of 63 years, achlorhydria may be present, and hypergastrinemia or evidence of antral G-cell hyperplasia is usually found.
最常见于女性, 平均年龄 63岁(男女比例为1:2.5),可表现为胃酸缺乏,通常有高胃泌素血症或胃窦G细胞增生的证据。
The mean age of participants ranged from 39 to 72 years.Key resultsTwo studies used 1000 μg/day oral vitamin B12 and showed no relevant difference to intramuscularly applied vitamin B12 with regard to vitamin B12 blood levels.
参与者的 平均年龄 从39岁到72岁不等。主要结果 两项每天口服维生素 B121,000 μg 的试验显示,与肌肉注射维生素 B12 相比,血液维生素 B12 水平没有显着差异。
Multiple Myeloma, according to diffusion blood cancer, mainly affects the elderly ( mean age 70 years) is characterized by uncontrolled multiplication of plasma cells, important components of the immune system, which replicate in an uncontrolled manner and gather in the bone marrow.
多发性骨髓瘤是一种弥漫性血癌,主要影响老年人( 平均年龄 70 岁),是由浆细胞不受控制的增殖引起的,浆细胞是免疫系统的重要组成部分,其复制不受限制并聚集在骨髓中。
In the original review, we found 24 studies that randomly assigned 58,040 adult people ( mean age 62 years) with high blood pressure, to four different drug classes or placebo.
初步审查确定了 24 项试验。这些试验将 58,040 名患有高血压的成年人( 平均年龄 62 岁)随机分配给四种不同的药物或安慰剂。
Since you forgot to take into account your special value, you conclude that the mean age of visitors is 71⁄2 years old, and you employ web designers to remove all the long words and use primary colours everywhere.
如果我不小心忘记了特殊值,结果发现我的客户的 平均年龄 是 7.5 岁,所以我告诉网页设计师删除所有长单词并到处使用原色。
Type II ECL-cell carcinoids, the least common type of gastric carcinoids, occur at a mean age of 50 years with no gender predilection.
[9] 最不常见的胃类癌类型是 II 型 ECL 细胞类癌, 平均发生年龄为 50 岁,没有性别偏见。
Of the seven countries included in the study, only two countries reported a mortality benefit associated with prostate cancer screening (the Netherlands and Sweden), and it is not readily apparent which factors at these two sites (e.g., PSA thresholds or intervals between testing used, mean age of patients) might explain the observed difference.
[38] [39] 在本研究纳入的七个国家中,只有两个国家(荷兰和瑞典)报告了与前列腺癌筛查相关的死亡率获益;很难确定因素(例如,使用的 PSA 阈值或测试间隔、 平均年龄 )患者)可能可以解释观察到的差异。
Late Effects from Retinoblastoma Therapy In a report from the Retinoblastoma Survivor Study (N = 470), 87% of survivors of retinoblastoma ( mean age , 43 years; median follow-up, 42 years) had at least one medical condition and 71% had a severe or life-threatening condition.
[54] 视网膜母细胞瘤治疗的后期影响 视网膜母细胞瘤幸存者研究 (N = 470) 的一份报告发现,87% 的视网膜母细胞瘤幸存者( 平均年龄 ,43 岁;中位随访时间,(42 岁))至少患有一种疾病, 71% 患有严重或致命的疾病。
Have never written travelogues, I do not know how we can regulate any case, the forgotten, forget, and do not forget to write the following: First to make a few Team: Team Manager: Tak-hei team: Wei Song, Xiao Zhao (and drivers), Yang Bi-yun, CANDY, DORIS, Cao, Adam, I mean age : 27 Type: self-organized, AA system Stroke: Origin: Yunnan Lijiang Destination: Sichuan Inagi endpoint: Yunnan Lijiang Time: 2000 May 21 to May 30 Detailed entry: May 21 Sunday afraid to successfully connect the airport in Lijiang CANDY and DORIS two, we have nine people and his party began to Inagi set out.
写过一篇游记,我不知道怎么才能忘记,如果忘记了怎么办,别忘了写下以下内容: 首先有些车队如: 车队经理:德平 车队:伟松 小赵(及司机)、杨毕燕、Candy、Doris Cao、Adam I, 平均年龄 :27 类型:自AA制 作文行程: 始发地:云南丽江 目的地:四川大陈 终点:云南丽江 时间:2000年5月21日 2000年5月30日 详细条目:5月21日星期日 大觉城成功启动 怕连接丽江CANDY和多丽丝两个机场,我们一行九人出发了。
Now, if you look at Mogadishu for example, in Mogadishu the mean age is 16 years old.
以摩加迪沙为例,平均年龄 为16岁。
This method kind of works until you start, for example, calculating the mean age of visitors to your website.
例如,假设您想要查找网站客户的 平均年龄
Ninety percent of patients with Sjögren’s syndrome are female.Although the mean age at onset is 50 years, the disease does occur in children.
尽管90%的干燥综合征患者是女性, 平均 发病 年龄 为50岁,但该病并不影响儿童。
In this study, the U-Pb ages of detrital zircon from sandstone were examined to understand the geologic age of the accretionary complexes, which are sparsely distributed in the western area of Lake Towada within the Ou Mountain Range.Consequently, 174.6 ± 0.7 Ma was obtained as a weighted mean age of the youngest age component of grain-age distribution (i.e., youngest cluster).
此次,为了明确奥羽山脉十和田湖以西微分布的增生杂岩的年龄,我们测量了砂岩中所含碎屑锆石的U-Pb 年龄 。得到的结果表明,该砂岩是中侏罗世以后沉积的。
The facility is staffed by Ph. Less model-dependent than tritium age dating: Traditional tritium age-dating is confounded by mixing between old tritium-dead water and young tritiated water, and requires modeling, assumptions or independent estimates of the mixing ratio to convert measured tritium activity into a groundwater age.When mixing is ignored, as it often is, tritium alone can overestimate the mean age of the modern less than 50 year age component.
该设施将被分配一个 pH 值。模型依赖的氚年龄比日期少:传统的氚年龄日期将通过将旧的氚死水与年轻的氚水混合而被破坏,并且需要建模、假设和混合比的独立估计将测得的氚活度转换为地下水 年龄
For this study, 23 healthy individuals ( mean age , 24.9 ± 4.9 years (SD)) were recruited and tested in 2 sessions for determining the intra-rater reliability of peak torque values for ankle dorsiflexion and plantar flexion movements that were generated isokinetically at 60, 90, and 120 deg/s.
在本研究中,为了解决测量踝关节跖背屈期间等速最大肌肉力量时的这些问题,我们 研究了我们的测量方法的有效性 ,该方法涉及使用弹性绷带或手进行充分固定 对 23 名健康成年 男性 在不同的日子进行了两次踝关节跖背屈的等速肌力测量,并检查了最大峰值扭矩值的再现性。

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