【英语单词】彻底解释“master an instrument”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

【英语单词】彻底解释“master an instrument”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

简单汉语中“master an instrument”的意思

“master an instrument” 是由三个英文单词( master、an、instrument )组合而成的一个单词短语。


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If you’ve always wanted to learn a language or master an instrument , use your quality time to fulfil that longheld ambition.
【英语单词】彻底解释“master an instrument”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆
These students were excited by the idea of using a computer to play music, eliminating the need to master an instrument first.
In this group they are taught how to master an instrument and how to read music.
Her natural talent comes from her musical family, and she can master any instrument almost instantly.
【英语单词】彻底解释“master an instrument”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆
They master their instruments exquisitely and achieve even a still greater mastery of themselves.

master an instrument是一个英语单词,有几个不同的含义。 让我们用例句来解释每个的含义和用法!

Can you talk us through the steps you go through to master such an instrument ?
您能告诉我们您 掌握 这种 乐器 的过程吗?我在某处读到,学习塔布拉的学生除非能用嘴演奏所有节奏,否则无法开始练习塔布拉。
The whole system is operated via one master instrument so users only need to work on one screen.
整个系统可以通过一台 主设备 进行操作,让您一屏工作。
By choosing the DMATM 5000 M or the Soft Drink Analyzer M (SDA M) as the master instrument you can be sure about the results with a precision of <0.01 ºBrix for the actual sugar concentration.
通过选择 DMATM 5000 M 或软饮料分析仪 M (SDA M) 作为 您的主仪器 ,您可以确保实际糖含量的结果精度低于 0.01 ºBrix。
Many thousands of hand movements, including tricks that have been passed down, result in the absolute top class master instruments , in a manufacturing process over a period of months.
使用代代相传的技术和数千个手动步骤,制造过程持续数月,最终打造出顶级的 仪器
Cultural protocols determine exactly how the tree for a canoe would be felled.Early Hawaiians were also master non- instrument navigators.
古代 文化教义牢固地确立了如何砍伐树木以划独木舟。
Not only did they master the instruments gradually, they now invent new ones for each song.
I challenged over and over again to master this instrument and this brought me to the entrance of my life of jazz.
我独自努力让这种难以操作的 乐器 屈服,这开启了我的爵士乐生活。
Heated sample changer: Xsample 630:: Heated sample changer: Xsample 630 The multi-sample changer with no limits for high viscosities The Xsample 630 sample changer handles up to 36 heated sample positions for all Anton Paar master instruments .
加热样品更换器 Xsample 630 :: 加热样品更换器 Xsample 630 Xsample 630 是一款多样品更换器,适用于最粘稠的样品,具有 36 个加热样品槽,可填充到任何安东帕 主设备 中。
The plurality of communication instruments include a master communication instrument , a first slave communication instrument , and a second slave communication instrument .
多个通信设备包括主通信设备、第一从通信设备和第二从通信 设备 ,并且 通信 设备 被配置为相对于第一从通信设备 向其 自身设备发送信息。当 切换 到由SCH信息,第二从通信设备发送信道切换信息,大意是要切换到SCH信息指示的SCH,并且第二从通信设备基于该信息,切换到SCH信息指示的SCH信息被执行。
Talent Music Master Courses hold master classes for different instruments such as a cello, guitar, harp, piano, viola, voice, and chamber music in Verona, Italy.
Talent Music Master Courses 在意大利维罗纳举办大提琴、吉他、竖琴、钢琴、中提琴、声乐和室内乐 大师 班。
Owing to such, I assume that any blind or vision impaired person who is able to master any musical instrument and to make an impression on an audience with his performance is a “successful musician”.
我相信,任何一个能够 掌握 乐器 并通过演奏给观众留下深刻印象的人都可以成为受欢迎的音乐家,即使他们有视力障碍。
Another program co-hosted with Consulate General of Japan in Sao Paulo was a concert and workshop of Shakuhachi (bamboo flute) by Mr. Shen Ribeiro who spent long years in Japan to master the instrument .
尺八演奏家沉里贝罗 此外,在日本训练尺八多年的沉里贝罗也将与日本驻圣保罗总领事馆共同主办尺八表演和工作坊。
This is the instrument ‘s master level, and can boost or attenuate the output of the amplifier sections.The Vib switch turns the vibrato effect on or off, while the percentage slider next to it adjusts the amplitude of the vibrato.
这成为本 乐器 电平,允许您提高或降低放大器部分的输出。 Vib(颤音)开关可打开和关闭颤音效果。水平百分比滑块调整颤音幅度。
She obtained her master degree in fine instruments and mechanical engineering in the Graduate School of Kobe University with. Then she joined a renowned Japanese Corporation of electronic product manufacturer, and worked on R&D of opto-electronic sensors in central research institute.
日本神户大学 测量 工学研究生院毕业并获得工学 硕士学位 后,在日本一家电子大厂的中央研究实验室从事光电传感器的研发工作。
I’m considering a few different options… maybe the piano, maybe the guitar, or maybe I’ll even try to master one of the instruments whose design I was in charge of, such as the silent violin.
我正在考虑很多事情,比如弹钢琴、弹吉他,或者从我负责设计的 东西 开始 ,比如一把无声小提琴。
The World’s Masters of Wind Instruments presented the performances of masters from six invited countries (Korea, Belgium, China, Japan, Laos, and Thailand) along with the interpretational videos to attract the enthusiasts, while the exhibition hall offered an exhibition of about 230 musical instruments from 30 countries with various exhibition programs to attract many children and parents.
世界长笛 大师 展将带来来自韩国、比利时、中国、日本、老挝、泰国等6个受邀国家的 长笛大师 精彩表演,与解说视频和演奏相结合,进一步扩大长笛爱好者群体展厅展出了来自30个国家的230余 件乐器 和丰富多彩的体验活动,尤其受到孩子们和家长的好评。
This series is the product of a joint project by four leading recording companies in the field, King Records, Columbia Music Entertainment, Victor Foundation for the Promotion of Traditional Music and Japan Crown. It draws on the wealth of recordings from their collections dating back over many years, from which have been chosen some of the greatest performances by famous masters of the traditional instruments .
该系列CD由King Records、Columbia Music Entertainment、Victor传统音乐振兴财团、Nippon Crown四家竞相销售的唱片公司共同策划,从各公司多年积累的丰富音源中精选 大师 们的演奏。年。它是一个集合。
Cobain suggested his idea for an instrument to Fender, resulting in two left-handed prototypes built by former Custom Shop Master Builder Larry L. Brooks, only one of which was played by Cobain himself.
Nirvana 的 Kurt Cobain 向 Fender 提出了两件式 合成器 的想法,定制店 大师 Larry L. Brooks 制作了两把左手吉他,其中只有一把是 Fender 制作的,被 Cobain 自己使用。
This could be an instrument of repair.
我想这本书可能会成为一个修复 工具
Hippolyte Pixii (1808-1835) was an instrument maker from Paris, France.
Hippolyte Pixii (1808-1835) 是一位来自法国巴黎的工程师。

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