【英语单词】彻底解释“make it hot for”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

【英语单词】彻底解释“make it hot for”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

make it hot for是一个英语单词,有几个不同的含义。 让我们用例句来解释每个的含义和用法!

Return my drugs, or your men don’t make it home for dinner.
把我的药还给我 ,不然 你的 就不能 回家吃 晚饭了。
Bali’s tropical climate makes it an ideal home for mosquitos.
巴厘岛的热带 气候 也是蚊子 完美 栖息地
This makes it safer for home use.
如果你专门 在家 使用 的话会很方便。
That makes it easier for home chefs to cook, I think.
听了 这句话,我想你 在家 就能轻松做饭了。
I had a husband… but it’s hard to do this job and make it home in time for dinner.
我老公也在,但是他太忙了,没时间 回家 吃饭……
The next owner of the house was Sir Mitchell Mitchell-Thomson, 1st Baronet, who was to make it his home for the next 30 years.
这座房子的下一任主人是准男爵米切尔·米切尔-汤姆森 (Mitchell Mitchell-Thomson),他在接下来的 30 年里一直把 这里当作自己的家
Its 4-channel capacity makes it perfect for monitoring homes and small businesses.
4 通道 容量 使其 成为 家庭 和小型企业监控的理想选择。
He tries to avoid overtime during Ramadan, but if a conference runs late and he is unable to make it home in time for iftar, he will sometimes take a drink of water or juice or snack on some dates to ease his hunger.
斋月期间一般不会加班,但如果开会时间较长 无法 开斋回家 ,可以尝试在日落时喝水或果汁和枣子充饥,回家后再 适当 吃饭。
Moc Chau Moc Chau is not just a pretty face: While the plateau’s picturesque scenery attracts visitors from around the globe, its unique culture and tradition keeps them coming back for more. Long Lanh Pass Long Lanh Pass’s mystical ambiance attracts those in search of romance. Also known as Omega Pass, its natural beauty makes it the perfect home base for exploring. The best time for a stroll is from 5-6:30 pm, when it is blanketed by white haze like a beautiful girl in white dress challenging all those adventurous souls.
MOC Chow MOC Chow 不仅仅是一张漂亮的脸蛋:高原美丽的风景吸引着来自世界各地的游客,而其独特的文化和传统也让他们流连忘返。寻找浪漫。也被称为“欧米茄通行证”,其自然美景 使其成为 探索 马苏的完美大本营。
Ingredients for 4 people: 6 large potatoes (I used those of Viterbo, fantastic) 5 celery stalks 2 red apples Pink Lady of Trentino a fresh onion 6 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 4 tablespoons Greek yogurt or sour cream (If you want to make it at home for the recipe click here on ‘basics’) salt and pepper oil for garnish some slices of Apple with the Peel for garnish some slices of celery for garnishing shredded PDO Parmigiano Reggiano as required a liter of vegetable broth made with a carrot, an onion and a stick of celery Wash and peel the potatoes, Peel the apples and remove the wires to celery. Do it all in pieces.
,太棒了) 5 根芹菜茎 2 个红苹果 粉红女士托伦蒂诺 6 汤匙新鲜洋葱 4 汤匙特级初榨橄榄油 4 汤匙希腊酸奶或酸奶油(如果你想 在家 这个 食谱是“基本”))盐,胡椒油用于装饰 几片带皮苹果用于装饰 几片芹菜用于装饰,如果需要可切碎 PDO 1 升 Parmigiano-Reggiano 蔬菜汤,由糖果、洋葱和芹菜条制成 洗净 然后将土豆去皮,将苹果去皮,把芹菜上的电线去掉。一切正常。洋葱切碎,用油炒干,加入土豆。
The contemporary style of the Ikea Nockeby sofa range makes it popular for many homes and we make custom sofa covers for the whole range. The Nockeby 2-seater with Chaise (sectional) covers come in 11 individual pieces: 3 seat cushion covers, 3 back cushion covers, 3 side cushion covers, 2 frame covers.
诺克比转角沙发左套包括 11 个部件:3 个座垫套、3 个靠背垫套、3 个侧垫套和 2 个框架套。
Additionally, ubiquitous wireless services make it possible for connected- home system technologies to now offer conveniences, such as receiving notifications when a garage door has been left open or lawn sprinklers need to be turned off.
此外, 随着无线服务现在无处不在,联网家庭系统技术可以 提供便利,例如当您的车库门打开或当您需要关闭草坪洒水器时通知您。
She wanted you to make it home .
想让 回家
In the end, what makes it home ?
最后, 什么 是房子
I just wanted us to make it home .
我只想平安 回家
The community has seen 6 generations of the family make its home here.
江大喜,将六名 家臣 献给室屋。
I even know you didn’t make it home last night.
我也知道你昨晚不 在家
Sorry I couldn’t make it home on time.
很抱歉我没能按时 回家
Come on. I’ll make it home early tonight.
我会早点回家 ,所以 我们 租一部电影吧。
Last night he didn’t make it home ‘til five.
昨晚我直到五点才 回到家

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