【英语单词】彻底解释“make inroads into”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

【英语单词】彻底解释“make inroads into”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

make inroads into是一个英语单词,有几个不同的含义。 让我们用例句来解释每个的含义和用法!

By promoting human resources development and quality infrastructure development, we will encourage private companies to make inroads into Africa.
通过促进人力资源开发和优质基础设施,鼓励私营公司 向非洲扩张
The Defense Venture Center is operated by the Defense Agency for Technology and Quality with the budget from the local government to foster SMEs and venture companies and support them make inroads into the defense market.
该中心将由国防技术和质量局在地方政府的支持下运营,旨在培育拥有优秀技术的中小企业和风险投资公司,并支持 它们进入 国防工业市场。
The Shanghai office will help Jeju companies to enter the Chinese market, attract tourists that want cruise-related tourism, provide business services to regional companies in Shanghai that wish to make inroads into Jeju, carry out information consulting services and support companies entering new markets.
上海代表处将开拓济州岛产品的中国市场,吸引以邮轮为主的复合型旅游的游客,吸引对增加济州岛未来价值的金融和复合型产业的投资,并服务于希望 扩展到 济州岛的上海地区。该公司将负责济州岛的商业服务、招商引资、信息咨询以及企业市场开发支持。
Hitachi started to make inroads into the UK market in 1999.
日立于 1999 年开始致力于 向英国出口铁路
If we make them with thin, durable glass, we should eventually be able to make inroads into this market.
如果我们能制造出薄而耐用的玻璃,我们相信我们可以 逐步 进入这个市场。
In addition to this, as modern industries continue to make inroads into Asia, an increase in production activity is expected to raise overall income levels.
此外, 制造业 继续 亚洲 扩张 ,生产活动的增加预计将导致整体收入水平的提高。
ADK was one of the first Japanese advertising companies to make inroads into China and has been offered reliable support to its clients ever since.
ADK是最早 进入 中国的日本广告公司之一,至今一直为我们的客户提供全力支持。
For Japanese firms hoping to make inroads into Kenya and the surrounding regions, JKUAT is a valuable presence.
对于希望 向肯尼亚及周边地区扩张的 日本公司来说,JKUAT 也是一笔宝贵的资产。
Mitsui & Co. hopes to use its work in Taiwan to make inroads into the 24-hour television shopping business in Asia in order to accommodate the diversifying styles of consumption in each respective nation.
为了应对各国消费方式的多样化,三井物产计划以台湾 为起点 ,在亚洲开展24小时电视购物业务。
And for PR activities for overseas companies aiming to make inroads into Japan, TOCS can also provide reliable and easy-to-understand solutions to clients, utilizing our rich experience of communicating in English.
在从海外 日本的入境公关方面,我们利用全英语沟通的经验,为客户提供安全且易于理解的解决方案。
Madrid bossed proceedings in the opening stages as they looked to make inroads into the visitors’ area.
皇马早早控制了比赛,并向对手的禁区 推进
As the reason weird plug-ins suddenly, make inroads into the top’ earned the downloads updates for a long time had earned a number of users to plug in.
一个陌生的插件之所以突然 跻身 前列,是因为一个一直稳定获得用户的插件在一段时间内第一次通过更新获得了更多的下载量。
In the Kamakura period, samurai started to make inroads into shoen and koryo, expanding their involvement over time.
从镰仓时代起,武士就开始 侵占 庄园和封地,而且随着时间的推移,侵占的程度越来越严重。
Upon its decision earlier this year to withdraw from China, E-Mart has been looking to make inroads into Southeast Asia through exports and direct market entry.
据业内人士透露,10日宣布退出中国市场的易买得正在 东南亚出口,并直接向该地区 扩张
At the forum, speakers will introduce global cosmetics market trends, ans strategies to make inroads into the markets of China, the United States, Central and South America, Europe, and Russia.
论坛将介绍全球化妆品行业的趋势以及 进军 中国、美国、拉丁美洲、欧洲和俄罗斯的 策略
Incheon expects the cluster to help local food companies make inroads into new domestic and foreign markets, as well as secure competitiveness, create jobs and revitalize the local economy. Copyrights Yonhap News.
仁川市希望I-Food Park能够帮助仁川食品 制造商拓展销售渠道 并保持竞争力,创造就业机会,振兴当地经济。 <版权所有者(c)韩联社。
Brad Garlinghouse, the Ripple CEO, has been taking advantage of these opportunities to push for Cryptos’ global adoption as Digital Tokens continue to make inroads into the […]
随着数字代币 继续 渗透市场, Ripple 首席执行官布拉德·加林豪斯 (Brad Garlinghouse) 正在利用这些机会推动加密货币的全球采用 […]
The dream of Tachibana and Bando to make inroads into the world market ended up as a mere dream.
橘和坂东所设想的世界 梦最终以梦告终。
The loss of control over Middle East oil, and the inability to make inroads into the Russian oil fields via Ukraine unrest were a double loss to western banking.
失去对中东石油的控制以及无法 通过动荡的乌克兰入侵俄罗斯的油田, 对西方银行来说是双重损失。
The pavilion was organized by the Wonju Medical Device Techno Valley since 2010 to help local companies make inroads into Middle Eastern markets.
原州医疗设备科技谷自2010年以来一直在推进联合建设项目,以支持中东市场的 发展

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