【英语单词】彻底解释“limited palette”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

【英语单词】彻底解释“limited palette”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

简单汉语中“limited palette”的意思

“limited palette” 是由二个英文单词( limited、palette )组合而成的一个单词短语。

  • 「palette」 的意思是: 艺术家在绘画时用来混合颜料的具有弯曲边缘的薄板
  • 有限 ”用来表示“少量或少量”。


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Build on this to create a limited palette of colours for your entire home, using different combinations of those colours in each room.
【英语单词】彻底解释“limited palette”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆
With a limited palette of materials available, almost identical streets were often the result.
So, despite the limited palette , it’s not a colourless garden, just focused, and very restful.
Stick to a limited palette of plants and repeat them within the space.
【英语单词】彻底解释“limited palette”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆
Because the architect ends up with a limited palette of materials and volumetric construction because it meets the budget and can be delivered rapidly.

limited palette是一个英语单词,有几个不同的含义。 让我们用例句来解释每个的含义和用法!

The first true jazz drummers had a somewhat limited palette to draw on, despite their broad range of influence.
与他们广泛的影响相比,最早的真正的爵士鼓手的吸引力有些 有限
Contrasting with the vibrant blue of the sky, the figure of the beggar is painted with a limited palette of muted colors.
这些人物以柔和的 暗色 调色板绘制,与天空的蓝色光芒 形成鲜明对比
Although he only had the time available he could carve out between working on installments of the Dragon Ball serial, his slime monster and other appealing creations won the hearts of many Japanese gamers.The Famicom was an 8-bit machine, so the first game had a limited palette and still pictures.
日本独特的漫画文化的影响力很强,日本人对玩家可以利用自己的想象力来弥补技术缺陷的想法感到满意,即使使用静态图片或使用点的绘图。是 8 位。如果 颜色 很少,图片不会移动。
Is working with limited colour palettes more fun artistically?
从艺术角度来说,在 有限的 调色板 内工作是否更有趣?
Roy’s works draw on the styles, limited palettes , and abbreviated bold touch of the simple folk paintings sold in front of the Kalighat Temple.
他借鉴卡利加特神庙前出售的简单民间绘画的风格,开始使用 有限的 颜色来大胆地简化主题。
He did this by painting in a realistic manner using a limited colour palette , sometimes only mud-brown or khaki.
他使用 有限的 调色板 以写实的方式进行绘画,有时只使用泥棕色或卡其色。
Behind Closed Doors: The Art Of Fe Fe Creative Director Andreas Beijer from Zoink Games, discusses fantastical creature design, working with limited color palettes and his personal connection to nature.
幕后花絮 – Fe 的艺术 Zoink Games 的 Fe 创意总监 Andreas Beyhar 谈论了设计奇幻生物、在 有限的 调色板 中工作以及他个人与自然的联系。
Battlefield key art has a striking and limited colour palette , does this make the creative process easier?
《战地》的主要艺术是通过生动且 有限的 色彩 完成的。
The artists chose to use trembling thin lines and a limited color palette to send out a simple but powerful message on environmental issues.
创作者思考了 如何 表达环境问题,结果,他们创造了一幅简单的画面,用摇曳的细线和 很少的 色彩来描绘一个城市本身被大自然的自洁特性摧毁的故事。
At the Isetan Shinjuku Store, a limited mauve coloured palette is a perfect combination of light and dark.
伊势丹新宿店 独有的 紫红色 调色板, 色彩精致,既不太重也不太淡。
In terms of products, we launched a limited edition British eyeshadow palette exclusively to suit the Western palette in 2016.
2016年,该公司推出了一款 仅在英国销售的眼影,其颜色适合西方人的肤色,因为西方人的肤色具有很强的 色素沉着
Skillful coloring in animation in particular has the ability to bring characters to life and convey emotions, even when palettes are limited .
特别地,即使使用 有限 数量的颜色,也可以给予角色生动的真实感并传达他们的感情, 即使 应用于动画的颜色数量有限。
The series of fifteen volumes, which featured a limited color palette and were bound in traditional Japanese style, was later sold to the general public for sixty-five years, from 1814, when Hokusai was fifty-five, until 1879.
当北斋在 1814 年出版第一版时,当时 55 岁 北斋在 1814 年出版第一版时,当时北斋 55 岁 北斋去世后,他在 1814 年 出版 第一版时 当时北斋 55 岁直到1879年为止,它一直是畅销书,长达65年,共15卷。
I keep my color and object palette limited because when i was 14, I read in a book that my grandfather had: “the bigger the palette the smaller the artist”. maybe it’s nonsense but I like to work with restrictions in order to focus and dive into more quality.
这是我14岁时读祖父的书的结果。无论 他的调色板 有多大,作为一名艺术家,他仍然不成熟。也许这是无稽之谈,但我喜欢专注于质量并对自己设定限制。
As already featured across much of the media, a NIKEiD 3-way colour palette and material HTM from Hiroshi Fujiwara, Tinker Hatfield, and Mark Parker has emerged as a limited edition.
据多家媒体报道,NIKEiD 发布了来自 HTM、Hiroshi Fujiwara、Tinker Hatfield 和 Mark Parker 三人组的 限量版 调色板 和材料。
In this limited time collection, eyeshadow palettes , blush and lip creams, and multi-purpose illuminating highlighters come to play.
限量 系列包括 眼影盘 、脸颊和唇部盘以及多用途荧光笔。
Unlike some other commercial software that act only on a limited number of colors with sliders, you can interact on the whole color palette with Rawtherapee.
一些商业处理软件使用滑块仅调整 有限数量 的颜色,但 RawTherapee 会影响整个 色调范围
The palette is muted and limited . The same form repeats to create muscle, boulder, and sky, making a nearly seamless scene.
颜色的使用 非常有限 ,重复使用相同的形状来描绘肌肉、巨石和天空,创造出几乎无缝的场景。
Global Brain and Kodansha co-invests $4M USD in Mind Palette , the provider of social photo sharing service “Snapeee” | Global Brain The “GB-V Growth Fund Investment Limited Partnership” managed by Global Brain Corporation, has co-invested in Mind Palette Co.Ltd., the provider of social photo sharing service “Snapeee”, together with Kodansha Ltd.The total amount invested in Mind Palette was $4M USD.
投资运营照片分享社交媒体Snapeee的Mind Palette Co., Ltd. | Global Brain Global Brain No.5 Investment Business Limited Liability Partnership,由Global Brain Co., Ltd.(以下简称GB)运营,投资了照片共享社交媒体 Snapeee 策划、开发和运营讲谈社的 Mind Palette Co., Ltd.(总公司:东京都新宿区,代表董事:神尾隆正,以下简称 Mind Palette )株式会社(总公司:东京都文京区,代表取缔役社长:野间雅信)特此通知,我们已共同出资4亿日元。
These high-level functions are more limited than a Win32 GUI; for instance it is not possible for a program to change the color palette , nor is it possible to modify the font used by the console using these functions.
这些高级函数比 GDI 更受限制 ;例如,您不能从程序中更改 调色板 ,也不能使用这些函数来更改控制台使用的字体。

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