【英语单词】彻底解释“limited objective”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

【英语单词】彻底解释“limited objective”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

简单汉语中“limited objective”的意思

“limited objective” 是由二个英文单词( limited、objective )组合而成的一个单词短语。


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That limited objective was well served.
【英语单词】彻底解释“limited objective”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆
That should be our clear but limited objective as an alliance.
However, no-fly zones can only achieve limited objectives within a broader campaign.
The attack was to be on a relatively narrow front, with no prior bombardment and limited objectives.
【英语单词】彻底解释“limited objective”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆
Sometimes the counter-offensive can be of a more limited operational maneuver nature, with more limited objectives rather than those seeking attainment of a strategic goal.

limited objective是一个英语单词,有几个不同的含义。 让我们用例句来解释每个的含义和用法!

The German-Romanian forces successfully defended against the local limited objective attacks throughout the month of April.
四月份,德国-罗马尼亚军队成功抵御了针对 局部目标的 袭击。
Front row, from left: Hakuo Yanagisawa, President, and Noriko Mizuta, Chancellor, Josai University; Hiroyuki Murai, President and CEO, and Hirofumi Yamazaki, Executive Director, Baroque Japan Limited Objective of agreement and initiatives moving forward The agreement aims to foster human resources to create trends of a new era.Contemporary lifestyles see a declining interest in fashion among youths.Through industry-academia collaboration, Baroque Japan hopes to rekindle interest in fashion and ultimately revitalize the fashion industry as a whole.
(图片:前排左起:城西国际大学校长柳泽白夫、城西大学教育 法人 水田宗子会长、Baroque Japan Limited 总裁 首席执行官 村井博 、Baroque Japan Limited 常务 执行 董事 山崎宏 协议 及未来具体举措 本协议的目的是通过产学合作,培养创造新时代潮流的人才。在现代生活方式较以前下降的情况下,我们希望通过该协议激发年轻人对新时代潮流的兴趣。时尚,进而振兴整个行业。
The mischief may be a global war or it may be a Soviet campaign for limited objectives .
损害可能是一场全球战争或苏联出于 有限目的 而进行的运动。
By the end of June, the Vietnamese military assembled a multi-division task force to launch another limited-objective campaign against the Kampucheans.
到6月底,越军已集结多个师,对柬埔寨发动 另一次有限攻势
Since it is a care in the medical ward, it is a short-term hospitalization with limited objectives .
由于这是在内科病房的住院治疗, 因此目标 是短期住院。
One Belt, One Road is an initiative to build an economic zone to secure markets with participating countries without any influence by the West, which is a solid policy with limited objectives , and thus it will be hard to extract concessions from China.
“一带一路”是一种经济区概念,旨在确保友好国家和市场,不受西方影响,是一项 目标 有限的 刚性政策,不会轻易妥协。
After a stall that lasted almost three months, the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella decided to unblock the political impasse by convening for this morning Carlo Cottarelli, to give him in all probability a mandate that aims to form a government of the president with limited objectives , not only temporal.
在持续了近三个月的僵局之后,共和国总统塞尔吉奥·马塔雷拉 (Sergio Mattarella) 今天早上致电卡洛·科塔雷利 (Carlo Cottarelli),提出了一个术语,该术语指的是组建一个 目标可能有限的总统政府。 雷雨造成的僵局。
Attacks shall be strictly limited to military objectives .
目标 仅限 于纯粹的军事目标。
In either case we should take no avoidable initiative which would cause it to become a war of annihilation, and if we have the forces to defeat a Soviet drive for limited objectives it may well be to our interest not to let it become a global war.
如果我们有军队来击败苏联 狭隘的 冲动,那么不将其变成一场全球战争将符合我们的利益。
Even in the field of collection of unknown words and new words, the objective is limited substantially to nouns, and no techniques of collecting new expressions systematically have been proposed.
从给定社区 使用的 一组文档中,(a)提取该社区特有的n-gram搭配的手段;(b) 选择 可能成为独特表达核心的词库的手段;上述问题通过c)用于扩展所选择的前后词库的装置和(d)用于根据语法选择扩展的词库的装置来解决。
Finally, Dynamic Objectives are special time- limited release Objective Groups which will not have a regular release schedule and will end after a set period of time determined by the dynamic objective group.
动态 目标 有时间限制的 群体 目标 。它不是定期准备的。结束日期和时间将根据 目标 而有所不同。
One of the reasons why companies don’t function effectively is that their business objectives are limited to the motivation to fulfill personal desires, while public objectives are missing.
企业无法有效运作的原因之一是管理的 目的 仅限 于满足个人欲望的动机,而丧失了公共 目的
For those wishing to participate in this program, the form provided below must be filled out as instructed and submitted in advance. ・Special Viewing Request for Researchers (Japanese Only, PDF: 0.1MB) Terms of Use for Special Viewing Program Under the terms of this program, photographs taken for research purposes and use of images will be permitted, but limited exclusively to the objectives of use stipulated by the applicant in the application form.
请使用以下格式进行申请。・特别观看申请(PDF:0.1MB) 特别观看期间拍摄的图像的使用许可范围 关于摄影以及将拍摄的图像用于研究,必须获得特别观看申请表中指定的用户和使用目的的批准。 授予所描述的 内容
The term “Agency, etc. Subject to Aggregation of Retirement Allowance” referred to in paragraph (2), item (ii) means an Enterprise for Profit, etc. which is specified by the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications from among those whose operations are closely related to the affairs or businesses of an Agency Managed under the Medium-term Objectives ( limited to an Enterprise for Profit, etc. which provides in its rules on retirement allowances (including benefits equivalent thereto) that if an Officer or Employee of an Agency Managed under the Medium-term Objectives becomes an officer or employee of an Enterprise for Profit, etc. at the request of the president of said agency with no interruption between the two periods of service, the length of service as an Officer or Employee of an Agency Managed under the Medium-term Objectives is to be aggregated with the length of service as an officer or employee of said Enterprise for Profit, etc.).
第2项第2项中的退休金合计法人等是指其业务与中期 目标 管理法人的事务或业务密切相关且 内务部长官指定的营利性企业等通讯(退休津贴(相当于此))。(包括向公司提供的福利),以中期目标管理的法人的管理人员或雇员,应以中期目标 管理 的法人的负责人的要求任期目标,随后成为营利公司等的高级职员或受雇于营利法人等的人员(仅限于营利公司等规定了作为高级职员的服务期限)中期目标管理法人的职员应作为营利性公司等的管理人员或营利性公司等的雇用人员的服务期限追加。)
Due to recovery time objectives , this often limited customers to about 500 seats per server.
因此,由于恢复时间 目标 (恢复需要多长时间),每台服务器的用户数量 被限制 在大约 500 人。
Attackers must plant explosives on two objectives in the sector before running out their limited number of respawn tickets.
攻击者必须在票用完之前在该区域的两个 目标 上放置炸弹。
Previously, in conditions of limited areas of cottage gardens, such dense plantings simply proved to be an objective necessity.
此前,在山寨花园面积 有限 的条件下,如此密集的种植简直就是 客观上的 必要。
Use of personal information for data submission or using services shall be limited to the scope of the respective objectives .
信息披露/公司文件管理(ROIS) 注册数据、使用服务等时处理的个人信息将 业务 范围内使用。
While a typical equipment RFP may appear complete, a closer look usually reveals limited information regarding actual business objectives .
虽然典型的设备征求建议书 (RFP) 可能看起来很完整,但仔细观察就会发现,有关实际业务 目的 的信息通常是 有限的
Because this meeting had to conform to MEEC’s objective of providing a wide range of perspectives, the debate in each session took place on a strictly limited time basis.
为了从广泛的角度提出问题的 目标 ,每届会议别无选择,只能有非常 有限的 讨论时间。

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