【英语单词】彻底解释“least flycatcher”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

【英语单词】彻底解释“least flycatcher”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

least flycatcher是一个英语单词,有几个不同的含义。 让我们用例句来解释每个的含义和用法!

Redstart and pied flycatcher are often seen here during migration.
红尾鸲和斑 在迁徙过程中 经常 出现在这里。
The Blue-and-white Flycatcher and Narcissus Flycatcher are classified in the same family Muscicapidae.
在同一科中,有 大腹鹟 黄耳鹟
The pied flycatcher population has decreased by up to 90% in some areas as a result.
结果,某些地区 斑鹟 的数量减少了 90%。
The first U.S. record of the northern tufted flycatcher (Mitrephanes phaeocercus), a Central American species, was from this site in November 1991.
簇绒 鹟是一种中美洲物种,于 1991 年 11 月在美国首次记录到此。
Accordingly, the female Narcissus Flycatcher expends much energy to fulfill this objective, a task that does not require attracting attention to itself.
女性的角色是 生孩子 ,应该把精力投入在这上面,不需要脱颖而出。
The male Narcissus Flycatcher , on the other hand, must court females and protect its territory.
雄性 应该承担邀请他人和保护领地的重要角色,而雌性则拥有选择配偶的决策权。
Said to be as melodious as the Blue-and-white Flycatcher , the male Blue Rock Thrush has a complex song with many variations.
据描述,雄性棕斑鹎有着与 蓝喉鹎 类似的美丽声音,并且能发出复杂的歌声。
Why male Narcissus Flycatchers are colorful but females are somber Blessed with a beautiful voice and attractive plumage, is the male Narcissus Flycatcher deserving of envy?
浮夸 女朴素的理由 男声好、颜值高,难道是天赐两物令人羡慕的存在吗?
If the singing is rhythmical and repetitive, it is the Narcissus Flycatcher , but if the song is long and relaxed, it is the Blue-and-white Flycatcher .
如果它发出有弹性的声音并且重复,那么它可能是 ,如果它发出轻松的鸣叫 并且声音舒展,那么它 可能是 蓝腹鹟 。不是 很大 吗?还不是蓝色的吗?
The best chance to catch a glimpse of the Narcissus Flycatcher is during its migratory season, when it can be found in parks and gardens.
观察它们的最佳时间是在迁徙季节,此时可以在 附近的 绿地中找到它们。
Smaller than a sparrow, the Narcissus Flycatcher is not easily noticed in the forest, even the colorful male.
比麻雀还要小,即使是美丽的雄性麻雀在森林里也 出奇的不起眼
The authors then crossed the two species to generate hybrids and found that hybrid nestlings responded better to pied flycatcher songs, irrespective of their maternal species.
此外,作者指出,有证据表明一些物种已经迁移到澳大利亚 大陆地区。
Mt. Odaigahara is important as a habitat for wildlife such as a blue-and-white flycatcher , Japanese robin, and Japanese scops owl.
它也是 大饰鸮 、知更鸟和角鸮等野生动物的重要栖息地。
The investigation maps, this is also not previously seen, brown-breasted Flycatcher Blue-hee of the males.
调查地图之前没见过棕胸 ,这是一位雄性公主。
The authors then crossed the two species to generate hybrids and found that hybrid nestlings responded better to pied flycatcher songs, irrespective of their maternal species.
然后,作者将这两个物种进行杂交,产生杂交后代,发现杂交雏鸟对 斑鹟 的歌声反应更好,无论母亲是哪种。
You will, however, be able to find it during the breeding season (early summer), locating it by its piccolo-like song. Male Narcissus Flycatchers are known to sing very often.
然而,在繁殖季节,一直持续到初夏, 雄性 会唱歌很多,所以你可以依靠他短笛般的声音来找到它。
The genetic basis of song discrimination in these flycatchers implies genetic divergence between such closely related species with overlapping geographic ranges, and suggests a potential role of song discrimination in the formation of new and distinct species.
这只 的鸣叫辨别的遗传基础表明了这种具有重叠地理范围的密切相关物种的遗传分化,以及鸣叫辨别在其他新物种形成中的潜在作用。
What I just did not do: the plates from mosquitoes burned, and the flycatcher tape hung out, and yellow cartons with glue laid out, and sprayed with chemistry-all wasted.
Surprising themselves by creating new thorough typefaces is top priority.Don’t be a cuckoo if you’re a nightingale.Don’t be a nightingale or a flycatcher , if you’re a dog.But anyone can make sound.We are Underware.
如果你是夜莺,就不要像杜鹃,如果你是狗,就不要做夜莺或 捕蝇器 ,但任何人都可以发出声音,我们是一家平面设计公司内衣
According to legend, he drowned and was transformed into the plant bearing his name. Needless to say, the Narcissus Flycatcher is not a narcissist but was so named because the brilliant yellow plumage of males calls to mind the vivid yellow coloration of Narcissus flowers.
自恋者(narcissist)这个名字源于希腊神话,一个名叫纳西索斯(Narcissus)的美丽年轻人爱上了自己在水中的倒影,淹死了,变成了一朵水仙花。然而,对于 花鹟 来说,它并不是那么多男性明亮的黄色代表自恋者。这可能启发了水仙花的形象。

least flycatcher ”的声音!

读法是【liːst* ˈˈflaɪˌkætʃ.ər*】。 听下面的视频并大声发音【liːst* ˈˈflaɪˌkætʃ.ər*】。

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