【英语单词】彻底解释“landmark achievement”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

【英语单词】彻底解释“landmark achievement”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

简单汉语中“landmark achievement”的意思

“landmark achievement” 是由二个英文单词( landmark、achievement )组合而成的一个单词短语。

  • 「landmark」 的意思是: 可识别的建筑物或地方,尤其是可以帮助您知道自己所在位置的东西
  • 「achievement」 的意思是: 做一些困难的好事


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Yes, there’ll be a pricey gala to commemorate the landmark achievement , but there are also more family-friendly options year-round.
【英语单词】彻底解释“landmark achievement”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆
One landmark achievement ticked off, with a bigger one to come in the next couple of months.
The 2008 agreement with the clubs was also a landmark achievement .
A new jingle must be in order for that landmark achievement ?
【英语单词】彻底解释“landmark achievement”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆
If the ceasefire holds, it would be a landmark achievement for both sides.

landmark achievement是一个英语单词,有几个不同的含义。 让我们用例句来解释每个的含义和用法!

This was a landmark achievement in programmability.
从编程角度来看,这是 一项突破性的成就
The ATT represents such efforts and its fulfillment as a treaty is undoubtedly a landmark achievement .
ATT 代表了这一努力,并且无疑是其 标志性成就
This landmark achievement , made possible only by UE4 and the freedom to modify its source code, is a glimpse at how disruptive the engine can be for filmmaking and VFX.
这一 令人难以置信的壮举 只有通过 UE4 和修改源代码的自由才能实现,这让我们一睹引擎选择在成功的电影制作和视觉特效中的重要性。
As the first-ever choral symphony, it remains a landmark achievement of the classical repertoire which has had a towering influence on generations of composers from Berlioz, Wagner and Mahler onwards.
作为历史上第一部合唱交响曲,它 奠定了其古典曲目中里程碑式作品的地位 ,对柏辽兹、瓦格纳、马勒以后的作曲家产生了巨大的影响。
Although the Paris Agreement is a landmark achievement , there is still a long way towards the ideal goal.
从这方面来说,《巴黎协定》是 一项开创性的成就 ,但还远远不够理想。
Before taking countermeasures, geological investigations were conducted systematically to understand the mechanism of landslide occurrence and select suitable techniques.This was a landmark achievement in the history of engineering geology.
此前,进行了系统的地质调查,研究滑坡发生机制和对策,已成为土木工程和地质领域 成果 的经典范例。
This accomplishment was one of many landmark achievements made by Carl and Gerty Cori.
这一发现是卡尔·科里和格蒂·科里取得的众多 成就 之一。
In recent history, landmark international achievements have been preceded by major conflicts, immense destruction, and severe strife.
在近代历史上, 重要的 国际 协议 都是在重大冲突、大规模破坏和严重冲突之后达成的。
Global Head of Real Estate Carmel Hourigan said that this was another significant achievement for the landmark development and testament to the team’s strong customer focus to deliver sustainable outcomes for investors.
房地产全球主管卡梅尔·胡里根 (Carmel Hourigan) 在评论今天的公告时表示,这是悉尼备受瞩目的开发项目的一项新 成就 ,并证实了该团队的客户重点是提供可持续的成果。他说确实如此。
This is a fantastic achievement and we hope that others will follow their lead. This is the latest landmark in McDonald’s pan-European sustainability drive.
这是一项非常令人印象深刻的 成就 。他表示,希望其他公司也能效仿。采用 MSC 的决定是整个欧洲麦当劳迈向可持续发展的最新举措。
During that time, he made landmark proposals such as the Land Tax Reforms and liberalization of land sales for peasants from 1870, and he chaired the local administrative assembly and contributed to the achievement of his proposals in 1873.
在此期间,即1870年(明治3年)左右,他提出了土地税改革,主张农民买卖土地的自由,这在当时 具有开创性 ,并为其 实现 做出了贡献。
Formerly known as Zhangzidao, Zoneco’s achievement marks an important landmark in the global sustainable seafood movement.The fishery joins a leading group of more than 250 MSC certified fisheries that are helping to ensure healthy marine ecosystems for the future.
Keichu established an empirical study method, and his academic achievements contributed to the development of early modern Japanology (Kokugaku) and became a landmark of the history of the study on the Japanese classics, thus greatly influencing the establishment of old kana orthography of the posterity.
此外,他的学术成就通过建立实证学术方法、 界定 经学史上的一个时代,为日本学的发展做出了贡献,并对后世历史假名用法的确立产生了重大影响。
To commemorate this landmark , we will put together a midterm plan for trade and investment, examine systemic barriers to international economic exchange, and undertake special projects to deal with a number of issues.We plan to announce our achievements in these areas in the second half of the year.
在我们即将迎来这一 具有里程碑意义的 一年之际,日本对外贸易组织正在开展一项特别项目,以展望我们的贸易和投资中期愿景,研究对外经济交流的制度性障碍,并提出解决这些问题的方法。我们计划在今年下半年公布这个项目的 结果
In Japan, press reported the event with special editions, front-page newspaper coverage and top news item on TV, while the news was also reported widely by major media worldwide.The MRJ’s maiden flight was reported as an achievement of significance not only for the aircraft industry but also as a landmark in Japan’s aviation history.
它被广泛而频繁地报道,包括作为报纸的特刊、早报和晚报的头版、以及电视上的头条新闻,据说不仅从飞机工业的角度来看也 具有 重要意义而且从日本制造业的历史来看,它也做到了。
The role of BIM Board is also indicated as it became the bridge that connected the design consultant and the site, sub-contractors, and other units, who have contributed to the excellent completion of 17 large transfer beams (W 2.5m; H 2.5m; L 9.0m) of the Landmark 81 project within 15 days as planned.Despite being a newly-established board, with its creativity and restless efforts, BIM Board has made initial achievements , contributing to the common development of Coteccons.
BIM委员会的作用是充当工厂顾问 分包商和其他单位之间的桥梁,完成17根大型转移梁(宽2.5米),他为塔楼(高2.5米,长 9 米)的竣工做出了贡献)。
Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront promenade on the newly completed look at the “Avenue of Stars,” of course, can not miss, length of 440 meters of this gallery, showing the development of Hong Kong’s century of film history, with the exception of about two floors high bronze statue in recognition of Awards contribute to the Hong Kong film industry superstar celebrities and behind the achievements of filmmakers, but also a landmark film and stage with the screen, there are set along the famous Hong Kong film fingerprints and plaque.
当然,新落成的尖沙咀海滨长廊设有两层楼高的“星光大道”铜像,以表彰该奖项,而这个画廊则展示了香港百年电影发展史。 440米,你不能错过香港电影界的巨星名人和幕后电影 成就 ,以及银幕上的 开创性 电影,这些都是著名的香港电影,沿着指纹和牙菌斑设置。

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