【英语单词】彻底解释“keystoner”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

【英语单词】彻底解释“keystoner”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

keystoner是一个英语单词,有几个不同的含义。 让我们用例句来解释每个的含义和用法!

Put the keystone on the table.
梯形石 放在桌子上。
Using a web interface, the video wall can be remotely aligned by a single technician – including keystone correction.
使用网络界面,视频墙可由一名技术人员远程校准,包括 梯形 校正。
They expanded the tunnel system and made the Rock a keystone in the defence of shipping routes to the Mediterranean.
他们扩大了隧道网络,并使岩石成为保卫通往地中海的海上航线的 基石
A typical composition would be where the main character of “Shibaraku” holds the namazu bozu down with a keystone .
《Shibaraku》的主要构图是主角用 梯形石 压住Nazubozu。
Especially when keystone is the thunderstorm command.
尤其是如果 基石 是雷帝的命令的话。
A 11 Bionic Neural Engine is the name of the processor, therefore special algorithms as a further keystone .
11的仿生神经引擎有一个特殊的算法,就像处理器的名字一样,一个特殊的 梯形校正
Strengthening stronger trade ties between the two countries and increasing investment in the Emirates is indeed a keystone for our respective economies – declared Alessandro Decio, SACE’s Chief Executive Officer, during the signing ceremony.
SACE 首席执行官亚历山德罗·德西奥 (Alessandro Decio) 在签字仪式上表示,加强两国之间牢固的贸易关系并增加对阿联酋的投资是我们各自经济的重要 基石 ,我在其中谈到过。
With tentacles as keystone species, you can talk to high school students as an example of how pyramids due to taking feathers change and give an example.
使用瓢虫作为 关键 物种,您可以通过举例说明金字塔在翅膀被移除后如何变化来与高中生交谈。
First Jiangnan had closed from west to Shi Ji Teng Guan, steep mountains, towering rocks, to disc stone, keystone days, generals, the most strange stone.
盘、石、 拱心石 孙、秦将军江南第一关西来,以石江腾最为奇特,山势险峻,怪石峥嵘。
That is to say Angus is the keystone , which made plural coincidences around the artist inevitable, and it is also a symbol.
换句话说,安格斯是为作家遭遇的多重巧合带来必然性的 基石 ,他也是一个象征。该作品主要是艺术家对故事的表现。
In the Zeta’s answer to the Apr 7 question, they said the Australian plate was essentially the keystone to the rest of the planet’s plates and as it loosened, it would free the other plates, allowing greater plate movement, world wide.
在齐塔人对4月7日问题的回答中,他们表示,澳大利亚板块基本上是其他板块的 基石 ,随着它的松动,它会在全球范围内传播得更多。允许板块的大幅运动来松动其他板块。
Okinawa took on huge importance as the keystone for America’s military strategy in the Far East, serving as bulkwark against the rising power of Red China’s combined nationalism and socialism.
冲绳成为美国在远东地区对抗红色中国的军事 基石 ,成为美国强大、重要和坚实的存在。红色中国通过其社会主义制度与民族主义相结合而成为强大的力量。
Shophouses built early were partly decorative, but, later, according to the influence of neoclassicism that was adopted to colonial architecture, orders were placed on a column capital, and an imitating keystone with wedge-shape or a cornice was added.
早期的店屋只有部分装饰,但受殖民建筑中新古典主义的影响,柱头有秩序,扇窗上加了楔形 梯形石 ,并增加了飞檐,巴洛克和矫饰风格的装饰成为过多的。
There is also a keystone at Katori Shrine in Chiba Prefecture, which is said to press down on the catfish’s tail while the one at Kashima holds down the head.
千叶县香取神社也有 一块基石 ,鹿岛神社托着头,香取神社托着尾。
A keystone head at the apex of the central span symbolises the River Liffey, corresponding to the heads on the Custom House (also designed by James Gandon) which personify the other great rivers of Ireland.
中心跨末端的 基石 象征着利菲河,与象征爱尔兰其他河流的海关大楼(由詹姆斯·甘登设计)类似。
In April 2013, Johnny Veeder concluded that party appointments were the ” keystone ” of international arbitration.Additionally, Judge Charles Brower and Charles Rosenberg deconstructed the Paulsson/van den Berg narrative by stressing the importance of procedural justice as a legitimation device and by distinguishing mutual confidence in the tribunal as a whole as opposed to one of the arbitrators.Interestingly, neither side truly considered screening arbitrator appointments as a potential compromise solution.
2013 年 4 月,约翰尼·维德 (Johnny Veeder) 得出结论,该方计划参加 Keystone 国际仲裁。[3] 此外,查尔斯·布劳尔 (Charles Brower) 和查尔斯·罗森伯格 (Charles Rosenberg) 大法官强调了程序正义作为合法性手段的重要性。[3] 通过强调,解构了保尔森/范登堡的叙述并区分整个法院的相互信任,而不是仲裁员之一。[4]有趣的是,一个真正潜在的妥协解决方案是筛选双方都没有考虑的仲裁员的任命。Jean Paulson 在顺便提及一次。用户对仲裁员任命的满意度 用户参与了围绕当事人指定仲裁的辩论。我是。
He was the first Latino to have headlined the keystone morning radio slot on an English-language station in LA the nation s top radio market..In 2000, after several years of performing stand-up comedy, Lopez was approached by actress Sandra Bullock for Lopez to produce and star in a comedy..
他是第一个在洛杉矶该国顶级广播市场的英语电台上获得 重要 早间广播节目的拉丁裔人。2000 年,在表演了几年单口喜剧后,洛佩兹开始制作喜剧,女演员桑德拉找到了洛佩兹。布洛克主演…
Building trust in public institutions is a keystone of good governance.
建立对公共机构的信任是良好治理的 核心
Well, the king cobra is literally a keystone species in these rainforests.
眼镜王蛇确实是这片森林的 基本 物种。
Another keystone species is a famous animal called the European aurochs.
另一种 重要 且众所周知的动物是野牛。

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