【英语单词】彻底解释“keystone kop”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

【英语单词】彻底解释“keystone kop”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

keystone kop是一个英语单词,有几个不同的含义。 让我们用例句来解释每个的含义和用法!

Teamwork: Collaboration is the keystone for our success.
团队合作:团队 合作 是成功的关键。
The most important question is what should be regarded as the keystone for a nation’s industry.
在一个国家看来,最重要的问题是什么 构成了 一个国家的产业 核心
Japan is clearly the keystone for the security of the Far East.
日本是远东安全 的基石
Japan is located as the keystone for three countries, the U.S., China and Russia.
日本位于美国、中国、俄罗斯三个国家 的中心
Strengthening stronger trade ties between the two countries and increasing investment in the Emirates is indeed a keystone for our respective economies – declared Alessandro Decio, SACE’s Chief Executive Officer, during the signing ceremony.
SACE 首席执行官亚历山德罗·德西奥 (Alessandro Decio) 在签字仪式上表示,加强两国之间牢固的贸易关系并增加对阿联酋的投资是我们各自经济 的重要基石, 我在其中谈到过。
Okinawa took on huge importance as the keystone for America’s military strategy in the Far East, serving as bulkwark against the rising power of Red China’s combined nationalism and socialism.
冲绳成为美国在远东地区对抗红色中国的军事 基石 成为 美国强大、重要和坚实的存在 红色中国通过其社会主义制度与民族主义相结合而成为强大的力量。
The R community is the keystone for the success of the R language, and a critical resource for data scientists, statisticians and now enterprises.
R 社区是 R 语言成功的 关键 ,虽然它一直是数据科学家和统计学家的重要资源,但现在对企业也很重要。
The OEM organization collaborates with its customer to develop a consensus demand plan. The planner exchanges an order forecast with customers for products that it produces. The consensus demand plan is the keystone for the related supply chain plan. Note that customer orders and forecasts updated in the demand plan result in new and changed requirements upstream in the supply chain.
OEM 组织与客户合作制定共识需求计划。计划人员与客户交换要生产的产品的订单预测。共识需求计划是相关供应链计划的 中心 计划。客户订单的更新和需求计划中的预测会导致供应链上发生新的需求变化。
Cognitive simulation of the human driver is the next keystone for safety and collaboration between human and autonomous driving systems, as presented by Mr. Bornard at the DSC in Stuttgart last Fall: “The Cognitive Simulation of the Car Driver for Autonomous Driving System Development”.
“除了确保安全之外,下一个挑战是通过模拟来 识别 驾驶员,以实现人类与自动驾驶系统的共存。”伯纳德去年秋天在斯图加特举行的 DSC 上表示。
He then talked about the financial support from the Japanese government, the world-class faculty, and the interdisciplinary environment, which together constitute the keystone for the success of the graduate university. “What several years ago was a vision for change is now a reality and we are proud to invite into that exciting OIST reality the students of 2013,”he said.
他还表示,日本政府的财政支持、世界领先的师资队伍以及跨学科环境是OIST成功 的基石 ,而几年前还只是一项变革性举措的OIST现在已经成为了OIST的一员,他说他很自豪能够使这一目标成为现实,并能够在实现这一目标的同时迎接2013年的学生。
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Or Keystone for that matter.
你来引导我已经 太晚 了。
Or Keystone for that matter.
查尔斯顿有 一个内奸
Or Keystone for that matter.
你被 抛弃了
Corporate Social Responsibility|Pacific Industrial Co., Ltd.Pacific Industrial believes that wholesome business operations that can be trusted by the community are the keystone for corporate social responsibility (CSR).Through our activities in all regions and countries, we aim to contribute to the continued development of society through our “True Global Company” programs.
CSR/环境信息 | 太平洋工业株式会社 我们认识到,社会信赖和期望的良好商业活动是 CSR 的基础,我们努力通过在各个国家和地区的所有商业活动支持社会的可持续发展. 我们的目标是成为一家真正的全球本土化公司,为世界做出贡献

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