【英语单词】彻底解释“keynote presentation”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

【英语单词】彻底解释“keynote presentation”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

简单汉语中“keynote presentation”的意思

“keynote presentation” 是由二个英文单词( keynote、presentation )组合而成的一个单词短语。


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At my count, more than 40 titles are covered in the keynote presentation alone.
据我统计,仅主题演讲就涵盖了 40 多个标题。
【英语单词】彻底解释“keynote presentation”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆
Instead of following, they want to lead, and everyone wants his keynote presentation to be remembered.
There are normally 7 to 8 papers presented, including a keynote presentation .
Close to 2,000 attendees participated in important dialogue with thought leaders in digital media, through keynote presentations and interactive breakout sessions.
近 2,000 名与会者通过主题演讲和互动分组会议与数字媒体思想领袖进行了重要对话。
【英语单词】彻底解释“keynote presentation”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆
A detailed list of publications as well as downloadable videocasts and slideshows of conference keynote presentations.

keynote presentation是一个英语单词,有几个不同的含义。 让我们用例句来解释每个的含义和用法!

Following an opening keynote presentation by Anthony Gardner from University of Oxford, a panel of researchers and artists will reflect on the “power of art” for people in crisis situation.
在牛津大学安东尼·加德纳发表 主题演讲 之后,第一小组将与参展艺术家和研究人员讨论艺术在人类危机时期的力量。
The keynote presentation and panel discussions will cover cases of Sweden, Japan, UK, USA and Germany.
通过 主题演讲 和小组讨论,我们将讨论瑞典、日本、英国、美国、德国等国家的案例研究。
Open your Keynote presentation on the device with the presentation.
在拥有 Keynote 演示文稿的 设备上打开它。
Automatically mark each slide on the timeline when recording a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation .
当您录制 PowerPoint 或 Keynote 演示文稿 时,时间线上的每张幻灯片都会自动标有标记。
Elzbieta had a keynote presentation at the opening of the event on Saturday morning and PBT exams were offered both days.
周六上午开幕,Elzbieta 发表 主题演讲 ,PBT 考试在这两天举行。
This was followed by a keynote presentation by Dr. Were, and then a special Karate performance by the young people of the UZIMA Foundation created and led by Dr Were.
随后,Were 博士发表了 主题演讲 ,并由 Were 博士主持的 UZIMA 基金会相关年轻人进行了空手道演示。
In his keynote presentation , Tetsuji Ida of Kyodo News gave a comprehensive overview of the problem of plastic waste. He highlighted the inter-relationship between poverty and the environment in the developing countries and pointed out that both issues have been getting worse.
发表 主旨演讲 的日本共同社井田哲二解释说,全球塑料垃圾问题也与贫困问题相关,并且随着环境的恶化而日益恶化。
The panel’s keynote presentation at One World, Many Voices: Science and Community introduces the Three-Pronged Approach to the Conceptualization of Cluttering (TPA-CC).
科学与口吃社区:在本次小组的 主题演讲 中,我们将介绍概念化杂波的三管齐下的方法(TPA-CC)。
Your keynote presentation at the NAJGA Chicago conference about the concept of “fostering,” *2 and the idea that a garden is “40% creation and 60% fostering” is exactly what I view to be necessary for the future of gardens.
您在北美日本园林协会(NAJGA)芝加哥会议上的 主题演讲 中谈到的培育、造园四部分、培育六部分*2的理念,正是我对日本花园的设想。未来。
The event started with an informative keynote presentation by Joe Bartolomeo, vice president Enterprise Accounts & Software Sales, Rockwell Automation that highlighted the importance of investing in smart manufacturing and production to remain competitive on a global scale.
罗克韦尔自动化企业会计和软件销售副总裁 Joe Bartolomeo 发表了发人深省的 主题演讲 ,拉开了此次活动的序幕。主题演讲强调了智能制造和生产投资对于在全球范围内保持竞争力的重要性。
Quick Solution to Recover Keynote Presentation on Mac
在 Mac 上恢复 Keynote 演示文稿 的快速解决方案
Reliable Mac Keynote file recovery solution is here to help you effectively restore Keynote presentation on Mac when unexpected problems happen.
可靠的 Mac Keynote 文件恢复解决方案可以帮助您在发生意外问题时有效地恢复 Mac 上的 Keynote 演示文稿
Stop using that drive/ volume because deleted or lost Keynote files can be easily overwritten by new data on your Mac hard drive, which might result in permanent deletion of Keynote presentation .
由于 Mac 硬盘上的新数据可以轻松覆盖已删除或丢失的 Keynote 文件,因此您可能会永久删除 您的 Keynote 演示文稿 ,因此请停止使用该驱动器/卷。
But oftentimes, some users do not want their device to sleep especially in cases when preparing a Keynote presentation or when allowing someone else to use the device.
然而,用户在准备 Keynote 演示 或将设备提供给其他人时通常不希望设备进入睡眠状态。
Thanks. The answer is quite positive because there are ways for you to recover Keynote presentation on Mac even when you have emptied it from Trash.
有什么方法可以恢复 Mac Keynote 文件吗?谢谢。答案是非常肯定的,因为有一种方法可以在 Mac 上恢复 Keynote 演示文稿 ,即使您从垃圾箱中清空了它。
These diseases have taken a terrible toll on the world’s most vulnerable communities, where they not only kill, but also rob hundreds of millions of people of the health required to go to school, earn a living, and care for their families. Photo: Keynote Presentation by Professor Omura, at the Malaria Symposium entitled “Malaria R&D in a Time of Global Partnerships” on 26 June 2015. University of Tokyo, Japan.
前高中教师发明的药物 照片:2015年6月26日,大村教授在东京大学举行的全球伙伴关系时代的疟疾研究与开发研讨会上 发表主题演讲
International Keynote Presentation : BPM/BPO: Creating High Performance Businesses Recent trends, imperatives, marketplace changes BPO case studies – global and APAC A Japanese Prospective on the BPO Market Andrew Friars, Asia Pacific BPO Managing Partner, Accenture Hiroshi Ito, Business Development & Solution Operations Partner, Accenture Accenture has a leading global BPO practice working with industry leaders such as Deutsche Bank, British Petroleum, Neptune Orient Line and AT&T to help them innovate and make business process outsourcing an indispensable business tool.
主题演讲 (同声传译):BPM/BPO:创造高绩效业务 – 应对最新趋势、市场变化和需求 – 来自世界各地和亚太地区的 BPO 案例研究 – 日本视角下的未来趋势埃森哲 (Accenture) Andrew Friers,亚太区 BPO 管理合伙人 伊藤浩 (Hiroshi Ito),业务发展集团和解决方案运营合伙人 BP Oil、BT 英国电信、海王星东方航运公司、AT&T 等)涉足金融等领域的战略外包、采购、人力资源、学习、客户联系。我们还专门为保险和航空行业提供解决方案。
In the second keynote presentation , Prof. Santoso mentioned about the challenge of geophysical technology for human survival from environmental problems.
第二位 主讲人 桑托索教授谈到了地球物理技术对人类生存面临的环境问题的挑战。
Dr.Kato: During my keynote presentation at NAJGA, I said ‘who do I want to meet?’ if I could time travel to the past.
加藤 NAJGA 演讲:如果你能回到过去,见到一位历史人物,你最想见到谁?我们讨论过这个。
With that I would like to close my keynote presentation . Thank you very much.

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