【英语单词】彻底解释“keyless”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

【英语单词】彻底解释“keyless”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆


例句 Anti-lock brakes and remote keyless entry were also standard.
例句 The keyless ignition uses a push button to start and stop the engine.
例句 The car comes standard with keyless entry and ignition.
【英语单词】彻底解释“keyless”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆
例句 A new key-fob-activated infrared remote keyless system with power locks was newly available as an option.
例句 It featured fiber optic headlights and a completely keyless ignition system.
例句 It had other more typical features, such as keyless entry, power mirrors and windows, a 4- wheel anti-lock braking system, and regenerative braking.
【英语单词】彻底解释“keyless”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆
例句 A 5- inch display, tri-angle back-up camera are standard, as well as keyless entry with push button start.
标准配备包括 5 英寸显示屏、三角后视摄像头和带按钮启动功能的无钥匙进入。
例句 Later, a keyless version of the harmonium was invented for the specific purpose of producing the drone sound.

keyless是一个英语单词,有几个不同的含义。 让我们用例句来解释每个的含义和用法!

It’s a keyless , multi-index, transactional object cache.
它是 一个无键 、多索引、事务性对象缓存。
We offer products to support development of both types of remote keyless entry systems.
Maxim 提供用于开发两种类型的远程 无钥匙 进入系统的产品。
Our family of keyless-go products offers superior operating characteristics thereby enabling a more convenient keyless experience.
Maxim 的 Keyless Go 产品系列提供卓越的操作特性,带来更便捷的 无钥匙 体验。
The device has also proven useful at 315MHz for keyless entry applications.
该器件还被证明在 315MHz 频率下对于 无钥匙 进入应用是有效的。
Their recent outstanding development of keyless mechanical combination lock has again proven their ambition in providing total security lock solutions.
最近 无钥匙 机械密码锁的出色发展再次证明了他们提供全面安全锁定解决方案的雄心。
Europe has also opened up the 868MHz band to accommodate the growing demand for remote keyless entry systems.
欧洲也开放了868MHz频段,以满足日益增长的远程 无钥匙 进入系统的需求。
Most remote keyless entry systems alarm the vehicle against theft and lock and unlock the doors and trunk.
大多数远程 无钥匙 进入系统都会向您的车辆发出警报或解锁/锁定车门和行李箱以防止盗窃。
The need for low quiescent current to conserve battery energy is especially important in automotive applications that can have several electrical circuits such as telematics, CD/DVD players, remote keyless entry, and multiple always-on bus lines.
通过降低静态电流来节省电池能量对于汽车应用中尤其重要,这些应用中的电路系统包括远程信息处理、CD/DVD 播放器、远程 无钥匙 进入和多条始终在线的总线线路。
A finishing equal (superior in both) has such interesting items as Head-Up Display, opening doors and keyless start, bi-xenon headlamps, blind spot control or brake assist system in town, all standard.
拥有有趣的项目,例如相同的饰面(都非常出色)、平视显示器、开门、 无钥匙 启动、双氙气大灯、盲点控制和制动辅助系统,这些都是城镇的标准配置。
They are wireless, keyless and require no battery, which means it doesn’t require any maintenance costs.
它们是 无钥匙 、无线的并且不需要电池,这意味着它们不需要任何维护成本。
Aside from the keyless entry function, the more complex receiver provides key lock-in prevention, automatic dome light, answer back, and other functions for added convenience.
除了 无钥匙 进入功能外,接收器还具有钥匙夹预防、车内灯迎宾和应答功能等提高便利性的功能组合。
In Optional features are provided inter alia a system keyless entry, chrome inserts on the outside, AmphiStream sound system with four speakers, Bluetooth connectivity with hands-free system and USB and AUX auxiliary inputs.
可选功能包括 无钥匙 进入系统、外部镀铬插件、四扬声器 AmphiStream 音响系统、免提系统以及带 USB 和 AUX 辅助输入的蓝牙连接。
The GLE adds climate, aluminum wheels, keyless start, leather steering wheel and control retention earrings and GLX HID headlights with headlight washers, parking sensors, rearview camera and browser.
GLE 增加了空调、铝制车轮、 无钥匙 启动、皮革方向盘和控制固定耳环,以及带有前灯清洗器、停车传感器、后视摄像头和浏览器的 GLX HID 前灯。
Housings are made of high temperature, UL 94V-0 rated thermoplastic and are available with left- or right-hand keying, or with keyless mounting configurations.
该外壳由高温 UL 94V-0 级热塑性材料制成,可采用左键、右键或 无键 安装配置。
Among them, the intelligent keyless entry for all versions, the device slope start assist Hill Start, LED lights, bluetooth hands-free system for mobile phones and, in some versions, R-Link multimedia system with navigation and seven-inch touch screen.
其中,所有版本均配备智能 无钥匙 进入、设备倾斜辅助启动、坡道启动、LED灯、手机蓝牙免提系统,部分版本还配备R-Link多媒体系统导航,并拥有7英寸触摸屏。
4 Comfort access At this time, so-called keyless entry is standard(Turbo model is standard)I thought that.
4舒适访问 我认为所谓的 无钥匙 进入现在已成为标准配置(涡轮增压车型的标准配置)。
It is particularly suited to battery-operated functions such as remote keyless entry and tire pressure monitoring, as well as for applications where power consumption is critical over time: companion microcontroller, immobilizers and sensors.
该系列特别适合电池供电的功能,例如远程 无钥匙 进入和轮胎压力监控,以及随着时间的推移功耗成为问题的应用,例如配套微控制器、防盗器和传感器。
Among the items available in terms of comfort and functionality, the 5082015 has the entry system and keyless start, the brake automatic electric parking, air conditioning system with four zones and sound system specialist JBL, between others.
在舒适性和功能性方面,5082015 配备了 无钥匙 启动、制动自动电动停车、四区空调系统以及音响系统专家 JBL 的其他人之间的进入系统。
This makes it possible to enhance the safety of the keyless entry system (100) because it is difficult to predict the function formulas (F) used in the remote control key (120) and the ECU (150).
这使得难以预测遥控钥匙120和ECU 150所使用的函数公式F,因此可以提高 无钥匙 进入系统100的安全性。
These tags RFID used as wristbands have facilitated cashless payments, keyless room entry and access control in resort, thereby helping the guests to do away the need of carrying cash and keys along with them all the time.
这些标签的用途类似于 RFID 腕带、无现金支付、 无钥匙 房间进入,并通过帮助客人无需在钥匙中随时携带现金来方便进入受控度假村。

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