【英语单词】彻底解释“jazz orchestra”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

【英语单词】彻底解释“jazz orchestra”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

简单汉语中“jazz orchestra”的意思

“jazz orchestra” 是由二个英文单词( jazz、orchestra )组合而成的一个单词短语。

  • 「orchestra」 的意思是: 一大群音乐家一起演奏不同的乐器
  • 「jazz」 的意思是: 节奏强烈的音乐,人们经常在不看乐谱的情况下演奏

意思: [爵士乐团]

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The eccentric singer will perform her biggest hits alongside a jazz orchestra .
【英语单词】彻底解释“jazz orchestra”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆
Though his catalogue has a great deal of varied music his first love for writing a still in the jazz orchestra , big band genre.
The 21-piece jazz orchestra its first national tour.
21 人组成的爵士乐团首次全国巡演。
The jazz orchestra wear a separate tie and when performing, the yellow blazer.
【英语单词】彻底解释“jazz orchestra”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆
As a soloist, bandleader, composer and arranger with his trio and the jazz orchestra he performs at many festivals, concerts and clubs.

jazz orchestra是一个英语单词,有几个不同的含义。 让我们用例句来解释每个的含义和用法!

Tomomi Taniguchi established the orchestra in 2006, with the aim to create an authentic jazz orchestra .
该乐团由领军人物谷口智美于 2006 年组建,旨在成为一支艺术 爵士乐团
He began to play with rock group, jazz orchestra and improvisation group in 1998.
自1998年起,他活跃于摇滚乐团、 爵士乐团 、集体即兴乐团等。
The city of Kanazawa in Japan and the city of Ghent in Belgium have a longstanding sister cities relationship, which I have previously mentioned. Through this tie, at the end of last month the junior jazz orchestra called “Jazz 21” from Kanazawa, consisting of twenty people, visited Ghent and gave a wonderful performance at the Ghent Jazz Festival.
前面我提到,日本金泽市和比利时根特市多年来一直是姐妹关系,而上个月底,由于这种关系,金泽市主办了一支名为 Jazz21 的少年爵士乐团来访。根特并在该市当前的爵士音乐节上进行了精彩的表演。
Otomo Yoshihide’s New Jazz Orchestra : Profile
大友义英新 爵士乐团 传记
In 2014, he also participated as a saxophone player in a concert by the Bavarian Youth Jazz Orchestra held at the University of Santo Tomas.
2014年,他作为萨克斯演奏家参加了在圣托马斯大学举办的巴伐利亚青年 爵士乐 团音乐会。
Memory also directs the American Music Program and its award-winning youth jazz group Pacific Crest Jazz Orchestra .
他还负责管理青少年音乐教育组织“美国音乐计划”,并且是该组织的爵士乐队太平洋顶峰 爵士乐 团的总监。
Costumes, dance events, swings, Charleston, cocktails of that time and a live jazz orchestra make this incredible journey through time even more realistic.
服装、舞蹈活动、摇摆爵士乐、查尔斯顿舞蹈、时代鸡尾酒和现场 爵士乐 团让这个美妙的时光旅行活动变得更加真实。
She has studied under Bob Zung, and was an active member of the Get Jazz Orchestra (as Concert Mistress).
师从Bob Zang,活跃于Get Jazz Orchestra (Concert Mistress)等。
Since mid-2005 the band, cosisting of about ten musicians, has been active under the name New Jazz Orchestra (ONJO).
自2005年底以来,乐队一直以新 爵士乐团 (ONJO)的名义积极演出,约有10名成员。
This did not stop many though, and the main protagonists of this revolt against the ban were the Prague Radio Jazz Orchestra , led by the world renowned musician Karel Krautgartner.
这场反对爵士乐禁令的运动的主要支持者是由世界著名音乐家卡雷尔·克劳特加特纳领导的布拉格广播 爵士乐 团。
Try an instrument at the all-ages Instrument Petting Zoo or attend one of the FREE concerts featuring the rhythm section, a saxophone concert, and a full 17-piece Calgary Jazz Orchestra Concert.
在适合所有年龄段的乐器宠物动物园尝试乐器,或参加免费音乐会,包括节奏部分、萨克斯管音乐会和 17 人卡尔加里 爵士乐团 音乐会。
All the money will be contributed to Kisennuma’s Junior Jazz Orchestra “Swing Dolphins”.It will be used for the loss due to the disaster and for the future performances.
所有收益将捐赠给气仙沼地区的少年 爵士乐团 “Swing Dolphins”,并将用于未来的演出活动,包括确保地震中失去的运营基地。
During the tour in Miyagi Prefecture, they held exchanges with the Ishinomaki Junior Jazz Orchestra (Ishinomaki City), the Swing Dolphins (Kesennuma City), the Bright Kids (Tagajo City), and the Tohoku Gakuin Middle School/High School Wind Ensemble/ Marching Band (Sendai City).
从太平洋彼岸来到日本的青年爵士乐团,访问了宫城县各地,与石卷少年 爵士乐团 、摇摆海豚乐团(气仙沼)、Bright Kids(多贺城)、东北学院中高中铜管乐团(仙台)等。我们尝试互相沟通。
kokokaオープンデイ | Kyoto City International Foundation 1.Kyoto City Project of Praying for Peace (Lecture)”Strange Japanese Comedy” (with sign language in Japanese) Chad Mullane (Entertainer) (Stage performance by performers from Japan, China and South Korea) Kyoto Composers Jazz Orchestra directed by Tomomi Taniguchi etc.Contents: We present this year’s “Project of Praying for Peace” event in collaboration with the Culture City of East Asia Program, just as last year.
京都市和平祈祷项目【讲座】奇怪的日本喜剧(手语翻译)Chad Mullane先生(喜剧演员)【东亚艺术家的舞台表演】演员:谷口智美等指挥的京都作曲家 爵士乐团 内容:今年继续从去年开始,和平祈祷项目还将与东亚文化城市交流项目结合起来,由查德·穆兰 (Chad Mullane) 进行讲座,并由东亚艺术家进行舞台表演。
Calgary Jazz Orchestra – The Duke! The Calgary Jazz Orchestra presents The Duke!
卡尔加里 爵士乐团 – 杜克!卡尔加里 爵士乐团 宣布加入杜克大学!
Calgary Jazz Orchestra | Family Fun Calgary Calgary Jazz Orchestra , directed by Johnny Summers, presents the Centenary of Nat King Cole + Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers on October 20, 2019.
卡尔加里 爵士乐团 | 家庭乐趣卡尔加里 由约翰尼·萨默斯 (Johnny Summers) 指挥的卡尔加里 爵士乐团 于 2019 年 10 月 20 日呈现纳金·科尔 (Nat King Cole) 诞辰 100 周年 + 阿特·布莱基 (Art Blakey) 和爵士信使。
[May 18-19] Makoto Ozone & Scottish National Jazz Orchestra “Jazz meets Classic” | Tokyo Bunka Kaikan 2019 May. (Sat) The door tickets availability for Makoto Ozone & Scottish National Jazz Orchestra “Jazz meets Classic” on Sat, May 18 and Sun, May 19 is as follows.
5/18 ・19 Makoto Ozone&苏格兰国家 爵士乐 团“爵士与古典相遇” | 东京文化会馆 2019年5月18日星期六 Kozone将于5月18日星期六和5月19日星期日举行 Shin&Scottish的当日门票信息国家 爵士乐团 “爵士遇见古典”如下。
Because I guess Cooke showed to Luis Russell a model for managing jazz orchestra .
随后他加入了路易斯·拉塞尔 管弦乐团 ,并一直留任至 1931 年。
However, during his four-year engagement at the Club Kentucky in Broadway until 1927, along with trumpeter Bubber Miley, he developed an original East Coast jazz style, and laid the foundations for the first Ellington jazz orchestra .
然而,在他在肯塔基州百老汇区俱乐部指挥室内乐队直到1927年的四年里,杜克与小号天才巴伯·麦莉一起发展了东海岸爵士乐风格,并创造了 艾灵顿 风格 管弦乐队 的雏形。
As a fan of jazz music, I just couldn’t miss the Friday jazz concert by jazz orchestra Ciao of Musashino Academia Musicae (武蔵野音楽大学).
作为爵士乐迷,我不能错过周五由​​武藏野音乐学院 爵士乐 团 Ciao 举办的爵士音乐会。

jazz orchestra 』的声音!

读法是【ʤæz ˈɔrkəstrə】。 听下面的视频并大声发音【ʤæz ˈɔrkəstrə】。

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