【英语单词】彻底解释“isolated location”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

【英语单词】彻底解释“isolated location”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

简单汉语中“isolated location”的意思

“isolated location” 是由二个英文单词( isolated、location )组合而成的一个单词短语。


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The palace’s isolated location has also served the insurgents.
【英语单词】彻底解释“isolated location”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆
He has now been moved to an isolated location .
Nights are spent in simple rustic huts, which provide heated dormitory-style accommodation and basic facilities, but their isolated location makes them perfect for seeing the nothern lights.
At the time, the isolated location was only accessible by boat.
【英语单词】彻底解释“isolated location”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆
The new town struggled due to its isolated location with the nearest railroad being fifty miles away.
由于最近的铁路距离 50 英里,新镇陷入了困境。

isolated location是一个英语单词,有几个不同的含义。 让我们用例句来解释每个的含义和用法!

Emerging from the isolated location of Misono, the belltower is a pronounced beacon in the distance.
钟楼从远处很容易辨认,因为它从神社花园里没有其他东西的 偏僻区域 中脱颖而出。
Spacious, isolated location , no humidity, and you get all the free tortillas you want.
地方宽敞又偏僻 ,没有湿度,有你想要的一切,甚至还有免费的玉米饼。
The isolated location offers incredible views over the surrounding mountains.
位置偏僻, 可欣赏周围群山的美景。
Its isolated location means the nearest towns, San Rafael and Malargue, they are several hours by car.
位置偏僻, 距离最近的城镇圣拉斐尔(San Rafael)和马拉格(Malargue)只有几个小时的车程。
However if a machine is running unattended in an isolated location it may be desirable for it to automatically reset itself so that the machine comes back on line.
然而,如果机器位于 隔离位置 且无人看管,则可能需要机器自动重置并返回到工作状态。
West Sea Dreams is a newly developed scenic spot is a new area, the landscape is characterized by steep peaks, mountain loop around, sacz stone must, cliffs Shen He, exotic scenery, visitors to this as if to an isolated location , either you have a much The mad bored, boredom will be put aside, when you time and again through the mountain heavy water complex to achieve suddenly see the light, you will be surrounded by nature in such a close-up feel of security and intimacy, you will feel a mysterious valley where the easy and pleasant, dream-like, visit dream world of feelings and the total overall experience of life is so similar.
西海之梦是一个新开发的风景区,一个新的区域,景观特点是峰峦叠嶂,山环水绕,沙奇石,景观奇特,游客到这里悬崖峭壁,仿佛置身于 与世隔绝的地方 ,任何人可能有很多无聊的疯狂,很多时候当你无聊的时候,你就推迟了复杂的事情去实现,看到山突然被重重的水包围,光线等等大自然的特写。如果你想感受到安全和神秘山谷的亲切感,在这里你可以感受到轻松愉悦,就像在梦中,你会看到一个梦境世界,与生活的整体体验非常相似。
Greenland’s isolated location has impeded the immigration of wild land mammals.
由于格陵兰岛 地理位置偏僻 ,没有受到野生陆地哺乳动物的入侵。
This was still an isolated location and given the scandalization of the Jackson marriage, Rachel did not have very many friends.
由于 地处 偏远,加上她与杰克逊婚姻的丑闻性质,雷切尔没有很多朋友。
Victoria Beach, Laguna Beach The allure of Victoria Beach lies in its natural beauty and isolated location .
维多利亚海滩,拉古纳海滩 维多利亚海滩以其自然美景和 僻静的地理位置 而闻名。
In the 16th and 17th centuries the isolated location made it a haven for illegal trade with the French and English.
16世纪和17世纪,巴拉科亚 与世隔绝 ,成为法国和英国走私的天堂。
Even though the Tsukahara district is located conveniently place within 10 minutes from Yufuin by car and 30 minutes to Beppu City, unspoiled great nature remains, and locally owned regional development without depending on the government has been always carried out due to isolated location from surrounding villages.
虽然距离由布院 10 分钟车程、距离别府市 30 分钟车程,冢原地区 交通 便利,但周围环绕着未受破坏的雄伟自然环境。不依赖政府,区域开发已经进行。
Considering ISEI’s isolated location from major cities and its relatively young history, it is surprising that all of the staff members and post-docs are at least bilingual (in Japanese and English). This may be related to the fact that ISEI has accepted large numbers of foreign researchers and organized two international symposia in Misasa in the last five years.
考虑到ISEI远离大城市的 地理位置 以及相对较短的历史,令人惊讶的是所有讲师和博士后研究人员都精通至少两种语言(日语和英语),这可能与ISEI接受了许多外国学生有关。研究人员表示,Misasa 在过去五年中举办了两次国际研讨会。
He lived his childhood along with his younger brother Naoharu in the house where he was born located in an isolated location during the end of the Edo period, and because of its isolation, the place was often used by loyalists to the Emperor for their clandestine meetings and as a hiding place.
他出生的房子是一栋 孤独的 房子,附近没有其他房子,但直树和他的弟弟直努在江户时代末期度过了童年,由于其 位置 ,它被用作秘密聚会和藏身之处国王的忠诚者的地方。它经常被使用。
I was wondering, in the situation of a group of people who have prepared well for the pole shift and find that they are managing to create an excess of food, yet the group is located in an isolated location and not many others end up coming by, the question is: in this, I’m sure, rare situation (in that most groups will probably have no trouble finding orphans and most groups won’t manage to create extra food), if the group was interested in caring for and feeding orphans, would it be necessary for the group to venture away from their area in search of orphans, or in this kind of situation would it be likely, or even possible, that the transport of orphans to the group in question would be facilitated? The issue of who will be assisted during the pole shift and in the Aftertime, and to what degree, is a very complicated issue.
为极移做好充分准备,设法制造额外的食物,甚至将团队 安置 一个许多其他人无法停下来的僻静地点 。我一直在思考我所发现的团队的情况。我意识到:在这种情况下,这肯定是一种罕见的情况(大多数团体在寻找孤儿方面可能没有困难,大多数团体在寻找孤儿方面做得很好)。如果该团体有兴趣照顾和喂养孤儿,那么搜索是否会进行?对于孤儿来说,要求该团体远离他们所在的地区承担风险吗?或者这种情况是否有可能或什至有可能有助于将孤儿运送到有关团体?极移期间和之后谁将得到援助以及援助到什么程度,是一个非常复杂的问题。
This explains the church’s slightly isolated location today.
于是, 持续了一段时间的东西方教会的分裂就变得决定性的了
This has been despite its relatively isolated location from rest of the state.
虽然后来独立,但这个职位 经常空缺, 直到国教被废除。
Still a young girl and despite in an isolated location , the parade of culinary fair that marched out of her tiny kitchen was simply amazing.
Spacious, isolated location , no humidity, and you get all the free tortillas you want.

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